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Silicea homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Silicic acid, Kieselerde.

Preparation: Triturations of pure precipitated Silica.


Emotional. Unsteady and confused in his action. Nervous excitement (eighth day). The child becomes obstinate and headstrong. Obstinate. Longing for home. Very easily startled.

Sensitiveness to noise, and anxiety there from. Very sensitive, even weeping mood (fourth day). Weeping mood for two hours without any particular thoughts.(10) The slightest word brings tears. Gloominess; she felt as if she would die, and for the time lost her memory. Low-spirited, and weeps every morning. Gloomy mood (twentieth day). Mind sad (seventeenth day). Low-spirited and over-anxious about himself. Great depression and irritability (forty – second day). Depression of spirits (nineteenth day). *Dejected and melancholy.(20) Internal loathing of life. He woke with great anxiety about midnight, could not move in spite of every effort, and imagined that thieves were breaking in; on rising he became quiet, after lying down the anxiety returned (after thirty seven days). Frequent attacks of anxiety, so that he could not remain sitting. Great anxiety from a start. He woke with anxiety and incarceration of flatus, both of which disappeared after moving about in the house, without emission of flatus (after eight days). Awoke with anxiety and stupefying vertigo. On waking at night from an anxious dream she remained very anxious and her heart beat audibly. Most excessive scruples of conscience about trifles frequently, as though he had done a great wrong. Discontentment.

Great irritability and painful sensitiveness to touch (after four days).(30) Irritability and depressed mood (after eight days).

Very irritable and low spirited. Irritable and peevish mood (sixteenth day). Peevish and quarrelsome, in the evening. Peevish (ninth day). Very irritable though lively. Loud talking annoys him. Whimsical and fault-finding. She is ill-humored and peevish, in the forenoon (sixth day). Out of humor and despondent.(40) She could and would do nothing on account of ill-humor. He easily gets out of humor, though with the best intentions. Is easily made angry. Everything frets her and makes her peevish. Fretful.

Trifles frequently make him fretful. Restless and fidgety, starts at the least thing. Frequent restlessness and impatience, so that he did not know what to do. Intellectual. Great activity of mind (second day). Great facility of thought and fluent expression (seventh, eight, and ninth days), (secondary action).(50) Great indolence for mental work; nearly fell asleep while teaching. Disinclination for mental work; (sixteenth day).

Disinclination to mental effort (third day). Great difficulty in fixing the attention. Thought difficult (first day). Mental labor is very difficult. She gets confused and makes mistakes, half knowing what she is about, and yet unable to control herself; she had almost put a watch into the saucepan to boil instead of an egg. Great distraction of mind, in the forenoon, with uneasiness in the head and pit of the stomach. Distraction of mind; he is almost always trying to think of two things at the same time. Inability to read, write, or think, becoming worse from noon to 6 P.M., and disappearing in the evening after eating (second day).(60) Easily makes mistakes in talking. Memory weak (seventeenth and twentieth days). Forgetful and dizzy, every morning. Loss of memory, forgetfulness. Constant vanishing of the senses (second day).


Confusion and Vertigo. The head is very much confused, with constant suffering in the sinciput (sixteenth day). Confusion of the head (after four days). Vertigo, etc. Vertigo as from intoxication (eleventh day). Vertigo on rising, dizzy stupefaction of the head with nausea, even to vomiting; relieved while riding in the open air, returning on entering the house; the room seemed to whirl around with her, and she staggered to and fro (after thirty-eight days).(70) Vertigo, while sitting and standing, in the evening. Vertigo, after the usual smoke and snuff; if he closes the eyes, every-thing seems to whirl around; it ceases on opening the eyes. Vertigo, as if he were being raised up. Vertigo, even on raising the eyes to look upward. At breakfast, vertigo, as if the head would fall to the left, with heat in the face and sweat on the forehead. Vertigo, with qualmish nausea; water is regurgitated. Sensation of vertigo, in the morning while fasting. Vertigo, while walking forward, it seemed as though he were walking backward. Stupefying vertigo, in the morning on rising. Vertigo, on rising up.(80) Vertigo, only while sitting, not while walking, especially while riding in a carriage, when suddenly for a moment he lost consciousness, though without blackness before the eyes. Attacks of vertigo, towards evening, in the open air; aggravated by the slightest reflection. Vertigo, with qualmish nausea, on rising up in bed in the morn-ing, so that she was obliged to fall back again. Attack of vertigo seem to rise painfully from the back, through the nape of the neck to the head, so that she does not know where she is, and is constantly inclined to fall forward. Vertigo, even during sleep about midnight, with heat in the head. Vertigo, with nausea, in the middle of a dream, at night. Vertigo all day, while stooping at work (first day). Vertigo, even to falling down, on rising from bed (fourth, fifth, and sixth days).

Vertigo, with pains in the sinciput (sixteenth day). Vertigo and dimness before the eyes, so that he could not see farther than five paces (after half an hour).(90) Vertigo, followed by heat of the head, and afterwards sweat and weakness (first day). Reeling vertigo, with dimness of vision (nineteenth day). Vertigo, so that objects seem turning in a circle (eighth day). Vertigo, with headache, so that he lay down in bed (first day). Constant vertigo, as if something were moving to and fro in the head, even while sitting still, less while lying down. Vertigo woke him at night, worse during rest than on motion, especially severe on rising after stooping, lasting a part of the next day (fifty- seventh day). Excessive vertigo, while walking it sometimes seemed as though she did not know where she was and that she would fall from side to side. Violent vertigo, in the morning, so that while walking she was obliged to steady herself, it drew her toward the right side, with nausea; several days in succession, and so violent in the afternoon that she was obliged to lie down (after twelve days). Severe vertigo, that never left him, with great dulness of the head. Violent vertigo, without qualmishness, with good appetite, at noon while eating.(100) Great vertigo, lasting an hour, with dimness on vision (after half an hour, twelfth day). Violent vertigo after going to bed, only when lying on the left side. Slight vertigo all day, with some nausea.

Extreme dizziness. Dizziness as if he were stupid, he could not collect his thoughts so as to express himself properly, and spoke nearly every word incorrectly, immediately. Dizzy and confused in the head, so that he constantly feared to fall whenever he moved or stooped; he could not walk steadily for several weeks.

Dizziness, in the morning on rising (twentieth day). Dizziness in the head, in the forepart of the night (fifth night). Dizziness and whirling every morning, for half an hour after rising, while walking and sitting, with headache for an hour or two; on stooping it seemed as though he would fall down. Dizzy, staggering, unsteady, while walking.(110) Reeling as if the bed were turning around, whenever he lies upon the left side, at night (sixth night). She almost constantly felt intoxicated.

Objects seem whirling around (fourth day). Her head went swimming around as if she was drunk; she had to sit down. Slight reeling (third day). Reeling, in the morning on rising from bed. In the head a strange feeling, as if she would fall over, with ringing in the ears. He felt extremely giddy. General Head. Rush of blood to the head, at night. Painful rush of blood to the head, with heat and sticking, walking him at 2 A.M.(120) Rush of blood to the head, with throbbing in the top of the head and forehead, with heaviness of the head. Rush of blood to the head and burning in the red face, at 4 P.M. (third day). Rush of blood to the head, with stitches in the occiput. Great rush of blood to the head when rising from a seat, with feeling of fullness in the brain. Frequent rushes of the head with jerking and starting in sleep. Head dull; constant pressive pain in the left temple, throbbing (twenty-first day). Head dull and dizzy (tenth day).

Dulness of head, with bruised sensation in the body. Dulness, as from too much blood in the head, without pain. Dulness of the head immediately from a little conversation, with general exhaustion, so that he was obliged to stop conversing.(130) Great dulness in the head, in the whole of the forehead (twenty-first day). Stupefaction of the head (second day). Heaviness of the head. Head heavy, in the forenoon; some transient stitches in the temples towards the forehead, in the after-noon (thirty-ninth and fortieth days). Heavy headache, as from lead in the brain, increasing from fore-noon till night. Sensation of fullness and heaviness in the head in the afternoon, lasting till night (first day). Head heavy and confused (seventeenth day). It seems as though she could not hold up her head. Extreme heaviness of the head she cannot hold it up it feels so weighty. Weariness of the head (first day).(140) Weakness of the head (first day). Frequent tightness of the head and chest, with anxiety. Headache, (fifth day); (first day). Headache, at night. Headache caused by hunger. Headache, on waking (twenty-fifth day). Headache, as if everything would press out and burst the skull. Headache, as if the brain and eyes were forced forward. Headache, rising from the nape of the neck to the vertex, as if coming from the back (after twenty-one days). Headache, which seems to come from the stomach; heaviness in the forehead, together with a painful tearing, that drew the head sideways (tenth day).(150) Headache over the whole head (tenth day). Headache associated with nausea, and inclination to vomit (fourth day). Headache woke him at night (fifth day). Pains in the head (after 30th dil.). Pains alternating in different parts of the head, for an hour in the sinciput, afterwards in the whole head; tearing in the right temple, tearing in the occiput, in the right temple, afterwards in the left, about 1 P.M. (nineteenth day). Pain in the anterior portion of the brain, as from pressure, increasing from 12 to 2 o’clock (first day). Violent headache (first day). Violent headache; jerking pain, associated with violent stitches; tearing stitches extending over the temple to the left ear; sticking pain extending from the left ear to the root of the nose, where it caused a single stitch (seventh day). Violent headache, from 3 to 9 P.M., after which the pain abated somewhat, followed by great weariness and sleepiness (third day). Violent headache, as if violent stitches were piercing the vertex. (160) The most violent headache, with loss of consciousness, so that she groaned and cried aloud for help (after forty-six days). Cold kind of headache, from nape of neck to vertex. He feels in the head and limbs every change of weather. A distressing sensation as if everything in the head were alive and turning and twisting about.

Sensitiveness of the head, as after violent headache (after seventeen days). The head feels as if falling off, causing straining pains at back of neck, as though the head was hanging by a piece of skin at the nape. She feels a if water-pipes were bursting in the head. Roaring and shattering in the brain, when stepping hard or knocking the foot against anything. Pinching in the head, while walking. Compression of the brain (second day).(170) Pressure, tension, and pressing in the head, as if pressed or forced asunder. Pressive headache, with ill-humor and heaviness in all the limbs. Pressure in the head (sixth day).

Pressure and heaviness in the brain (eleventh day). Pressure in the head ,with weakness of the body. Pressive pain in the head (eighth day). Pressive headache at night; she could not remember where she was; everything turned around, with throbbing at the heart (after seventeen days). Violent pressive headache, in the morning, extending into the eyes, associated with violent chill, in the afternoon with nausea and weakness, so that she thought she would faint; the eyes are painful on turning them side-ways or on closing them, and when closed are still more painful to touch (eleventh day). Tearing headache. Tearing and sticking in the head, in the afternoon.(180) Tearing in the head, extending from one eye to the other (sixteenth day ). Tearing in the whole of the head, starting from the occipital protuberances and extending upward and forward over both sides of the head (eight day). Painful jerking tearing in the head (fifth day). Sudden painful tearing in the head, in the evening in bed (third day).

Tearing pain as if the head would burst, with throbbing in it, commencing at the crown, as if internal and external at the same time, with chilliness; he was obliged to lie down and tossed about in bed for four hours; relieved by binding the head tight-ly Violent tearing in the head, as if the forehead would be torn asunder (twelfth day). Painless jerks and twitchings in the head.

Jerking in the head, followed by throbbing in the right ear, in the evening on falling asleep. Jerking through the head, ending with a stiffness in the occiput, in the evening in bed. Stitches through the head (second day).(190) Stitches from within outward in the brain. Confused stitches in the head, with great depression of spirits and much peevishness (after eleven days).

Dull stitches, sometimes like tearings in the whole head, most frequent in the right frontal eminence, at 11 A.M. (fifth day).

Pulsation in the head, throbbing of the heart, and shuddering through the whole body, in the evening on falling asleep, lasting several minutes. Tearing throbbing headache, with eructations.

Forehead. Rushes of blood to the forehead. Sensation of dullness in the forehead and nose, extending into the teeth of the upper jaw (first day). Dull pain in the forehead and temples, alternating with tearing pains in the head, especially in the forehead. Violent dull headache in the right side of the forehead (first day). Headache like a heaviness in the forehead, in the morning after rising and in the afternoon (ninth day).(200) Pains in the forehead. Pains in the forehead, at noon (second day). Pain in the middle of the forehead (sixth day).

Pains drawing back and forth over the whole forehead (twelfth day). The forehead seems numb and dead. Pain in the middle of the forehead (fourth day). Headache in the left side of the forehead (fifth day). Pain in the left side of the forehead (fourth day).

Violent headache above the eyes, so that he could scarcely open them, returning after each dose (fourth day). Violent headache, especially in the middle of the forehead, worse while sitting and walking, associated with vertigo (fourth day).(210) violent pains in the forehead, with tearing pains in the forepart of the head.

Headache, consisting of a bruised pain above the eyes, so that he could scarcely open the eyes; the headache first affected the left side of the forehead, it was a sticking extending towards the other side by the eye, pressive, aggravated by opening the eyes (fourth day). Boring headache in the forehead, for many days in succession. Headache; a pressive jerking in the middle of the forehead, renewed by suddenly turning around, stooping, or talking (after ten days). Pressive frontal headache from slight mental work (after three days). Pressive pain in the forehead in the morning, a while after rising, not aggravated by motion.

Pressure in the forehead, from morning till evening. Pressure as from a heavy weight in the forehead over the eyes. Pressive pain in the forehead and eyes, as before coryza. Pressure in the forepart of the head (eighteenth day).(220) A momentary pressive pain the forehead (thirty-third day). Tearing in the frontal region (sixteenth day). Violent tearing in the forehead. Tearing headache in the forehead, extending towards the parietal bone, all day, aggravated towards evening and by motion (after thirteen days). Tearing pains in the forehead, alternating with the tearing pains in the arms (first day). Tearing pain in the forehead and on the top of the head (second day). Tearing pains in the forehead, at times extending from the forehead to the vertex (fifth day ). Tingling tearing in the head over the forehead, extending to the crown and temples (first day).

Headache at one time sticking, at another pressive, in the frontal region, extending from one side to the other (fourth day). Jerking headache in the forehead, mostly at night ,.(230) Some fine stitches in the right side of the forehead, while stooping, at 9 A.M. (second day ). Headache, commencing as a stitch in the left side of the forehead and extending to the right side, pressive and tensive (soon), (sixth day). Sticking in the forehead (fifth day). Acute sticking pain in the forehead (after a few hours). Sticking pains in the forepart of the head, from 8 to 11 P.M. (fifteenth day). Sticking pain in the whole of the forehead (fourth day). Sticking and throbbing in the forehead, in the morning. Throbbing frontal headache, in the afternoon, lasting an hour. Throbbing pain in the left side of the forehead (fourth day). Pains in the sinciput (twentieth day).

(240) Pressive pain and pressing in the sinciput, especially in the forehead, and upon the eyes, greatly aggravated by motion (second day). Arthritic tearing pains in the sinciput and right temple (seventeenth day). Tearing in the sinciput, from 4 to 7 P.M. Sticking tearing pain in the sinciput, afterwards in the right temple, and ten minutes afterwards in the left (sixteenth day). Temples. Rush of blood to the right temple. Fluttering feel in both temples, and aching pain in occiput. Pain in the temples extending across the forehead and towards the vertex (tenth day).

Pain in the left temple (fourth day). Headache, especially in the right temple, extending to the vertex, tearing described as a pulling up of the scalp (fifteenth day). Pressure in both temples (twenty-first day).(250) Pressure in the temples and over the right eye, after taking a slight cold. Pressure in the right temple after a soft stool, with pressure, followed by eructations of gas (after sixteen days). Pressure in the right temple, from noon till evening (after nineteen days). Pressive pain in the left temple (fifth day). Tearing pain through the temple (first day). Tearing pains in the right temple, with various kinds of headache; tearing in the head, especially in the parietal bones, transient, aggravated by stooping and on motion (twentieth day).

Tearing in the right temple, after half an hour, in the occiput (twentieth day). Stitches in the temples. Stitches in the temples with pains, as if the head were open (fifteenth day). Sharp sticking in the right temporal region (sixteenth day).(260) Stitches in the right temple, in the evening. Sticking pain in the right temple (second day). Stitches in the left temple.

Vertex. Bruised pain on the vertex. Drawing-pressive stitches in the vertex and over the eyebrows. When coming into the dark she feels a pressure on the vertex, as if a tremendous weight were falling on it. Pressure on the crown extending into the eyes, in the evening (after eighteen days). Hard jerks like pressure in the top of the head, extending deep into the brain, in paroxysms, lasting one or two minutes. Jerking sensation like electric sparks, in the vertex (tenth day). Sticking pain in the vertex (sixteenth day). Parietals.(270) Right-sided headache (third day). Pain in the right side of the head (second day). Pressive pain in the right parietal region (sixteenth day). Tearing in the right side of the head from the occiput, upward and forward (seventh day). Sticking pains in the right side of the head and in other parts of the body, especially in the right hand (seventh day). Sensation of paralysis in the right side, of the head after coition. Headache, especially on the left side, with sticking pain (fifth day). Sickening pain in left side of head, worse from pressure or the least movement. Sticking pain in the left side of the head, frequently extending into the forehead (tenth day).

Occiput. The hat causes acute pain in the occipital protuberances.(280) Pressive headache in the occiput, as if in the bone (second day). Pressive pain in the occiput, relieved by warm wrapping of the head. Pressure in the occiput, soon followed by stitches in the fore-head, with chilliness in the nape of the neck and back. Pressure in both sides of the occiput. Pressure in the occiput and nape of the neck, in the morning. Stitches in the occiput. Itching pain in the right side of the occiput.

External Head. The hair falls out freely on combing. A dry tetter on the head, which this prover had had for five years, became surrounded by a red areola, and after a while the redness disappeared and the tetter had disappeared, and the former rough skin became smooth. Itching pimples on the head and nape of the neck. (290) Itching pimples on the scalp. Sensation as if the hair were bristling during dinner. The hair feels as if it would fall out. The head was sore to touch externally. Extreme tenderness of the scalp, a feeling as if she had been lifted off the ground by her hair. She cannot brush her hair, the scalp is so tender. Creeping over the scalp, as if the hair were bristling, though without chilliness. Pricking and itching of scalp. Much itching on the scalp. The itching spots on the head are painful, as if sore, after scratching.(300) Violent itching on the left side of the head (after fourteen days). Itching on the occiput.


Objective. Redness at first around the eyes, then also of the white of the eyes, with inflammation and lachrymation. Redness of the whites of the eyes, with pressive pain. Ulcer on the left eye. Eyes weak (seventeenth day ). Subjective. Feeling as if both her eyes were dragged back into the head with strings. Pain as if the eyes were being drawn out (fourth day). Painful cramp in both eyes, closing them so tightly that she can with great difficulty open them. The eyes are painful, as if too dry and full of sand, in the morning,.(310) Sensation as if the left eye were full of water. Tension in the eyes and forehead, with weakness of the body. Tension in the eyes (second day). Pressure in the eyes every afternoon at 4 o’clock. Piercing stinging pain in the left eye (twenty-fifth day). Sudden piercing pain in the left eye (twenty-eighth day). Tearing and burning in the eyes on pressing them together. Twittering sensation in the right eye (thirty-third day). Heat in the eyes. Smarting of the eyes.

Smarting and pricking of left eye. Itching of the sore eye, immediately. Itching of the right eye, in the evening. Brow and Orbit. Itching in the eyebrows. Tensive pain above the eyes.

Pressive pain over left eye, about the size of a sixpence.

Pressure and smarting in the orbits. Great pressure and sensation of tightness over the eyes, as if something heavy were lying there, before the menses. Transient griping pain just beneath the right eye, in the evening in bed. Tearing and sticking above the eyes, so that he was obliged to press the lids together (tenth day). Lids.(320) Agglutination of eyes at night, with smarting of the lids. Both eyes are agglutinated with mucus in the morning (second day). Agglutination of the eyes in the morning.

Much hardened mucus in the inner canthi. (After the erysipelatous swelling of the feet had disappeared, there set in an eye trouble, consisting of swelling of the upper and lower lid, especially violent in the morning, with burning and stinging pain, especially in the morning and evening, with redness of the lids, better in the middle of the day; in the evening great photophobia, so that the candlelight could not be endured; reading by the light was difficult, as though there were a mist about the light and a red and green halo; thick, slimy discharge, with agglutination of the lids). Twitching of the eyelids (after four, and ten hours). Heaviness of the eyelids, as if pressed upon. The eyelids are very heavy, with sleepiness (Twelfth day).

Great heaviness of the eyelids (sixteenth day). Pressure and pressing in the left canthus.(340) Pressure in the upper lid, with violent stitches, as from a splinter, and vanishing of visual power (after four hours). Pressure in the eyelids (after eight days). Tearing in the margins of both lids. Biting in the canthi, in the morning, even when not lying down. Soreness and smarting of the eyelids; she cannot close them. Burning itching of the eyelids. Burning biting in the right lower lid, in the morning. Itching of the upper lid. Lachrymal Apparatus. Swelling in the region of the right lachrymal gland and lachrymal sac (after six days). Eyes and nose water,.(350) Lachrymation in the outer canthi. Lachrymation and a kind of dimness of the eyes.

Vision. Vision indistinct, misty, with flickering before the eyes (twelfth day). Dimness of vision. Dimness of vision all day (fifth day). She cannot open the eyes in the morning on account of painful photophobia. Photophobia; the daylight blinds.

Paroxysms of photophobia alternating with inflammation of the white of the eye and lachrymation (after ten days). Muscae volitantes before the eyes. Blinding of the eyes by daylight, so that for moments he can see nothing, in paroxysms,.(360) Slight fluttering before the eyes. At first she lost the clearness of sight only momentarily. Misty visions; she cannot see anything clear; this was constantly so for two days. She could neither read nor write; everything ran together. The eyes seemed veiled (second day). Everything seems pale before the eyes during the menses. Seems befogged after eating; the eyes seem blinded; cannot raise them (after ten days). A persistent speck before the right eye. It became black before the eyes after the headache.


Swelling of the outer ear, with thin discharge from the inner ear with hissing affecting the hearing.(370) Margins of the ears inflamed and moist. Thin discharge from the left ear (after five days). Large amounts of thin earwax (after nine days). Fine tearing beneath and behind the right ear, at 1 P.M. (fifth day).

Jerking cutting in the bone behind the ear. Tearing behind the right ear. Pricking, aching, and itching in the ears, left chiefly. Cramp like drawing in the right ear (after twenty-four hours). Pain in the right ear (first day). Painful pressure in the meatus auditorius,.(380) Pressive pain in the left ear on blowing the nose. Drawing pain in the meatus auditorius, like otalgia. Drawing pain in the right ear and down the neck. Tearing in and on the ear. Jerking pain in the left ear. Shooting pain in left ear, with a feeling as if humor was flowing from it.

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TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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