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Selenium homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe.


An element. Preparation: Triturations.


Great loquacity when excited, especially in the evening. Very talkative, light-hearted, excited. Fretful, peevish, sleepy, lazy, with frequent vomiting and stretching (second day). Dread of people and of his occupation, but overcoming this he is able to continue his work. Lascivious thoughts with impotency. After mental work, which keeps him up late in the night, he is so unusually exhausted, that for several days he can think of only what is absolutely necessary, and can return to work only after some time. Completely unfit for every work; although he constantly begins he is obliged soon again to leave off. Very forgetful, especially about business, but when lying half asleep everything recurs to him.


Vertigo. Vertigo, for the first three days (in the morning) ? (t). Vertigo, as if intoxicated, he staggered and was obliged to steady himself, with attacks of faintness, perfectly pale, distorted face, and anxious sweat, so that his shirt could be wrung out; while riding in a carriage, immediately after breakfast, he was obliged to turn back to the house, where he vomited, and was so weak that he had to go to bed (thirteenth day). Vertigo, in the evening. Vertigo, on standing up (t).

Vertigo, so that he dreaded falling, in the evening while riding in a carriage (twelfth day). General Head. Great dulness of the head, especially in the evening (third day). He is always attacked with headache after drinking lemonade, also after wine, sometimes after tea; but not after water, chocolate, coffee, or brandy. Headache, pain in the temples (Hong). Headache, after tamarind water. Headache, every afternoon. Head felt as if filled up with an expansive substance. Transient stitches in the head internally. Transient stitches deep within the head. Forehead and Temples. Dull stitches in the forehead, temples, and eyes, after going from the cold air into a warm room, both in the forehead and evening (second day). Headache, in the temples (fourth day), (t). Occiput. Great heaviness in the occiput, at times waving in the brain, fluttering in both ears, twitching and pressure in both eyeballs (fifteenth day). Pressure in the occiput and vertigo, on standing up (t). Drawing in the occiput, with ringing in and stoppage of the ears (twenty-seventh day). External Head.

Falling of the hair on combing. Swelling of the glabella, as if pimples would form.


Causes inflammation of the eyes (H. S. Kestner). The hair falls from the brows. Frequent spasmodic twitching in the left eyeball (fourth day). Pains deep in the orbits. Small round blisters, with itching and pressure, as from a grain of sand on the inner margin of the lid. Twitching of the eyelids, with indistinct vision (fourth day). Burning and itching on the margins of the right eyelids, was obliged to rub them (second day).

Lachrymation, with dull pressure in the left eye (fourth day).

Myopia increased. Vision obscured (Hong).


The earwax is increased in the left deaf ear, it is harder, and in the other ear softer than usual. Ears stopped, as if a membrane were stretched in front of them, moderately relieved by shaking the head and boring the finger into the ear (fourth day).

For three days (third to fifth day) after lying on left ear it seemed to be stopped up, causing deafness of that ear; removed by inserting the finger; on the fifth day, removed from it a good deal of wax, and there is a spot just inside meatus externus, which is sore to touch. Throbbing in the right ear (fifteenth day). Sound of a distant rumbling in the left ear causing a “wu, wu,” with a sensation as if the ears were stopped, in the evening in bed (eleventh day).


Fluent coryza, every evening. Coryza (Hong). Sudden fluent coryza, with profuse discharge of mucus, that disappeared as suddenly as it came. There frequently remains a persistent coryza, with a distressing dry cough (Kerner). Yellow, thick, lumpy nasal mucus. Gelatinous nasal mucus, at times containing small yellow masses. A little plug of mucus escapes from a comedone near the nose (which had never happened before), followed by some pus, after which the spot inflamed. She frequently bores the finger into the nose involuntarily. Pain in the septum of the nose, as if a pimple would develop. Itching in the nose. It destroys the sense of smell for several hours (H. S.



Twitching of the facial muscles (t). Red cheeks on waking (Neidhard). Cracking of the upper lip (Hong). The middle of the inner portion of the upper lip is cracked. Cracking in the lower jaw (the latter days), (t).


Teeth. The teeth become free of mucus, smoother and harder, so that on rubbing them with the finger they cracked, which was never the case before, with a thickly coated white tongue.

Toothache in a hollow tooth, as if it were being drawn up, with a feeling of coldness extending into the check, relieved by taking cold water and cold air into the mouth, also by eating, drinking, and smoking; in the evening in bed the pains increased, with beating and throbbing extending up into the left eye, left temple, and jaws; relieved after olfaction of Bryonia (seventh day). Boring pain in the hollow teeth (later), (t). Toothache as if a tooth were decayed internally, obliged to pick it till it bled. Drawing-sticking pain in a left lower molar (after the disappearance of the nausea), (fifteenth day). Tongue. Tongue thickly coated white, in the morning. The tongue seems covered with white mucus. Pains in the region of the root of the tongue.

Burning sensation on the tip of the tongue, that woke him at night (first day). General Mouth. Mouth full of tenacious mucus, after the midday nap. Heat woke from sleep, in the afternoon and night, with great dryness of the mouth, fauces, and pharynx, and was obliged to drink much water, followed by breaking out of sweat. Saliva. Salivation (Hong). Taste. While smoking he notices a disagreeable sweet taste on the lips; observed both from various kinds of cigars and pipes. Speech. A kind of stammering speech, so that he made mistakes in talking, uttered syllables wrong, and could not at all articulate many words, for many days (after three days).


Much hawking and raising of transparent lumps of mucus, every morning. When hawking there is frequently a spot of blood in the mucus. On hawking mucus appearances of blood, in the evening (third day). Frequently obliged to clear his throat, alternating with hoarseness. Throat dry, especially towards evening (second day). Very disagreeable sensation of dryness in the throat (fourth day). Tickling and scraping in the throat, without inclination to cough, with only need of raising mucus (first day).


Hunger in the middle of the night, when he happens to rise.

Increased hunger and desire for food (second day). Hunger immediately, in the morning (second day). Frequent desire for brandy. Desire for salt things (earlier action); aversion to salt things (later action). Little appetite, in the morning. Much thirst, in the evening (first day). Even late in the evening a great desire to drink brandy (in one quite unaccustomed to it).

Hiccough and eructations caused by smoking before eating.

Inclination to vomit (twenty-seventh day). Feels very sick after sleep. Cramp in the stomach (Kerner). Pressure in the stomach as if cramp would occur (third day).


Violent splenetic stitches between the tip of the left ilium and the umbilicus, in the abdomen, while walking, so that he could scarcely move. Pains in the right side around under the last ribs, especially on inspiration, extending to the region of the kidneys, which were sensitive to external pressure. Rumbling in the abdomen, before eating. Cutting colic, disappearing after single emission of flatus, in the evening, repeated in the night (first day).


Tenesmus (Hong).


Pasty stool, followed by a sensation in the anus like that after a hard stool (first day). Frequent semifluid stools with tenesmus (t.). Threads like hairs in the stools (Jahr.). Stool hard and accumulated in the rectum to such an extent, that it could scarcely be evacuated (after a week). Stool difficult, at the end slimy (after one weeks). Stool harder than usual, at the end of which some blood was passed (later action). Omission of the usual morning stool (second day); a natural stool (third day).

Constipation (Hong.).

Urinary Organs

Some fluid passes from the orifice of the urethra before urinating. A drop of watery sticky substance passes from the urethra just before the stool and soon afterwards. Dribbling of prostatic fluid. While sitting a drop of prostatic fluid passes from the orifice of the urethra with a peculiar disagreeable sensation. Sensation in the tip of the urethra as if a biting drop were forcing its way out. Twinging pain along the urethra from behind forward, with a sensation as if drops were passing out. Always obliged forward, with a sensation as if drops were passing out. Obliged to wait a long time when urinating.

Involuntary dribbling of urine, while walking (seventh day).

Dribbling of urine after urinating, especially after a stool.

Frequent micturition, at night (first day). Urine very abundant, about six times the amount he drank, and frothy. The urine has a strong odor of violets (after six minutes). Red urine (Hong.).

Red, sandy, coarse-grained sediment in the urine (fourth day), (t.). Urine red, in the evening. Urine with brick dust sediment (fifteenth day). A very small quantity of dark urine once. Urine scanty and dark.

Sexual Organs

Male. Violent erection though without voluptuous sensation, immediately on waking in the morning (third day). Renewed erections, with much itching in the urethra. In the evening while lying by his wife no erections, but the next morning on lying awake in bed erections, without sexual desire or voluptuous sensation (third day). Erections incomplete. Weak erection during sexual excitement. Something behind the left testicle, thicker than natural and stony hard. Jerking pains in the right testicle, in the evening. Involuntary dribbling of semen during sleep.

Seminal discharge, with rheumatic pains (Hong.). Seminal emissions three times a week. The semen, both during coition and from emission, as also that which dribbles away unnoticed, is very thin and wholly without odor. Coition desired only mentally, not physically erection results very slowly and incompletely; finally too speedy emission, though with very slowly and incompletely; finally too speedy emission, though with very long- continued pleasurable sensation. Female. Menses delayed about eight days (t.).

Respiratory Organs

Increased hoarseness while singing, especially at the beginning.

Cough in the morning, that, though slight and weak, affects the whole chest, an lumps of mucus with blood are expectorated.

Cough, from low down in the chest, and expectoration of opaque mucus and blood. Frequent deep breathing, as when sighing.

Oppression of breath and stitches in the side, in the open air (fourth day), (t.).


Oppression of the chest, stoppage of the nose, dryness of the throat, constant alternations of heat and cold; thirst, cough, and sleeplessness (second day), (t.). Sensation of fullness in the chest and about the heart, like an oppression. At night, when lying down, pains in the chest as if raw, in the left side, and also here and there in the small of the back, oppressing the breathing. In the middle of the chest, pain on raising the arm and on external pressure. Violent stitches in the left side at night; the next day entirely well, but again in the evening stiffness of the neck and stitches in the sides, followed by quiet sleep; the next day stitches in the sides in the morning and evening, also when walking in the open air, oppression of breathing (t,). Blood in the breasts (Hong.).

Back and Neck

Cramp in the neck (Hong.). Transient tearing through the left side of the neck and down the posterior surface of the left leg.

(Drawing-sticking pressure in the left side of the nape of the neck, extending into the left eye with lachrymation, at intervals of half an hour), (second month). Pain in the glands in the left side of the neck above the carotid, especially on pressure, with at times tearing pains along the neck. A hard swelling on the back (Hong.). The small of the back feels lame, in the morning, without pain. Paralytic pain in the small of the back, relieved by lying on the abdomen; bending backward aggravates the pain.

Soreness in the tuberosities of the ischia in a lean person.


Stiffness of the limbs, especially in the wrists, as if beaten, in the morning. Stiffness and cramp in all the limbs (Kerner).

Pains in all the limbs as after taking cold. Pains in the joints (Hong.).

Upper Limbs

Increased cracking of the wrist when stretched. Tearing in the hands at night. Internal twitching in the left hand, on the side of the little finger.

Lower Limbs

Tearing extending down the posterior surface of the left thigh, through only half of the left leg. Cracking in the knee on moving it, while lying down. Cramp in the calves, heel, ankles, malleoli, in the flexor tendons of the great toe, in the evening while lying down. Pain in the calves and toes (Hong.). Swelling of the ankles (Hong.). Pain in the feet, with seminal emission (Hong.). Cramp in the soles at night and towards morning on motion, while lying down. Violent stitches in the corns.


Remarkable emaciation, especially of the face, hands, about the loins, and on the calves. Weakness, sleepiness, and yawning (twenty-seventh day). He became very weak. Irresistible desire to lie down and sleep; followed by aggravation of all the symptoms.

As long as the heat of the day lasted, he was obliged to lie down and remained half asleep; even his imagination was quite relaxed.

Obliged to stop suddenly while sitting and working and lie down, without feeling any other effects than that it is quite impossible to do the slightest thing. After eating exhausted, desire to lie down without being able to sleep, on account of a throbbing in the vessels through the whole body; the pulsation is especially felt in the abdomen. Very weak and irritable after coition. At first coryza, then fever, on the next evening headache, which he never had before; in the upper part of the middle of the forehead, extending towards the vertex, a pressing pain continued all the next day; the hat annoyed him, the painful parts was warmer than natural; the hand felt pleasant, it was the same in every position; in addition to the headache there were bruised feelings and heaviness in all the limbs, so that he could scarcely walk; during the headache he woke at night with cough (Gosh.). An attack; almost incessant vertigo, everything whirled about, so that he was obliged to keep his eyes closed most of the time, followed by nausea, with outbreak of anxious sweat over the whole body, and afterwards vomiting of all food, though he had relished the meal; after the vomiting of food there followed vomiting of water and mucus without taste, and at last of sour water; the paroxysms were most violent an hour after breakfast and dinner, and were followed by excessive weakness, with great thirst for cold water, which, however, was always vomiting; taste flat and insipid, though the tongue was not coated; stool large, soft, colored with bile; stitches in the forepart of the chest, as from incarcerated flatus; feeling of a board before the forehead; afterwards a feeling as if the head were pressed against the pillow by a warm hand on the forehead; with frequent hiccough and eructations, great stupefaction of the head, inability to collect his thoughts, and frequent lying in a doze; he was obliged to lie perfectly quiet, since on moving or rising up in bed the vertigo increased; urine red, scanty; emission of flatus relieved the symptoms. These attacks recurred every half to one hour for forty-eight hours, except that at night he was quiet for a long time. Ipecac., Coloc., Asarum, without effect; Arsenic seemed to relieved the nausea and vomiting, but its action did not last; the most helpful were spirits of Camphor and warm water, taken in spoonfuls alternately with black coffee, when he was obliged to hawk up much mucus (fourteenth day).

Jerking in the whole body, in the evening on falling asleep.

Tearing in the left side of the trunk and head, stiffness in the nape of the neck and in the cervical muscles, impeding turning of the head (second day), (t). The slightest draft of air is intolerable; he takes cold easily therefrom, and then has tearing in the limbs. All his symptoms are worse after sleep (to which he is very much inclined), especially on hot days. Feels worse after the sleep, to which he is very much inclined.


Objective. The skin of the face seems fatty. Small pimples behind the ear. Red itching rash in the hepatic region. Small itching pimples on the back. Rash on the forearms. Itching pimples on the hands. Itching and small pimples on the nates. A pimple on the left calf, which he is obliged to scratch till sore, the spot remains moist for a long time. A piece of skin separates from the sides of several nails until it becomes sore and painful. A lump in the skin to the inner side of the right tendo Achillis without itching or pain. Itching vesicles on the ulnar margin of the left hand. Flat pustules without pain on the left inner malleolus become ulcers. Itching blisters on the eyebrow. Blisters about the ankle, scratched sore, remain moist for several days and afterwards are very sensitive. Itching-smarting blisters between the thigh and scrotum. A blister has been rubbed off, in the morning, on the middle knuckle of the second left toe.

Ulcerations (Hong). Herpetic ulcers on the feet (Hong).

Subjective. Biting in all parts of the body, most on the palms (t). (Burning in the ulcers on the feet). Frequent crawling, as from dust, in small spots about the mouth, cheeks, and chin, compelling violent scratching, after which it disappears. Itching on the septum of the nose provokes rubbing, returning frequently.

Itching on the scrotum. Itching on the inner surface of the wrist. Itching on the balls of the fingers; after scratching, a white spot with red areola. Violent itching in a very small spot between the third and fourth fingers. Itching about the ankles.

Violent itching between the tendo Achillis and malleolus. Itching of the soles. Itching on the soles of the feet, in the evening.


Sleepiness early in the evening, followed by only partial sleep with much waking; in the middle of the night he becomes quite awake; after reading, sleepy again; only towards morning does he have sound sleep. Sleepy early in the evening, contrary to habit he was obliged to lie down, and immediately feel asleep (second day). Sleeps as of dead, all the forenoon. Could scarcely rouse himself, in the morning (third day). On waking from sleep he was at first unconscious and afterwards indolent, but all the more wide awake after washing. Unable to fall asleep for a long time, in the evening. Fall asleep late and wakes early. Falls asleep late at night (third day). Awakened at night by every slight noise. Wide awake, very early in the morning (fourth day). After 3 A.M., he remained awake and felt well. In the afternoon he woke from a sound sleep full of dreams, precisely to the minute at the time he had determined upon (fourteenth day). Very early waking always at the same hour however late he falls asleep, for several weeks. Sleep full of dreams, with loud calculations (second night). Sleep with many unremembered dreams. Dreams of journeys and of desire for coition, with violent erections on waking (first day). Dreams of quarrels, of an unnatural horrible cruelty. Dreams of the occurrences of the day. Historical dreams of distant people, at night.


Chill, at 7 P.M., very severe for ten to twenty minutes, followed by violent fever, with headache and nausea; waking in sweat, at night. Glowing heat in the skin, as if it came from a stove, noticed externally, not internally, though he is hot in different spots in the body, now in the side, now in the chest, or abdomen, or loins, especially after eating, after the midday nap, even when lying in the cool air. Easy perspiration while walking and during the daily nap. Sweat on going out, in the forenoon. Sweat on the lower abdomen and in the pubic region, while sitting.

Sweat on the chest and in the axilla, causing stiff white spots on the linen.


(Morning), Vertigo; tongue coated white; hawking and raising of transparent lumps of mucus; lameness in the small of back; stiffness of the limbs; on motion, cramp in calves. (Afternoon), Headache; while walking, stitches between left ilium and umbilicus. (Evening), When excited, loquacity; vertigo; fluent coryza; in bed, toothache; while lying down, cramp in calves, heels, ankles, malleoli, and flexor tendons of great toe; on falling asleep, jerking in whole body; itching of soles of feet.

(Night), Tearing in hands; cramp in soles. (Bending backward), Pain in small of back. (After coition), Weak and irritable.

(Before eating), Rumbling in abdomen. (Going from cold air into warm room), Stitches in forehead, temples, and eyes.

(Inspiration), Pain in right side. (Moving knee), While lying down, cracking in part. (External pressure), Pain in middle of chest. (On raising arm), Pain in middle of chest. (After sleep), Symptoms. (On standing up), Vertigo; pressure in occiput. (On waking), Red cheeks; dryness of mouth and fauces.


(Eating), Toothache. (Drinking), Toothache. (Inserting finger), Stoppage of ears. (Lying on abdomen), Pain in small of back.

(Smoking), Toothache. (Taking cold water or cold into the mouth),.

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TF Allen

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