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Homeopathy treatment of Myoma, with indicated homeopathic remedies from the Diseases of the Skin by Frederick Myers Dearborn.


(Muscle tumor)

Definition. – A rare new-growth, composed of smooth muscle fibres mixed with fibrous connective tissue.

Symptoms. – Two classes may be described, simple myoma or leio-myoma which is a rare form occurring as small, multiple, pea-sized, pale-red elastic growths usually found upon the upper extremities, and dartoic myoma which is much more common than the other variety and usually appears as a single large tumor varying in size from a hazel nut to an orange. It may be sessile or pedunculated and is commonly found upon the breasts, scrotum or female genitalia.

Etiology and Pathology. – Little is known concerning the causes beyond the fact that middle-aged women are most commonly attacked microscopically the tumor consists of small unstriped muscular fibres but they may contain connective tissue (fibromyoma), new blood vessels (angiomyoma), or lymphatic tissue (lymphangiomyoma).

Diagnosis. – The insidious appearance, slow progress without tendency to involvement of glands or neighboring tissue or to ulceration, and often accompanied with pain as they grow larger but without constitutional symptoms, are the main points in diagnosis.

Prognosis and Treatment. – These growths are benign and the general health is not affected although the pain may be annoying. Treatment consists in thorough excision when practicable. Calcarea fluorica has been found successful in some cases.

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