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Sinapis Nigra homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Common name: Black mustard.

Brassica nigra, Boiss. (Sinapis nigra, Linn.) Natural order: Cruciferae.

Preparation: Triturations.


Irritable disposition; don’t wish to be spoken to; unfitness for mental exertion; difficult to think or study. Disposition cross and dissatisfied; provoked at least unpleasant thing, or wholly without cause; answers short and snappish; I realize how unreasonably cross I am, but unless I am constantly on my guard, I am as cross as ever. Mind worked rapidly at night; could study easier, perception clearer; during day about as usual.


Vertigo (first and second days). Giddiness (first and second days). Dull, heavy headache all morning in forehead and temples, relieved by shutting eyes; disappeared on eating a hearty meal about 2 o’clock (eighth day). Dull feeling in the head, in the forenoon (second day). During the day dull, heavy headache, while was forgotten when busy or when at study, but immediately returned when stopping; was somewhat better in open air (second day). Head as yesterday till 11 A.M., when it was replaced by burning prickling in face, with full, moderate pulse and dull feeling on top of head, as if empty, this lasting all day, with marked clearness of perception (third day). One of the most marked symptoms, while the medicine was continued, was the headache, which was dull and heavy. A dull feeling in the head was never entirely absent, though much relieved by lying down and in the open air; it was forgotten when the mind was occupied, never interfered with study or mental labor, and was always worse on thinking of it, also worse in a warm, especially a very narrow room; this feeling was a dull dragging-down or heavy feeling, more marked in the forehead, close over the eyes, and in the temples, just in front of and a little above the ear; never felt in back part of head and only occasionally on vertex; occasionally it amounted to a decided pain, but seldom. Sensation as if the scalp were adherent to the bones of the head, in the afternoon (third day). Forehead. About noon my head commenced to ache; dull pain across forehead, commencing at about outer angle of each eye, and not only extending across forehead, but seemed especially to be more severe around the edges of the orbits to the inner angles and over the bridge of the nose; appears to be more intense over the bridge of the nose; forehead quite hot and dry; headache worse in warm room, and relieved in cold open air; headache partly relieved while eating, but coming back after eating (third day). Towards evening felt a dull pain in the forehead, principally over the left eye, which disappeared soon after retiring (second day); perceived again on rising (third morning); somewhat increased (third day); soon after waking in the morning grows worse, with qualmishness about the stomach; was soon relieved after retiring (fourth day). Dull frontal headache, as if I had taken cold, with tired feeling all over, and a slight backache in the small of the back; symptoms all growing worse towards night (fourth day); headache (fifth day).

Dull heavy feeling in anterior part of the head, without decided ache, not interfering with mental exertion, and in fact forgotten during it; worse on thinking of it (ninth day). Headache over and through the forehead and temples and around the edges of the orbits; relieved by cold air; worse in warm room. Headache growing worse on right side and over right eye; worse on stooping and on the slightest motion, even of opening and closing the eye; better on lying still in bed (fifth night). Pain over left eye, sharp, and passing over the eye from left to right (third, fourth, and fifth days). Heavy feeling in forepart of head (eighth day). Some pressing pain above the eyes (fourth day).

Temples. Heavy dragging-down sensation in the temples (second day); same heaviness, with some dull pain, which was worse on thinking of it, and forgotten during close study or mental application (third day). A heavy drawing pain in the right temple towards night and in the evening (fifth day). Vertex and Parietals. Heavy headache in top and sides of the head (fourth day). Pain on the left side of the head (sixth day).


Eyes sore, weak; when pressing slightly upon the eyeball, it felt as if pins were sticking into it (fourth day). Eyes feel tired, in the afternoon (second day). Pain in left eye, with smarting (first and second days). Sticking pain in left eye, lasting but a few moments, in the afternoon (second day). Eyes smart, with profuse lachrymation. Tears run from eyes. Eyeballs feel as if pressed from above, with tired feeling of eyes and some dull pain; hard work to keep eyes open; eye symptoms relieved by shutting the eyes; disappeared on eating a hearty meal about 2 o’clock (eighth day).


Catarrhal symptoms began to develop themselves, and thinking I had caught a severe cold, I stopped the proving; had for two or three nights a hacking cough, with slight expectoration of mucus in small lumps; cough only appeared in the evening, and c eased on retiring (after ten days). Immediately on touching the tongue to it, a pungent odor went up through the nostrils to the eyes, making me sneeze, as well as starting tears (first and second days). Dryness in both nostrils, the left is the worse, tender to pressure, and discharged some dried mucus (fifth day). Left nostril stopped up, in the afternoon and evening (fifth day).

Left nostril stopped all day; scanty discharges from anterior nares, acrid, causing smarting of skin (sixth day).


Shrunken features. Redness around mouth, with smarting of lip (sixth day). Sensation as if the cheek were bulged outward by a bubble of air, just below the malar bone, in the afternoon (second day). Lips dry, and feel as if the integument were stiff (sixth day) Burning prickling in the face (third day).


Teeth. Teeth are sensitive to warm drinks and to cold air, especially those that have been filled (eighth day). Tongue. A fissure along the median line of the tongue at the point where I was in the habit of taking the drug from the bottle, did not disappear on taking the drug in a different manner. Tongue coated a dirty white in the middle, more towards the back part, the edges and tip being natural. It made my tongue feel very sore, raw, and could hardly bear weight of teeth on it; in twenty-four hours the gums were very sore and tender to touch, so that I could not bear to eat anything hard, it hurt them so; this lasted nearly a week. Burning, scalded feeling on the tongue. Tongue on forepart very sore; feels as if I had a small blister on the tip of the tongue (third day). Tongue feels dry and sticky. General Mouth. Breath offensive, smelling as a person’s breath does after eating onions; worse shortly after taking the drug. Great dryness of the mucous membrane of the mouth Burning in mouth, extending to stomach (after first dose, second day). On tasting it, was quite sure it was horseradish; it turned my mouth so that I had to hold my hand up to prevent spitting it out; made my tongue feel as though it had been scalded with hot tea, a rough, scalded feeling (first and second days). Saliva. Profuse salivary secretion. Taste. Am very fond of mustard, but during whole proving it had a very unpleasant taste, and once or twice nauseated me. Garlic taste in mouth, tingling of tongue, in the morning, followed by nausea in the evening (first day); constant taste of garlic all day (third and following days). Taste of horseradish in his mouth.


Dry sensation in the posterior nares and pharynx, which is relieved by swallowing or by partial efforts to cough, which causes a little mucus, white and tenacious, not easily raised, and coming up in small lumps, to be brought up (sixth day ).

Rough scraping sensation in my throat, appearing to be in the larynx and extending to the trachea; this sensation is constant, causing a desire to make and effort to relieve this sensation; it is so severe as to cause a hacking cough; it is worse this evening (eighth day); throat is better; have had considerable secretion of mucus; throat symptoms were worse between 7 and 9 P.M., not so bad as last evening (ninth day). (Throat is somewhat better (second day); very much relieved, no soreness, less secretion, and feeling much better in every respect (third day); nearly well (fourth day); am feeling well in every respect; have not felt as well in three months (fifth day); throat begins to feel a little sore (sixth day); better (eighth day); feeling the best I have for a long time; have gained flesh), (ninth day).

Throat commenced feeling sore on left side (fifth day); felt only on swallowing saliva and on forcing mucus from the posterior nares; whole throat much injected behind the uvula palati, light-red color; soreness felt only slightly on drinking or eating (sixth day) Slight soreness of the throat on the right side, soon extending to the left (third day); the throat is worse (fourth day); continued (fifth day).


Eructations. Eructations were a constant attendant on the proving; shortly after taking the drug these would taste like horseradish; later, would be tasteless; were only occasionally noisy, though the discharge of gas was considerable. Eructations and passage of flatus (after second dose, second day). Desire to eructate (third day). Occasional attacks of singultus, lasting but a few minutes each. Stomach disturbed, heartburn, and belching of wind, all the evening (first and second days). Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea in the evening (first day), lasting till breakfast was eaten; severe in the evening (second day) till I had eaten breakfast, and lasting about one hour in the evening (third and following days). Qualmishness about the stomach, with the headache (fourth day). At 4 P.M. vomited copiously, without much straining; nausea somewhat relieved (fourth day). Stomach.

Load in stomach; heartburn (third day). Ulceration of stomach and intestines. Severe pain in the region of the stomach, with a sensation of faintness, causing me to bend forward and take a sitting position, which gave relief; this passed off in five or ten minutes (immediately after second dose); same pain in region of stomach (after third dose, second day); these stomach pains were shortly after taking the drug, burning, but later, sharp and intermittent (third day). Intense pain across the epigastric region. Severe pain in cardiac region all day (seventh day).

Burning sensation in my stomach, which lasted for fifteen minutes (first day). Burning in the stomach, which after about a minute, is felt in the umbilical region. About 10 A.M. while at lectures, and leaning a little forward on my seat, noticed a dull pain running directly across the epigastric region, which was immediately relieved by sitting up straight; tried the on several times, and found it always same; aggravated by leaning forward, and relieved by sitting straight (second day). Pressure in the epigastric region (third day).


Hypochondria. A very marked dull pain in left hypochondriac region; have noticed this pain more a short time after taking a dose (second day). Some pain in the left hypochondrium (third day). Umbilicus and Sides. Heavy dull pain below the umbilicus, as if a weight were there, in the afternoon (third day).

Heaviness in the umbilical region, as of weight, in the forenoon (fifth day). Dull pain in abdomen, in umbilical region, in the forenoon (third day). Sometimes twisting in the umbilical region (fourth and fifth days). Pain to the left of the umbilicus, extending down to the left iliac region; this was pretty constant through the proving; commencing here, it would pass to the left iliac region, and then pass off; it was of the same character as the pain in the iliac region, and seemed to pass steadily down from its commencing point to that region; on the fifth day the pain extended to the right side to the ascending colon. General Abdomen. Frequent passage of flatus, occasionally noisy, but generally noiseless and odorless. Accumulation of flatus in the intestines, with occasional twinges of pain about the umbilicus, extending down to the left iliac region; all pain ceased soon after retiring (third day). Some rumbling in the bowels (second day); before stool (third day). Rumbling in intestines, caused by accumulation of flatus (fourth day). Colic in the abdomen, in the lumber and umbilical regions (third day). Dull heavy ache in the abdomen (third day). Quite severe pain of a twisting character in the small intestines (seventh day). Inguinal Region. A gland in left inguinal region was swollen and considerably painful (may have come from the sore heel, caused by tight shoe), in the morning on getting up, and it remained so all day (third day). A little pain in the left iliac region; pains remitting; dull heavy pain, which at times became very severe and sticking in character (second day). Pain of a twisting character, extending down to the left iliac region from the umbilicus (fourth day). Sharp pain in right inguinal gland, continuing some moments, in the afternoon (third day). Pain in right inguinal region; continues dull, not very severe; relieved by pressure; in the afternoon (third day),.

Rectum and Anus

Smarting, cutting pain low down in rectum and in anus, after a stool (eight day). Sharp, smarting pains at the anus and lower rectum, after a stool (fifth day). Desire for stool, without passage (fourth day),.


Diarrhoea. Evacuations offensive. Two stools during the day; the first normal, the second quite loose; not quite as great a quantity as normal, and, although loose, expelled with difficulty; did not seem to be through even after an evacuation (third day); desire to go to stool all day,; stools expelled with difficulty, discharged in lumps, which were at first large and then tapered off; same sense of not being through after evacuation as before; some efforts to pass stool were fruitless (fourth day); my bowels, at commencement, were regular, are now constipated, passing in hard lumps, which are small in size and expelled with difficulty, with a desire to remain a long time at stool (fifth day); bowels moved off naturally (seventh day).

Passage of bowels (first since I commenced the proving), normal in quantity and consistence; before the passage, for two or three hours, an uneasy feeling in the rectum, not amounting to a desire for stool, but making me feel sure that I should have a passage soon; after stool a sensation as if all had not passed, with sharp, smarting pains at the anus and lower rectum (fifth day); passage of bowels normal as to quantity and consistence; after a stool a sensation as if there would be more discharged, and smarting, cutting pain low down in rectum and in anus (eighth day). No passage of bowels since 8 A.M. yesterday (second evening); large evacuation of bowels; stool rather large and hard, and no marked difficulty in passing it, about 11 P.M.

(third day); afterwards stool about every three days, large in amount, rather hard, but no difficulty in passage. My bowels, which were constipated at beginning, with some hemorrhoidal trouble, are regular, and no hemorrhoids (tenth day).

Constipated; stool hard, like balls (fifth day).

Urinary organs

Pain in the bladder, in the morning before urinating (first and second day). Desire to urinate more frequent (fourth day). Urine increased. Excessive flow of urine (fifth day). Increased flow of urine, which is pale in color, and passed in greater quantities, and more frequently than usual; have sometimes a continued desire to micturate after the passage (sixth and ninth days). Passed frequently a pale, straw-colored urine; quantity at each passage about normal (eighth day). Passed urine frequently, and large amount of clear, amber-colored urine; a large quantity passed during the night, always preceded by severe erections, which wakened me (second day); a large amount, and frequently passed, all through the day (third and following days).

Throughout the proving, urine was passed very frequently, about the normal quantity at each passage; urine pale, straw-colored, clear, and not depositing sediment on standing, of specific gravity of about 1025; after the passage it seems as if more would come, and a little time (say half a minute) after the passage dribbling away of a few drops; never great urging to pass and was able to hold the urine without much discomfort.

Sexual organs

Male. Violent erections several times during each day, and night.

Severe erections, which wakened me (second night); obstinate and continued (third and following nights), Woke thrice during the night with violent, even painfully so, erections (seventh day).

Sometimes erections without dreams, sometimes with dreams, sometimes with dreams of a lascivious nature. Wakened twice with erections (first night). Excitement of sexual desire; during day many lascivious thoughts, with erections; at night frequent erections, with lascivious dreams and emissions of semen. Female.

Menstruation appears in a few hours, long before the period, in several cases.

Respiratory organs

Voice. Hoarseness, commencing about 4 P.M., and lasting all the evening, with frequent attempts to clear the throat (third day).

Hoarseness in the evening (fourth and fifth days) Cough and Expectoration. Cough all the evening (fourth day). Slight cough, and symptoms resembling old catarrhal trouble; the cough in short, hacking, and does not shake the body much, caused by continual desire to clear the throat (sixth day). Seldom cough during the day; cough commences during the evening, generally about 7 or 8 o’clock; is short and hacking, sometimes with sense as if something were low in trachea which be dislodged, and sometimes without this sensation; in evening dislodged sometimes small chunks of tenacious white mucus, but was mostly dry; worse from cold air; relieved while lying down and temporarily by eating; excited by laughing; during the day, especially in forenoon, continual attempts to clear the throat, raising small lumps of white mucus with some difficulty; at night same sensation, with greater difficulty in raising mucus; much discharge of mucus from posterior nares, accumulating there, and requiring an effort to discharge it; felt cold; was tasteless and white in color, and discharged in tenacious masses. Respiration.

Respiration at base of left lung is roughened, with pain in the part (seventh day).


Frightful suppuration and gangrenous inflammation came on, reaching down to the sternum; the muscles, vessels, and nerves of the part were laid bare. Wandering pains in chest (fourth day).

Some wandering pains in chest and abdomen (sixth and seventh days). Slight stitching pain in chest and right side. Pains in the left side of the chest in the region of the heart; the heart pains were sharp, and, continuing some little time, would pass off; they were a pretty constant attendant on the whole proving.

Dull pain in left side, about the size of a large walnut, and an inch above, and an inch to the right of the apex beat of the heart;this lasted some little time (after a few minutes first day).

Heart and Pulse

Dull, continual pain in the heart toward the apex, in the evening (fifth day); not so marked; seemingly in the substance of the heart (seventh day). Occasional dull pains in region of the heart; they seemed to be in the substance of the heart; less frequent in the afternoon (eighth day). Sense of uneasiness about the heart, with occasional dull pain in cardiac region, not altered by pressure, by deep breath, or by motion (fourth day). I felt, at times, this sensation in the region of the heart; a sense of oppression, and a sort of pricking, which always passed off in a short time (seventh day). Felt the action on the heart almost immediately; the pains about the heart came back every day about 10 A.M., and from 4 to 6 P.M., only lasted for a short time; this has been so for ten days, and still continues; sometimes the pain is quite persistent, and accompanied with a feeling of dread and oppression; it also comes on sometimes at night when I am studying, and troubles me not a little; these symptoms have been accompanied, but not nearly as regularly, by a peculiar pain in my right side, which, did I not know better, would make me think that my heart was on my right side, and that I was conscious of its beating; this feeling also only stays a short time. Pulse somewhat accelerated. Full, moderate pulse (third day). Pulse ranged from 70 to 75 beats per minute; was always quick, and usually soft. Pulse gradually grew less frequent; fell from 64 to 52 beats (third day); quicker, having risen from 52 to 68 (fifth day).


Dull, but quite severe pain just under the inferior angle of the left scapula, pulsating in character, seemingly in intercostal muscles, in the forenoon (fourth day). Pain, dull but severe, under lower angle of left scapula, pulsating in character, in the forenoon (fifth day). Slight backache in the small of the back, becoming intolerable toward bedtime; restless all night, and could not sleep for the pain in the back and hips (fourth day); pain in the back and through the hips; relieved by motion (fifth day).


Weariness of the extremities, with cramps in the calves of the legs.

Superior Extremities.

Occasional dull pains in left shoulder-joint (eighth day).

Drawing sensation at the inferior insertion of the right biceps brachialis muscle, on flexion and extension of the arm (first day).

Inferior Extremities.

Weakness of muscles of calves of the legs (third day). Dull, heavy ache (third day). Pain constantly in ankles and calves of the legs (fourth day).


The skin turns red. Redness of the skin. When they leave the bath a sensation of burning, heat, and stitches in the skin.


Sleepiness (second day). Desire to sleep during the day; sleeplessness at night, before 12 o’clock, with great desire to sleep in the morning; lies in bed late. Sleep but little nights, but three or four hours during each twenty-four hours for last three days, and yet do not suffer at all from loss of sleep (third day); afterwards, could sit up all night and not suffer from loss of sleep. Sat up till 1 A.M., and then had no desire to retire, or on retiring, no desire to go to sleep (something unusual); went to bed, and as far as I know, slept well as usual (first night); when I woke at 7 A.M., for up immediately (generally like to lie in bed awhile) (second morning); went to bed at 11 P.M., and not at all sleepy (should have stayed up longer had there been a fire; felt like study); slept well (second night); got up same as yesterday (third morning).

Sleeplessness at night; my custom has been to retire at about 11 P.M.; during the proving seldom went to bed before 12 or 1 o’clock, and often later; never felt sleepy, even then, and never felt any drowsiness or inconvenience in any way from this loss of sleep on the following day; arose at about my usual time in the morning (7.30); always on going to bed went to sleep easily; slept lightly; sleep frequently, during every night, disturbed by vivid dreams; these were at times of a lascivious nature, when I would awake with a violent and obstinate erection. Sleep disturbed by vivid dreams (not lascivious) (seventh day) Lascivious dreams; (second night); (second and third nights).

Vivid dreams (second night).


Persons having a mustard-bath of 28oC to 36oC. have a severe chill, as if they were in a very cold bath, chattering of the teeth, shivering, a sensation of general coldness, with shrunken features. Heat through whole body, especially down the spine.

Quartan ague and inflammatory fever. Perspiration on taking, and feeling of hot water in all the blood-vessels, which disappeared when the nausea came on (after second dose, second day); blood hot as before, disappearing when nausea came on (after first dose, third and following day s). Perspiration breaks out over whole body; more profuse on forehead and upper lip. A tendency to perspire freely on the least exertion (mental or physical), and from external heat.


(Forenoon), 10 A.M., pain about heart. (Afternoon), 4 to 6 P.M., pain about heart.

(Evening), Nausea; hoarseness; 7 to 9 P.M., the symptoms.

(Night), Mind worked rapidly.

(Cold air), Cough.

(Leaning forward), Pain across epigastric region.

(Laughing), Cough.

(Motion), headache.

(Thinking of it), Dull feeling in head.

(Stooping), Headache.

(In a warm room), Dull feeling in head; headache.


(Night), on lying down, the symptoms.

(In open air), Dull feeling in head; headache (Lying down), Dull feeling in head; cough.

(Motion), Pain in back and through hips. (Shutting eyes), Eye symptoms.

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TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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