Category - Diseases of Veins by Burnett J. C.

Diseases of Veins by Burnett, J. Compton (James Compton), 1840-1901. Originally published 1889.

First, we deal with the obstruction where such exists, and in these cases hemorrhage is an unusual occurrence. Secondly, we proceed to cure the blood diseases where such exist, and here hemorrhages are common and often severe; when these blood diseases are cured the haemorrhages cease, and then the vein medicines proper and the anti-traumatics come into play.

Author lays stress on the diagnosis of the cause in each individual case, going first to the topographic relationships of its origin when obstructive, then to constitutional origin of the non-obstructive varieties, and finally to the therapeutic indications. It covers Dr Compton Burnett’s experience in treating venous diseases.

The Second Part contains indications for about 50 homeopathic remedies likely to be useful in varicose conditions.


Various cases of varicosity, haemorrhoides, varicocele with their homeopathic treatment have been...