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Homeopathy treatment of Granulosa Rubra Nasi, with indicated homeopathic remedies from the Diseases of the Skin by Frederick Myers Dearborn.


Jadassohn, in 1901, applied the above name to a rare and peculiar affection of childhood. The lesions usually involve the sides and tip of the nose but may spread to the upper lip or cheeks. While closely grouped the maculopapules are discrete, pin-point to pin-head in size, rose-colored or darker red in color and located on a definite area of redness. The skin around and between the lesions is moist from sweat; in fact hyperidrosis seems to be a predisposing factor.

Etiology and Pathology. The sufferers from this condition have all been under sixteen years of age, mostly boys. Pathological findings show a chronic inflammation about the sweat-ducts.

Prognosis and Treatment. While the course of the disease is chronic, it often disappears at maturity without leaving any scars. The X-rays will relieve the accompanying hyperidrosis and often disperse the redness. The rays may be applied every four days for five or six treatments; the initial dose need not exceed 4. H. units. Solidified carbon dioxide may be used for persistent lesions.

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