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Solanum Nigrum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe

      Common names, Black nightshade; (Fr.), Morelle noir.


Solanum nigrum, Linn.

Natural order, Solanaceae. Preparation: Tincture of plant.


Delirium, with stammering speech, efforts to escape and to get out of bed. Delirium. Delirium, cries and convulsions. Piercing cries, such as are heard in cases of hydrocephalus (third hour).

Dull drowsy feeling, with indisposition to study (twenty-third day). The understanding seems lost; the patients do not appear to comprehend what is passing around them; but every now and then they utter indistinct words, like delirious or intoxicated persons (in three hours). Complete cessation of mental faculties. She was found entirely insensible, lying in a deep apoplectic stupor, all the muscles relaxed, the face flushed, and the pulse full and irregular; she continued in this state about six hours, then gradually recovered. A state of stupor and coma, attended with fever. Coma with twitching. Comatose sleep.


Vertigo. Vertigo,. Vertigo, nausea, and colic. Vertigo on rising and moving about, with dizziness before the eyes (fifth day).

Brain seems to swim; vertigo worse on moving the head (twentieth day). Sensation as if the bed was turning rapidly in a circle, within ten minutes after going to bed (twenty-first day). Feeling on stooping, as if everything was moving around in a circle (twenty-third day). Great vertigo, on rising in the morning, somewhat relieved on going out into the open air (twenty-fourth day). While talking the body seems to reel in various direction (after 50 drops). While walking the body inclines to the left (after 50 drops). General Head. Dulness of the head, followed by dilatation of the pupils (after 10 drops),. Dulness of the head with slow pulse and contracted pupils (ten minutes after 25 drops). Dull pain in the head, at 11 A.M. (fifth day). Dull heavy headache, at 8 P.M. (twenty-fourth day). Dull heavy headache, continuing without intermission (twenty-fifth day). Dull throbbing headache, during the forenoon (twenty-fourth day).

Heavy sensation in the head, on waking in the morning, as if he had not had enough sleep (twenty third day). The head seems too heavy (after 35 drops). Fullness and heaviness of the head.

Slight fullness in the head (after about an hour). Feeling of lightness in the head (twenty-first day). Headache. Violent headache, which wakes him up at night. Constant and violent headache. Violent headache, at 11 A.M. (twenty-third day).

Horrible headache. Frightful headache. Very severe pain in head immediately over the eyes; so severe as to make him partially close his eyes; light seems to aggravate it, and it is worse on stooping over; it lasts about an hour, very severe, at 10 A.M.

(eighteenth day). Headache increased when first beginning to move after sitting, but after walking for a time in the open air, somewhat relieved (twenty-fourth day). Headache worse in a close room (twenty-third day). Feeling as if the head would split (twentieth day). On moving the head, the brain feels as if it were shaking about in the skull, at 10 A.M. (eighteenth day).

Feeling, on the least motion after sitting, as if the brain would burst from the forehead (twenty-third day). Forehead. Dull feeling in forepart of the head, all the afternoon (fifth day).

Heaviness in the forehead (after 35 drops). Heaviness and pressure in the forehead (after 40 drops). Violent headache in the front part of the head, at 8 P.M. (twentieth day). Sensation as from a blow, in the forehead (fifth day). Slight pain in the forepart of the head, on waking, going off in the course of the morning (twentieth day). Slight pain in the forepart of the head, on waking in the morning (twenty-second day). Pressure deep in the forehead (after 25 drops). Pressure and dulness in the forehead (after 35 drops). Pressive pains in the forehead.

Violent throbbing pain in the forepart of the head, during the whole afternoon (twenty-third day). Temples. Tensive drawing pain in the region of the temples. Severe pain through the temples, as if the head would split, at 12 M. (fifth day). Severe pain in the left temple, of a throbbing beating character, worse on the slightest misstep, and worse on stooping, at 1 P.M. (twenty-third day). Pressure in the temples, extending toward the forehead deep in the brain, repeated several times (after 50 drops). Sharp gnawing pain in the right temple, at 9 P.M., causing him to grasp his hand and shut his eyes from the severity of the pain (twenty- third day). Stitches in the temple (twenty-third day). Throbbing of temporal and carotid arteries, at 11 A.M. (twenty-third day).

Vertex. Pain in a small circumscribed spot on the top of the head, which soon passed off (eighteenth day). Pressure on the vertex and forehead (soon), (after 50 drops). External Head.

During the last week, has had an eruption on forehead of small red pimples, sore to touch and very hard; when one went away another would come (twenty-fourth day). Scalp feels sore, on moving the hand through the hair (twenty-third day). Scalp very sore to touch, feeling as if the hair had been very severely pulled (twenty-fourth day).


Wrinkles around the eyes, on the upper lip, and on the fingers (eleventh day). Eyes wide open, moist, and sparkling (in three hours). Redness of the eyes; (twenty-fourth day). Fullness and tension in the eyes. Eyes feel dull and heavy (twenty-fourth day). Burning in the eyes (twenty-fourth day). Eyes very sensitive to the light (twenty-fourth day). Eyes feel as if there were sand in them, on waking in the morning (twenty-fifth day).

Brow and Orbit. Slight pain over left eye (after on hour, second day). Severe pain in the supraorbital region, on waking in the morning; it passed off in the course of an hour, leaving a dull heavy sensation in the forepart of the head (third day). Severe pain over the eyes, aggravated by motion and stooping (third day). Violent pain in the supraorbital region, on waking in the morn-ing; worse on arising and from the slightest motion; the least misstep sends violent pains through the temples; the acute pain passed off about 10 A.M., leaving a sensation as if the forehead had been bruised (fourth day). Dull heavy pain over the eyes, with insipid taste in the mouth, on waking in the morning (sixth and seventh days). Sharp shooting pain over right eye, at 4 P.M. (eighteenth day). Violent pain over the eyes, going off in the course of an hour, at 9 P.M. (twenty-second day). Severe pain over eyes, almost unbearable when looking at a bright object (twenty-third day). Dull bruised feeling over the eyes, on waking in the morning (twenty-fifth day). Lids. Biting in the margins of the lids (after 40 and 50 drops). Burning sensation in the eyelids. Pain in inner canthus of left eye (twenty-third day).

Lachrymal Apparatus. Watering of the eyes. Pupils. Dilatation of the pupils. Increasing dilatation of the pupils. Pupils dilated (very soon after 5 drops). Pupils dilate very easily (after 10 drops). Pupils very much inclined to dilate (after 25 drops).

Pupils greatly dilated (one hour after 25 drops); returned to their normal size (two hours after 25 drops). Pupils dilated, the inner margins of the iris seems bright yellow as if illuminated, with bright spots and black objects before the eyes, intermingled with mistiness of vision (forty-five minutes after 35 drops); after another forty-five minutes the pupils were at times very small, and at other times very large. Excessively dilated pupils.

Pupils enormously dilated and insensible. Both pupils are dilated to the utmost extent (after three hours). Dilatation of the pupil alternating with contraction; (second day); (one hour after 20 drops). Vision. Great weakness of sight, aggravated by bright sunlight. Erethitic amaurosis. Mistiness before the eyes. Muscae volitantes. He can scarcely distinguish surrounding objects.

Flickering before the eyes. Black points and streaks before the eyes when reading (after 25 drops). Darkness before the eyes, with white spots and stripes and black rings and greatly dilated pupils (one hour and three-quarters after 35 drops). Black points and stripes before the eyes, with heaviness and dulness in the head and easily dilated pupils (after fifteen minutes); everything seemed too bright, as if too much light entered the eyes, with biting on the margins of the lids and pressure over the eyes and deep in the eyes, especially on look-ing at the daylight; at a distance everything seemed mixed, with pressure in the forehead (after half an hour); the pupils were contracted, yet at times everything seemed too bright, and the eye was sensitive to light (after three-quarters of an hour); sticking in the inner canthus of the right eye, pupils very much contracted, with many floating spots and points before the vision, alternating with very dilated pupils, that remained dilated (after one hour); the eyes remained very sensitive on reading all day (after 40 drops). Black points and objects before the eyes, with dilated pupils (after a quarter of an hour); everything seems dark (after half an hour); the pupils continue dilated for more than an hour (after 50 drops).


Subsequent to the poisoning the child suffered from the most violent parotitis. Stitches in the ear (twenty-third day).

Everything heard seems at a greater distance than natural (after 50 drops). Buzzing before the ears.


The nose is of a deep-red color (fourth day). Considerable sneezing (with discharge from nose), (twenty-third day).

Discharge during the day of a thin watery substance from the nose, with considerable sneezing; great discharge of water from right nostril, the left being closed as from a cold (twenty-third and twenty-fourth days). Burning in the nose (twenty-fourth day).


Highly congested face, expressive of wildness and anxiety (in three hours). Swollen and flushed face (second day). Flushed face. Face red, swollen. Red, bloated face. Red, fatigued face.

Expression of fright and terror. Face pale. Face looked as though he had been intoxicated, at 11 A.M. (twenty-third day). Sharp neuralgic-like pain shooting from the lower jaw up into the left ear, leaving suddenly and coming as suddenly (twentieth day).

Lips dry and blistered (twenty-third day). Lips and tongue feel dry as if scalded (twenty-fourth day). Trismus (after three hours). Very sharp pain running from the lower jaw up into the left ear, of a neuralgic character, at 10 A.M. (twenty-fifth day).


Tongue sore as if burnt (twenty-fourth day). Dryness of the back of the tongue and arch of the palate (after 10 drops). Dryness of the mouth (after 35 drops). Great dryness of the mouth (after 40 drops). Mouth very dry (after 50 drops); (twenty-third day).

Insipid taste in mouth (with pain over eyes), on waking in the morning (sixth and seventh days). Utterance becomes uneasy.


Dryness in the throat. Stitches in the right side of the throat (twenty-third day). Raw sensation in throat, painful on swallowing (twenty-third day). Throat very sore on swallowing (twenty-fourth day). Tickling sensation in throat, causing him to cough frequently (twenty-fifth day). Fauces dry (one hour and a half after 25 drops). Constant sticking in fauces, especially on swallowing, at times stitches shooting from the fauces towards the drum of the right ear (after 40 drops). Left tonsil feels swollen, with soreness on swallowing. Left tonsil feels swollen as from cold, sore on swallowing (twentieth day). Feeling as if there were a splinter in the right tonsil (twenty-third day).

Stitching pain in tonsil (twenty-fourth day). Sensation of cramp in the oesophagus (after twenty-five drops). Deglutition is effected only when their jaws are forced wide open in order to make them swallow liquids. Throbbing of the carotid arteries, at 8 P.M. (twentieth day). Violent beating of the carotids (twenty- third day).


Appetite and Thirst. Want of appetite; they go to bed without wanting their supper. Thirst. Great thirst, causing me to drink often, and in large quantities (twenty-fourth day). Very urgent thirst, but the liquids taken were soon vomited up again (second day). Unquenchable thirst. Excessive thirst. Eructations. Empty eructations (with burning in the stomach), (fifth day).

Heartburn. Slight heartburn, of short duration, immediately after eating breakfast (seventh day). Heartburn, with nausea, at 6 P.M. (eighteenth day). Violent heartburn after eating dinner; burning sensation up into the oesophagus, passing off in the course of an hour (twentieth day). Heartburn after going to bed, in the evening (twenty-first day). Heartburn, in the afternoon, lasting for about an hour (twenty-second day). Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea. Nausea, with sparks before the eyes, continuing until he went to sleep (twenty-first day). Nausea and retchings.

Nausea, with efforts to vomit, followed by profuse vomiting, at first of mucus, afterwards of bluish or grayish-black liquid.

Vomiting. Vomiting of all food. Loathing vomiting of ingesta.

Vomiting of ingesta, then of a blackish-green liquid. Copious vomiting, at first of mucus, then of a thick, blackish-green liquid. Seldom failed to either vomit, sweat, or purge the patient moderately, or to increase the quantity of urine; it sometimes occasioned a giddiness, especially when it made the patient sick (nauseated), but neither the sickness or giddiness were constant symptoms, and when they happened they generally abated or ceased entirely after the first dose. Frequent vomiting, first of mucus, afterwards of a bluish or gray-blackish fluid. Stomach. Severe pain in the region of the stomach, extending up into the region of the heart and left shoulder, at 5 P.M. (fifth day). Great pain in the pit of the stomach. Great pressure in the stomach in paroxysms (after thirty-five and forty drops). Pressure in the stomach (after fifty drops). Severe cramps in the pit of the stomach, at 5 P.M.; worse on walking; gradually subsiding after eating supper (sixth day). Sharp, cutting pains in and across the stomach, relieved by pressure and bending forward, at 5 P.M. (fourth day). Severe burning in the stomach, with vomiting. Burning pain in the stomach after the evacuations (fourth day). Burning pain in the stomach, extending upwards, with nausea (after loose evacuations), (fifth day).

Burning in the stomach, with empty eructations (fifth day).

Slight burning in stomach, with nausea (after two hours, sixth day). Burning sensation in stomach, extending up into the oesophagus (eighteenth day).


Violent cutting in the umbilical region (after thirty-five drops). Abdomen excessively distended and tense. Meteorism to such an extent that he seems almost to swell up visibly. Colic.

Colic and ineffectual urging to stool. Pain in bowels (after one hour, second day). Pain, at 5 P.M., as if the intestines were cut with knives, which continued until after supper, when it gradually subsided (fourth day). Pains in the abdomen and desire to lie down; after about an hour the pains increased and were accompanied by nausea, without vomiting.


Tenesmus in the anus.


One or more of the natural evacuations were almost always increased. The bowels, which have been somewhat constipated, are rather loose; stools semifluid; 10 A.M. bowels still somewhat loose; evacuations of a yellow color, somewhat watery, at 5 P.M.

(fourth day). Loose evacuation of a yellow, watery character, at 10 A.M., followed by a burning pain in the stomach, extending upwards, with nausea (fifth day). Constipation, with smelly, dry, hard stools (eighteenth day). Bowels somewhat costive (twenty- fourth day).

Urinary organs

If a sweat did not break out, then an extraordinary discharge of urine was the consequence, and frequently followed by a purging.

Respiratory organs

Respiration rapid. Difficult respiration. The breathing is quick, but easy,. Stertorous breathing.


Slight oppression of the chest (soon after ten drops).

Constriction of the chest. Pressure on the sternum and at the tenth dorsal vertebra (after thirty-five drops). Cutting pain in left side (twenty-fourth day).

Heart and Pulse

Anxious feeling in the region of the heart. Pulse very rapid, scarcely perceptible. Pulse rapid, irregular. Small and very frequent pulse (in three hours). Frequent and somewhat irregular pulse (second day). Pulse from 90 to 95 (twenty-third day). Pulse 95, during forenoon (twenty-fifth day). Pulse about 95, at 8 P.M.

(twenty-fourth day). Pulse slow, small, and soft (after thirty- five drops). Pulse small and slow (after twenty and forty drops).

Pulse full and irregular.

Neck and Back

Neck feels sore and stiff, as if bruised; worse on moving the head (seventh day). Severe pain in muscles of neck (twenty-fourth day). Great pain in the back of the neck, and shoulders, and lower extremities (with fever), (twenty-fourth day). Pain in back of neck and between shoulders (twenty-fifth day). Bruised feeling in the back and limbs (seventh day). Pain in back and limbs, at 9 P.M. (twenty-third day).


Restlessness in the limbs, with carphologia. Pain in limbs (and back), at 9 P.M. (twenty-third day). Wandering pains, first in the shoulders, then down the arm, then in the lower extremities (twenty-fourth day). Severe pain in all the limbs, at 8 P.M.

(twenty-fifth day). Painful drawing in arms and feet.

Superior Extremities.

Arms heavy, as if prostrated, especially the right (after fifty drops). Dull, heavy pain in right arm, extending down to the ends of the fingers, at 10 A.M.; this continued until 3 P.M., when it gradually disappeared (fifth day). Pains extending down the left arm of a lancinating character, at 9 P.M. (fifth day). Pain shooting through left arm and wrist (twenty-fifth day). Pain in the left shoulder and right wrist (after fifty drops).

Interior Extremities.

Gait unsteady, heavy, insecure (after 35 drops). Trembling of the lower extremities, especially of the muscles of the thighs, like small, successive jerks (after 20 drops). The lower extremities seem prostrated, especially the left (after 50 drops). Weakness of the thighs (ten minutes after 25 drops). Pain in the right knee, extending upwards towards the hip (fifth day).

Legs feel sore on walking, as if bruised (twenty-fourth day).

Compression in the left calf, as before cramp (after 35 drops).

Crawling in the left calf (after 50 drops). Pulling pains in the calves (twenty-third day). Swelling of the foot (fifty-second day). Tearing on the back of the left foot (after 50 drops).


Coma, convulsive agitation, plaintive cries (third day). A singular proceeding is observed in the midst of their convulsions; they frequently stretch out their little hands, as if to grasp something, then carry them eagerly to their mouths, and go through the motions of mastication and swallowing (in three hours). The most violent general convulsive agitation (in three hours). Convulsions and spasms; they stretched their hands during the spasms, as if they would grasp something, carrying their hands to their mouths, chewing and swallowing, etc. Spasms, with twitching, followed by tetanic rigidity of the body, and death. Trembling, violent starting (in three hours). Tetanic rigidity of the whole body. He lies on his back in a state of entire prostration, disturbed, at intervals, by spasmodic movements (second day). (Increased distension and prominence of the varicose veins). Restlessness. After the attack the patient was extremely weak. Lassitude of the whole body, without inclination to sleep. All the muscles relaxed. General heaviness (after 5 drops). Bruised feeling all over body, at 9 P.M.

(twenty-third day). Violent pain in every muscle and joint, on waking in the morning (twenty-fourth day). All the muscles of his body feel sore to the touch (twenty-fifth day). From bodily exertion, great tiredness and vertigo. Great sensitiveness to cold air (for several weeks after being cured). Great sensitiveness to cold air.


Red blotches, like scarlatina, irregularly dispersed over almost the whole cutaneous surface (in three hours). The palms of their hands are of a greenish blue color (in three hours). The face, eyelids, lips, hands and feet are greatly swollen, with intolerable itching of those parts (first day, in the evening).

The hands, feet, and nose are greatly swollen, very painful, and black (second and third days). The hands and feet are swollen, and covered with black spots (second and third days). The swelling is very painful, it enlarges, becomes shiny, hard, and deep red; and, in several places, quite black (second and third days). The black hue of the swollen parts grows deeper, the fingers are stiffened, and on the upper part of the sternum appears a large round blotch of a deep-red color (fourth day).

The tip of the nose, the hands, from the tips of the fingers to the knuckles, and the toes to the tarsal joints, become quite black as if regularly dyed (fourth day). A few vesicles appear on the back of the hand, which break, and discharge a yellowish and very acrid fluid (seventh day). The swelling diminishes, as also the black discoloration; desquamation commences (seventh day).

Eruption like confluent small-pox; sloughs are formed on the fingers; the eyelids are agglutinated so as to exclude the light; the patient is tormented by an itching burning at the extremities (twelfth to fourteen days). The sloughs are detached from the face, and the right hand swells up again (eighteenth day),. The face cleans off, but the hands are again covered with hard and very painful crusts, which fall off and are soon replaced by new ones (twenty-first day),. Swelling of the face, arms, abdomen, scrotum, and penis (fifty-fourth day),. A few small pimples on the back of the hand, which itched violently (twenty-fourth day),. Violent itching of both arms, not relieved by scratching (first day),. Painful and itching sensation in chronic ulcers on the feet.


Sleepiness. Very sleepy during the whole forenoon (twenty-third and twenty-fifth days). Very sleepy all day (twenty-fourth day).

Deep sleep. Night very restless, sleepless, with hallucinations and carphologia. In the middle of the night he wakes up uttering groans, which wrung from him by a violent headache. Feeling, on waking in the morning, as if he had lost several nights’ sleep (sixth day). Feeling, on waking in the morning, as if he had not had enough sleep (twenty-first day). Passed a very uneasy night (twenty-second night). Sleep disturbed by dreams, which caused him to awake several times in terror, with a sensation of falling from a great height (third night). Sleep disturbed by dreams of snakes, which caused him to awake several times in fright (fifth night). Sleep disturbed by dreams (twenty-second night).


Alternation of coldness and heat (fifty-first day). Slightly feverish; flushes of heat across the face, at 3 P.M. (sixth day).

Fever all afternoon (twenty-third day). High fever on going to bed, which continued for about half an hour, when a profuse perspiration broke out and lasted about half an hour, thoroughly saturating his shirt, and the sheet he was lying on (twenty-third day). High fever at 2 P.M., with great pain in the back of the neck, and shoulders, and lower extremities (twenty-fourth day).

Slight fever; heat and redness of the face (twenty-sixth day).

Some fever, at 8 P.M. (twenty-fourth day). Fever during the forenoon (twenty-fifth day). The child at first had fever, and afterwards was in a comatose condition without fever, had dilated pupils, coated tongue, painfulness in the precordia, distension of the abdomen, with, at times, screaming and grasping at the abdomen, and constipation. Fever attended the stupor and coma.

Burning dry heat (in three hours). Burning skin covered with sweat (second day). Hot skin covered with sweat. Hot skin sweaty.

Heat or warmth diffused in a few hours over the body; a plentiful sweat succeeding this heat, and a purging the next day. Heat in the head and back (after 50 drops). Increased heat of the head (twentieth day). Heat in the face, hands, and along the back (after 50 drops). Increased heat and redness of the face, at 11 A.M. (twenty-third day). Flashes of heat running up and down the back, at 8 P.M. (twenty-fifth day). Profuse perspiration (after fever, on going to bed), (twenty-third day). Profuse sweat over the whole body. Frequent sweats over the whole body. The whole body is bathed in perspiration.


(Morning), On rising, vertigo; on waking, pain over eyes; insipid taste in the mouth.

(Light), Pain over eyes. (Motion), Vertigo; headache.

(Misstep), Pain in temples. (Close room), Headache.

(Stooping), Pain over eyes; pain in the left temple.

(Sun light), Weakness of sight. (Swallowing), Pain in throat; soreness of left tonsil. (Walking), Cramp in pit of stomach.


(Walking in open air), Headache.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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