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Saponinum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe.


Saponin, C32H54O18 (a glucoside;the active principle of many plants belonging to the Caryophyllaceae, Polygalaceae, etc.; principally obtained from Saponaria officinalis, Gypsophila, Struthium, Poly gala Senega, and Quillaya). Preparation: Dilutions with water (which speedily decompose), or triturations.


Delirious and comatose at intervals (twentieth day). Depression of spirits, all day (after two hours). Seeming depression with the headache; no desire to study (second day). Very irritable; nothing goes right; fault-finding, dissatisfied with everything previously done, no matter how well it was done before; find that close application removed this tendency, but when unoccupied I fall back into the same mood (third day). Quite ill-natural and inclined to view matters in a disagreeable light; did not seem able to feel settled enough to know what to do (fifth day); the crossness became so intense, that I felt myself getting very unreasonable, especially as to food, which seemed all wrong in some way; took a long ride and walk and tea sway from home; food tasted wrong still; mental condition was improved after a long walk (sixth day). Felt more amiable, but the unsettled feeling remained (seventh day). All the symptoms disappeared gradually during the next week, except the mental condition, which continued, in a modified degree, for about sixteen days after last powder. Desire to be let alone. On attempting to apply my mind, became very nervous and irritable, least thing disturbed me; nothing went right; desire to be quiet and not talk, more in the afternoon, latter part (eighth day). Disinclination for study or moving about, aggravated by turning head or eyes, which are still sore (eighth day). Dull condition of mind (ninth day).

After several days I began to be troubled with a difficulty which I never experienced before; I found it almost impossible to recall the names of friends with whom I was perfectly familiar; I also found great difficulty in remembering words which I wanted to use; I found great trouble to express my thoughts in the most simple;language on account of not being able;to remember the most simple words with which I was perfectly familiar; so marked as to cause me great trouble. Inability to speak of things I know perfectly well; recall name, etc. (first day). Inability to fix the mind on any particular thing; absentmindedness (first day); constant mental symptoms; can’t fix thoughts on any particular subject (second day); mind very clear (secondary), (third day).

Great difficulty in recalling (names) words (first day).


Vertigo. Some vertigo (seventh day). Dizziness followed the vomiting (fourth day). Dizziness and nausea on stooping (third day). General Head. Head feels dull (first day). Dull pains through the head (first day). The first symptoms noticeable was a dull pain all through the head, followed by a sleepy condition.

Dull heavy headache, with seeming depressing; no desire to study; worse from 4 to 6 P.M. (second day). After moving around, in the; morning, a dull heavy sensation in head, mostly forehead, especially over left orbit near frontal prominence, aggravated by stooping; eyeball sore and aches; in a few hours the pain in head spread, running back to occiput great hat in frontal region, relieved by pressure and cold, and greatly aggravated by stooping or bending over (sixth day); not so marked (seventh day). Head feels heavy (second day). Headache extreme (third day). Headache more severe than on previous day, aggravated by least mental labor or motion, at 5 A.M. (tenth day). Most severe pain in the;head, with throbbing of the carotids; the most severe pain was in the left side of the had; not so much in right side (after one hour). Head still aching so severely as to prevent study (third day). Head exceedingly painful all over, but especially in the temple (sixteenth day). Head exceedingly irritable, and can’t turn it right or left, up or down, or even turn the eyes without being nauseated (fifth and sixth days). Head feels as if something would press out; aggravated from stooping, walking, etc., and relieved by bathing in cold water (after three hours).

Forehead. Dull frontal headache, all day (second day). Head feels dull and heavy in frontal region (third day). Dull pain in forehead (third day). Dull pain over left eye (third day). Pain over right eye (after three hours and a half). Headache over right eye, with sensation of pressure outward of superciliary ridge; the headache lasted about an hour (fourth day). On getting up in the; morning, slight headache over the eyes; dull sleepy pain, with inability to breathe through right nostril (second day). Forehead full and hot, with a sinking at the pit of stomach, with thirst (eighth day); headache continues, seems greatly aggravated, from 4 to 6 P.M. (ninth day). Fine sharp pains in right infraorbital nerve, with the constriction, scraping sensation in pharynx (after half an hour). Temples. Dull heavy pain in both temples, with the scraping sensation in pharynx (after half an hour, second day); passed off in the night but returned the next day. Dull pain in temples and at root of nose, lasting two hours (after half an hours, fifth day); repeated (sixth day). Dull pain in temples, worse at night (second day); worse in afternoon, with exhaustion and weak pulse (fourth day); less pain (fifth day). Heavy dull pain in temples, with sensation of exhaustion (third day). About 10 A.M., had a headache in both temples were pressed outward; headache lasted about an hour (second day). Dull pain in right temple (first day). Severe headache in both temples, sensation of pressure from within outward, with throbbing, and in frontal region a dull heavy ache. Headache not a common symptom. Riding in the horse- cars was quite an aggravation both to head and back from he jar.

The headache gradually disappeared during the morning (third day). Agonizing pain in both temples, which would disappear as the desire to vomit decreased. Pains in left side, mastoid cells (after one hour). Sharp pain in left temple (first day). Occiput.

Headache in occipital region, with sensation of pressure outward, in the afternoon, lasting about an hour (third day).


Could not turn eyes upward or around, they felt so sore; to move them would cause a pain to dart back to occiput (third day). Eyes sore (sixth and seventh days). Sensation of fullness in eyes, in evening (second day). Pain in the eyebrows, more in the left (after one hour). Pain in inner canthus, left eye (after one hour). Increased secretion of tears (third day). Conjunctiva yellow and a little congested (third day). Vision dull (third day).


Dry coryza and frequent sneezing (first day). Inclination to sneeze (after three hours and a half). With the headache, in the morning, inability to breathe through right nostril, which seemed to be plugged up, but which was easily blown out (second day).

Pain in nose about half way down (after one hour). Dull pain at root of nose and in temples, lasting two hours (after half an hour, fifth day); repeated (sixth day).


Paleness of the face (second day). Face quite pale (second day).

Dry and burning lips (first day).


Tongue coated yellowish-white on back part red on extremity and edged; raised papillae (strawberry tongue), particularly on tip (second day). Tongue coated brown in the center, and deep yellow on the edged (fifth and sixth days). Hard palate gives sensation of roughness when touching it with tongue, and papillae can be felt, slightly tender (second day). Mucous membrane of mouth seems rough (second day). Increase of saliva. When conscious, complains of a sweet sickish taste in mouth (twentieth day).

Acrid taste in mouth. Peculiar taste in mouth, morning (early), (first day). Flat insipid taste in mouth (second day).


Tough tenacious mucus in posterior nares, extending into larynx (second day). Thick mucus in posterior nares (second day). Throat very sore and sense of constriction on swallowing; hardly able to swallow (first day). Throat felt quite sore, especially on attempting to swallow, even empty swallowing; soreness was over whole throat, more on right side, a very common symptom (after thirteen hours, second day). A slight sore throat; raw and smarting as if I had drank hot water (ninth to twelfth day.

Severe smarting of the throat, lasting for an hour or two (after first powder). Sore smarting feeling in throat (first day). Very soon throat began to smart and feel rough. Smarting in throat.

Irritation in throat, as from dust (soon, second morning) Throat feels dry (after one hour). Constriction, scraping sensation in vault of pharynx, accompanied; by fine sharp pains in right infraorbital nerve; these symptoms continued for about an hours, and then passed off (after half an hour); accompanied by dull heavy pain in both temples (after half an hour); same sensation in pharynx (third day). Raw sensation in pharynx, with scraping (after half an hour, fifth day); raw sensation (sixth day).

Throat has become affected; tonsils swollen and of a bright-red color, with difficulty in swallowing (after one hour and a half, second day); throat so badly swollen that I ceased taking the drug (after third dose, second day).


Appetite and Thirst. No appetite (eighth day). Loathing of food for two days (after five days), until menstruation set in.

Thirst, not relieved by drinking, with the fullness and heat in the forehead (eight day). Nausea and Vomiting. With the abdominal colic great nausea and retching, and considerable quantity of greenish-yellow fluid was vomited up; this vomiting was accompanied; by an agonizing pain in both temples, which disappeared as the desire to vomit decreased. Nausea and dizziness on stooping, the nausea continuing for a long time (third day). Several times during the day had slight, nausea (second day); some nausea (third day). Very slight inclination to nausea (second day). Some nausea (seventh day). The fourth evening ate three oysters on the way home from a place of amusement; it was a bitter cold night, and as soon as I became comfortably warm I began to be very sick at my stomach, or rather the feeling of nausea was more in the oesophagus and throat; as the nausea increased an icy-cold feeling crept up the extremities, commencing at the very tip of the fingers and toes; bleaching would have relieved had it been possible; the cold feeling above mentioned was very gradual in its ascent and descent, and when the two distinct currents reached the abdomen, it was as if electricity had been applied to them, giving a shock which almost made me jump; this was the beginning of a pain, griping and continuous, steady and variable, until there was an evacuation; about 1 A.M. the nausea was so intense that vomiting was readily induced by running the finger down the throat, and continued until daylight, alternating with evacuation of faces; vomiting every time in large quantities, as if everything eaten for the past week were being ejected; character of vomiting of a yellowish creamy consistency, sour and offensive; undigested material, accompanied by mucus, which was expectorated with difficulty, notwithstanding the face that the throat seemed full; followed by dizziness each time; every time there is comparative ease the desire to vomit or defecate is immediately felt; warmth evidently aggravated both, also quiet. In a modified from these symptoms continued all the next day. Stomach. Peculiar gone sensation at stomach (seventh day); with no appetite (eighth day). Sinking at the pit of the stomach, with the fullness and heat of the forehead (eighth day).


After an hour dull pain commenced in left hypochondriac region, and then changing into epigastric region, very severe, then shooting up under the left scapula, aggravated by motion and relieved while sitting. Painful stitches in left hypochondrium (second day). Dull pain in umbilical region, after each stool (third day). When awake, at about 3 A.M., felt quite severe abdominal colic, which lasted but a short time. On arising, about 6 A.M., same day, was attacked with the same pain, so severely that I went back to bed again; it passed of in about half an hour, when I arose, feeling as well as usual; this was a steady severe pain, felt all through the abdomen; no production of gas or flatus; the same night, on retiring, pain returned slightly, which was the last of pains of any kind (fifth day). For twenty- four hours preceding the menses she was in quite a little distress, with colic, cramps, and a profuse watery leucorrhoea; when the;menses were established the pain was less in intensity, but the same in character; the period lasted four days, and the pain was persistent to the last, leaving her quite weak and very much depressed in spirits (after seven days). Colic with the menses. Some colic after a passage of the bowels (second day).

Griping and continuous pain, steady and variable, until there was an evacuation, when the character of the pains changes; they became colicky, coming suddenly, relieved immediately by discharge (fourth night). Dull pain through abdomen, in morning (third day); distension (fourth day). Much pain in abdomen (fourth day). Slight uncomfortable sensation in bowels, with distension and tight feeling in abdomen (third day); distension (fourth day). Wearied feeling in abdomen (fifth day). 2 P.M.

peculiar sensation in lower part of abdomen, followed by intense desire for stool, but did not wait on them for nearly an hour (fourth day). Pain in left inguinal region (third day).


During afternoon most intense itching in rectum, which is a very common symptom; great itching during night (first day); remains unabated (second day). Slight burning in rectum during stool (ninth day). Smarting of anus at stool, with constipation (second day). Constant inclination to stool, but quite insufficient and rather white in color; this continued for about eight or ten days, then became quite natural again (after three days). I have noticed for some;time a desire for stool, in the evening, in addition to the usual morning one.


Diarrhoea, with tenesmus (fourth day. A profuse diarrhoeic stool, painless but urgent, at 4 P.M.; another loose passage form bowels, at 8 P.M. (first day); diarrhoea, with some colic after a passage (second day); three stools between 2 and 4 P.M. (third day); diarrhoea, as previous day (fourth day); no passage from bowels (fifth and sixth days). At 1.30 A(>)M., first discharge very;hard, then liquid, until it became involuntary; discharge brownish and slimy; desire to defecate or vomit as soon as there is comparative ease; warmth aggravated both, also quiet (fourth day). At 9 A.M., stool rather more soft than usual; at 8 P.M., still more diarrhoeic, with more severe burning during and after stool, with considerable tenesmus (ninth day). For about three weeks thought the drug acted on the;bowels by producing one evacuation at night, in addition to the usual morning one (after five days). Bowels have not moved since taking the first powder (fifth and sixth days). Bowels constipated, with smarting of anus, at stool (second day). Constipation (fourth day).

Urinary Organs

Kidneys torpid (fifth and sixth days). Sharp pains in region of right kidney (when walking), lasting only a short time (second day). Great deal of burning in urethra during micturition, but no change in the quantity passed (third day). Waked up very early in the; morning and was called to urinate, which left a brick dust sediment, very adherent to the chamber (second morning). In the evening desire to urinate frequently, although passing small quantities at a time; had to arise four times during the night to urinate; by measurement found the total quantity rather more than normal; urine pale-colored. Called to urinate at 12 M., an hour earlier than usual, quantity normal (after two hours); at 1.30 P.M., urinated again; urinated four times during the day; at each time the quantity was normal or nearly so, perhaps slightly increased, but in the aggregate considerably increased.

Involuntary emission of urine on walking (third day). Whole amount of urine voided 40 ounces, sp. gr. 1024 (ninth day).

Urine, amount voided 38 ounces, sp. gr. 1008 (first day); 39 ounces sp. gr. 1024 (second day); 11 ounces, sp. gr. 1024, 7 A.M.

(third day). Urine more profuse and high-colored.

Sexual Organs

Female. Menses one week in advance of proper time (after nine days). Menses too early by two days, and too profuse; dark-red blood; flooding worse on motion; all through the menstrual period a prolonged bearing-down pain, which is unusual; before the period shuddering all over body and intolerable aching in back and lower extremities; desire to be let alone from beginning to end (after six days). Catamenia delayed about a week, and secretion diminished.

Respiratory Organs

At 4 P.M., a peculiar cough, which is excited at every forced inspiration through the nose, only one cough at a time (fourth day). Slight cough (second morning).


8 P.M., feeling of formication deep in tissue of lung (eighth day). One sharp stabbing pain in right lung; at 4 P.M., repeated stabbing pains in right lung, middle lobe; at 9 P.M., dull aching pains in left lung, also some sharp pains in right; symptoms all of short duration (second day). In the afternoon had a dull pain in the pectoral muscles, of an aching character; also pain in the biceps, near its insertion; muscles sore on pressure (second day). Dull pains through thorax (first day). At the time of the chill there was a dull pain and feeling of constriction in the left chest (after two hours, second day).

Heart and Pulse

Dull pain in region of heart (first day). Pulse 98 (sixteenth day); 104 (twentieth day). Pulse went from 70 to 90; remained in high fever for four hours (after three hours). Pulse 70 (first day); 74 (second day); 90, at 7 A.M. (third day). Pulse 70 (ninth day). Pulse very weak, hardly perceptible (second day). Weak pulse (fourth day).

Back and Neck

In the afternoon, while out walking, could with difficulty get home, my back and limbs felt so very tired; it seemed as if my ordinary walking boots weighed several pounds more than usual, and it was with great effort that I could lift my feet enough to get upstairs after reaching home; after resting for some time this excessive fatigue passed off (second day). Dull throbbing pain under left scapula, running upward. Dull aching pains in left lumbar region and lower extremities; muscular pains. After walking around dull pain in lumbar region and lower extremities, relieved in a degree by walking, soon passed off. Severe pain of dull character in small of back, and sense of weight there also, as if all my clothing were hanging from back; this sense of supporting a heavy weight extended to hip and even down to the knees; riding in the horse-cares was quite an aggravation both to head and back form the jar, yet felt a very strong disinclination to exert myself enough to get out of the car; the pain in the back continued, and seemed to prevent my standing erect, in the afternoon; pressure upon the sacral region, and down thighs, with increased tingling in soles of feet (after five hours and a half).

Lancinating pains in lumbar region, aggravated by walking (third day).


Exhausted, weary feeling in limbs, with very slight inclination to nausea (second day). Some weakness in hands and feet (second morning).

Upper Limbs

Sudden pain in left arm, apparently muscular, in region of insertion of deltoid muscles; arms seem weak, with desire to late them drop down at the side; muscles seem exhausted, as after lifting heavy weights when unaccustomed to it (after two hours).

Pain in bones of left forearm (third day). Dull pain through right forearm. Numbness and tingling in third and little fingers of left hand, extending up outer palmar surface (after three hours).

Lower Limbs

Dull feeling in lower extremities (first day). Dull pain in lower extremities, with the dull pain in the lumbar region. Dull aching pains in the lower extremities and left lumbar region; muscular pains. Dull pain in left lower extremity (third day). Aching in the calves (after five hours and a half). Soles of feet sore, swollen, and tender, with slight tingling (second morning).

Tingling and numb, sensation in soles of feet, which are hotter than usual (after three hours).


During the afternoon became extremely restless; must move about; must keep feet or hands on the go; at the same time the mind seemed to be obscured as by a cloud; could not see clearly; indifference to all that was going on around me. Muscles feel weak (eighth day). Weakness seems to be confined to muscular system throughout; slight debility in every part; better when sitting down and when quiet, yet the numb sensation is more marked at this time (second day). Lassitude is very marked; when going upstairs, feel as if limbs were unable to accomplish the last four steps; desire to drop into the nearest chair, across the bed, or anywhere else to get rest, and notwithstanding this lassitude, while in the street walking about, no such languor is experienced (second day). Lassitude quite marked two hours before dinner, with not much appetite, better after eating (eighth day).

General exhaustion (fifth day). Sensation of exhaustion, with the pains in temples (third day); with weak pulse and dull pain in temples (fourth day); exhaustion continues (fifth day); not so marked (sixth day). Faintness and prostration (fourth day).

Sensation of faintness with the chill; the feeling of faintness remained for several hours (after two hours, second day). Felt wretched the whole day; could not describe how, but was hot, cold, sick, and disgusted with himself (third day); felt worse and did not go to business (fourth day). Felt very weak and feverish (sixteenth day); had a homeopathic physician, who cured me in four days, so that I could be up and about, but still feel very weak (twentieth day). Symptoms more marked while sitting (after five hours and a half). Symptoms remained about the same; an aggravation was noticed every afternoon (ninth to twelfth day).


Objective. Eruption fine and miliary appeared on the face, neck, and head, before menses. Discovered at night circular, patches, about the size of a silver dollar, of eruptions, feeling like small grains under the skin, between the upper part of shoulder blades; there was no pain nor itching, and no inflammation beyond slight redness; this continued, gradually disappearing, for about two weeks; never had such before that I remember (after three days). Small pimples on chest, containing pus, angry-looking (second day). A small pimple made its appearance upon the right malar bone, which was very painful (sixth day); the eruption proves to be a boil of no respectable dimensions; it interferes with mastication, with speech, and gives a great deal of intense throbbing pain, as well as a sensation of soreness and tenderness over the entire head, including that cervical glands of right side (eighth day); there are three angry boils upon the neck, so located as to interfere with the neck dressing, and one in the hollow of the back of the;neck, the latter being violently painful, and sending out shooting pains to the vertex and to outer side; there are also numerous boils on the abdominal walls, as well as on the face is better; those on the neck still painful, and upon opening one considerable blood, and but little purulent matter, exuded; those upon the lower part of the body are in all stages of progress; they are increasing in number and in degree of pain, so that either sitting, standing, or lying, the pain and discomfort are unendurable (thirteenth day); the boils are not so painful, and some of the red spots which appeared, and which promised to be boils, have disappeared (sixteenth day). The third day a boil made its appearance on the right temple, and within three days afterwards he had nine well- developed ones on various parts of his body. Subjective. Tickling sensation confined to single spots on inside little finger (left hand), with increase of sensation already described in hands and feet; feel as when recovering after having been in the condition commonly called “sleeping of the limbs;” crawling-tickling sensation in various parts of the;body, as from contact of fleas, first on back part of head, then on leg and genital organs, with irresistible desire to scratch the part, which at once relieves, as does moving about; tickling felt on shoulder and nates, in fact all parts of the body seem to be subject to this peculiar sensation (after one hour and a half, second day).

Great itching of the skin, especially on inner part of thigh and arms; fine red spots are found, which seemed to be deep in the skin; itched a great deal; aggravated forepart of night; relieved while scratching, aggravated after (tenth day).


Falls asleep easily in the daytime, and talks as soon as unconscious; the napes are short duration, and feel worse after awaking (sixteenth day). Sleepy condition all the afternoon; after retiring felt very sleepy, but could not sleep; very restless all night (first day); very sleepy all day; could not listen to the lectures without going to sleep (second day). Very sleepy in the first part of the evening; retired early; sleepless and restless during the night; sexual dreams (first night). Very sleepy but cannot sleep, for every time the trial is made and there is comparative ease, the desire to vomit or defecate is immediately felt (fourth night). Slept well in first part of night, latter part disturbed (tenth day). Cannot sleep well after 4 A.M. (seventh day); slept well till about 5 A.M.; slept some after till, 7, but greatly disturbed in mind (eighth day). Could not seem to get into a sound sleep on going back to bed; very light sleep after rising to urinate (first night). Woke about 5.30 A.M., two hours earlier than usual, and could not go to sleep again; no particularly unpleasant feelings; waking so early a very unusual symptom; very sleepy about 11 A.M., quite common if I am disturbed early in the morning (third day); woke in the same manner (fourth day); again woke early (fifth day).

Sleep at night disturbed by dreams; dreamed of urinating (first night).


Slight chill, accompanied by a sensation of faintness; the chill soon passed off (after two hours, second day); slight chill (after two hours, third day). On going into quite a warm room, about 6 P.M., quite a severe chill, lasting several moments, extending over my back (after eleven hours, second day). Nose cold and pale (second day). As the nausea increased, an icy-cold feeling crept up the extremities, commencing at the very tip of the fingers and toes; it was very gradual in its ascent and descent, and when the two distinct currents reached the abdomen, it was as if electricity had been applied to them, giving a shock which almost made me jump (fourth night). During the day great coldness of the extremities;;hands and feet feel as if I had damp stockings on (second day). Temperature 98 (first day); 96 (second day). Very feverish and weak (sixteenth day). Head hot and skin dry (after one hour). Face feels hot, as if on fire (after one hour). A sensation of spreading heat commencing in the chest and spreading both ways, more especially to the head (eighth day).

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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