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Homeopathy treatment of Neuroma, with indicated homeopathic remedies from the Diseases of the Skin by Frederick Myers Dearborn.


(Nerve Tumor)

Definition. – A new-growth, consisting of one or more pin-head- to hazel-nut- sized tubercules composed of new connective tissue and nerve-elements and accompanied by severe paroxysmal pain.

Symptoms. – Pain and exquisite sensitiveness are the chief clinical features of these growths. These symptoms may be slight at first and increase only after several months or years. The lesions appear as pinkish or purplish, elastic and immovable nodules which are both tender and painful to pressure. These growths may be located in any region of the skin but seem to favor the extremities and buttocks. They may be single or multiple and disseminated.

Etiology and Pathology. – A true neuroma is very rare and usually develops in adult life form an unknown cause. Heredity, trauma and all degrees of tuberculosis may be noted as causal factors. Microscopically the growth is found in the corium, is made up of connective tissue containing medullated and non-medullated nerve-fibres and is, in reality, a neurofibroma.

Diagnosis – Small, slow growing, immovable, painful, sensitive and deep-seated growths in the skin are diagnostic of neuroma, but positive exclusion of other growths cannot always be made without a microscopic examination of the tumor.

Prognosis and Treatment. – These growths do not endanger life and surgical interference is only indicated when the pain becomes severe. Excision of the nerve trunk leading to the growth has resulted in marked relief to the patient and distinct diminution in the size of the tumor. Causal factors may call for internal remedies such as Calcarea fluor and Fluor. acid.

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