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Homeopathy treatment of Diseases of the Conjunctiva and Eyelids, with indicated homeopathic remedies from the Diseases of the Skin by Frederick Myers Dearborn.


Among the dermatoses that may affect, in a greater or less degree, the conjunctiva and margins of the eyelids, are the exanthemata, eczema, pemphigus, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, erythema multiforme, urticaria, dermatitis herpetiformis and furunculus. Trichiasis and distichiasis are essentially abnormalities of the eyelashes and come in the province of the oculist. The demodex folliculorum may invade the hair-follicles of the eyelids. Among the more malignant conditions, occasionally met with on the conjunctiva and eyelids, are epithelioma, lupus vulgaris, chancre and other lesions of syphilis, lepra and blastomycosis.

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