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Spongia homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Spongia officinalis, Linn. Animal kingdom. Sub-kingdom, Coelenterata. Class, Spongia. Preparation: Tincture, prepared by digesting 20 g rains of powdered sponge, which has been roasted brown (in a manner similar to coffea tosta), with 400 drops of Alcohol.


Irresistible desire to sing, with excessive joyfulness, lasting half an hour (after half an hour); followed by distraction of mind and disinclination for all work, lasting an hour. Unusually cheerful (second day). Taciturn and discontented mood. Pert, witty mood. Anxiety, as if a misfortune would befall him, which he seemed to foresee. She is very fearful and tormented by a frightful image of a past sad even. She was very easily frightened, and started at every trifle; it always seemed to shoot into her feet, and afterwards they seemed to remain heavy.

Fretfulness; he talked and answered very unwillingly. Fretful and lazy; wished to rest and was little inclined to talk (after three hours). Scornful, obstinate, ill-humored. She is dissatisfied with what she accomplishes; she cannot rightly help herself at work; she does not succeed. Alternately lively and lachrymose, and peevish quarrelsome mood.

Head.- Vertigo.

Vertigo, with tendency to fall backward. Vertigo, while sitting, as if the head would fall to one side, with a sensation of heat in the head (after a quarter of an hour). There seemed to be a whirling of the head, she staggered and was obliged to steady herself as in intoxication (after half an hour). General Head.

Dulness of the head; he staggered as if intoxicated, while walking, for an hour (after half an hour). The head is dull and stupid. Heaviness of the head (after a quarter of an hour).

Heaviness of the head all day. The head felt heavy on raising it from the table upon which he had leaned it to rest. Heaviness and fulness in the head, aggravated by stooping. Increased rush of blood to the head. Violent rush of blood to the brain, with heat in the forehead externally; perceptible pulsation in the arteries of the neck (after one hour). Weakness of the head and a dulness, which makes him unfit for all mental effort, a feeling of weariness through the whole body. Headache, loss of appetite, sleepiness, lassitude in the whole body, fretfulness; out of humor with everything. Staring at any point causes headache and lachrymation. A feeling in the head as if everything would press out at the forehead. Pressive sensation in the head, several times a day. Whizzing in the head, in the region of the ear upon which she was lying in bed, like a violent pulsation, always with a double beating; if she lay upon the other ear then she felt it in that side. Over the whole side on which there is a small goitre, a jerking aching; a throbbing in the head, that extends down into the cheeks, and into the neck, as a tearing. Forehead.

Pressive headache in the forehead (after a quarter of an hour).

Pressure in the left side of the forehead (after eight hours and a half). Dull pressive pain extending from within outward, in the right frontal eminence (after thirty hours). Dull pressive headache, from the forehead above the eyes to the occiput and nape of the neck, lasting ten hours, till falling asleep (after three hours). Violent pressure in the forehead and occiput, at the same time, as if pressed towards each other, at noon (after five hours). Pressing-outward pain in the upper part of the left side of the forehead, while sitting, disappearing after rising (after six hours and a half). Sensation of accumulation of blood, in the forehead. Jerking stitches in the forehead, aggravated by walking (after five hours). Boring, needle-like stitches, from within outward, in the left side of the forehead, while walking in the open air (after thirty-four hours). Needle like stitches, extending transversely in the left side of the forehead (after four hours). Fine pressive stitches, now in the forehead, now in the occiput, only on every motion, with a sensation of burning heat, extending from the region behind the ear over the occiput to the nape of the neck. Temples. Sharp pressure in both temples externally (after a quarter of an hour). Pressive sensation from within outward, in the right temple (after an hour and a quarter). Violent tearing headache in the left temple close to the orbit, which also causes a pressive sensation in the left half of the same eye (after two hours). (* Hartmann given as authority in first edition of Hahnemann.*) Sharp stitches externally in the left temple, extending to the forehead (after six and fourteen hours). Throbbing in the left temple. Vertex and Parietals. Drawing pain in the vertex (immediately). Pressive headache in the vertex (after five minutes). Dull headache in the right half of the brain on entering a warm room from the open air (after one hour and a half, and thirty-five hours). Pressive pain drawing down in the right side of the head and neck (after four hours). Pressive headache, from within outward, in the right parietal bone, while lying down. Jerking through both sides of the head, especially in the temples, extending to the top of the head whenever he jerks the arms, and as he steps (after one hour). Occiput. Painful heaviness in the occiput, as if lead were in it, while walking, recurring by paroxysms (after one hour and a half). In the afternoon, headache in the occiput like a heaviness and stitch, whenever he turned the head, with heat of the face, hands, and feet, and chilliness of the rest of the body, and inclination to coryza; with weakness of the body and bitterness in the mouth; in the evening after undressing shaking chill, and a quarter of an hour afterwards, in bed, heat over the whole body, except on the thighs, which were numb and chilly; at night, sweat. Violent pressing pain in the left side of the occiput, as if it would burst (after nine hours and a half).

External Head. Unpleasant sensitiveness of the scalp, especially on moving it (after a quarter of an hour). Sensation as if the hair on the vertex were bristling, or as if some one moving it, aggravated by every motion of the body (after one hour). A gnawing pain externally on the top of the head (after one hour).

Burning in the right side of the scalp (after fifteen hours).


Eyes deeply sunken. The eyes have a weak look, and the lids are swollen as after intoxication, or as if he had been awake all night; wherewith he was weak, weary, and sleepy (after three hours and a quarter). Redness of the white of the eye. The eyes suppurate. Subjective. Tension in the left eye by the temple (after a quarter of an hour). Pressure and sticking in the right eye. Burning in the left eye, about the ball. Sticking in the eye. Sticking itching beneath the left eye is somewhat relieved by rubbing (after five hours). Sticking, and at last pressive pain in both eyes, in the evening (after nine hours). Brow and Orbit. A yellow crusty eruption on the left eyebrow, painful only when touched. Pressive pain above the right eye, rather external (after half an hour). Lids. Lids of the left eye drawn together, in the morning in bed, so that she could open them only with difficulty. Heaviness of the eyelids. Pressive heaviness of the lids, as if they would close (after a quarter of an hour).

Pressure around about beneath the eyelids. Burning pain on the outer surface of the left lower lid. Sudden sticking drawing in the left external canthus, which extends around the eye, above and below, towards the inner canthus, (after one hour and a half). Tensive sticking pain in the left external canthus, worse on moving the eyes, disappearing on touch (after four hours and a half). Itching of the eyelids. Lachrymation. Profuse watering of the eye. Vision. She is able to recognize distant objects only with great effort.


Pain in the cartilages of the ears, as from soreness, not affected by touch (after a quarter of an hour). Tensive pain in a swelling at the entrance of the meatus, and a crawling as if it would break into an ulcer, with at times stitches (after fifteen hours and a half). Fine stitches, from within outward, in the right ear, as if through the drum (immediately). Earache, a constrictive pain (after three hours). Pressure and forcing in the ears. Cramplike pain in the left ear, when walking in the open air (after twenty-four hours and a half). Drawing in the right inner ear (after nine hours). Burning in the orifice of the right ear. Hearing. Difficult hearing. Dull ringing in the ears (after half an hour). Ringing in the right ear (after ten hours).


Sneezing and frequent coryza. Stopped coryza (after twenty-five hours). Violent and long-continued nosebleed, from slight blowing of the nose, while at dinner (after three days). (Mucous stoppage of the nose). Dulness and sensation of gloominess over the root of the nose, as if a common cold were approaching (soon). Tearing in the nose. A tense contracted sensation over the root of the nose (after eleven hours and a half). Crawling stitches in the left nasal bone (after half an hour).


Paleness of the face. Cheeks. Red cheeks, but only the usual warmth in the face. Swelling of the cheek. Pressive-tearing sensation in the right malar bone (after quarter of an hour).

Stitches in the cheek. Sticking itching in the left cheek (after a quarter of an hour). Cramplike pain, extending from the left articulation of the jaw to the cheek, in the evening while eating, for five days. Cramp like pain in the left upper jaw (after half an hour). Fine jerking stitch, from behind the right upper jaw into the ear, in the evening in bed. Needle like stitches transversely through the left upper jaw (after two hours and three quarters, and three hours and a half). China Fine stitches beneath the lower lip (after seven hours). Swollen glands beneath the left lower jaw, painful to touch (after seventy-three hours). Several swollen glands beneath the right lower jaw, which prevent motion of the neck, with tensive pain on (after thirty-eight hours),- The left side of he chin is painful to touch, as far as the corner of the mouth, as if suppurating (after four days). The lower jaw is painful to touch.


On chewing food, an acute sensation as if the back teeth were blunt and loose (after six hours and a half). Pain in the right lower back teeth, as if the gum and teeth were swollen, and the latter were elongated, for two days. Pain as if he had bitten something between the teeth. A (burning) pain in the left upper molars (after twelve hours). Stitches in the upper incisors.

Itching in the upper and lower teeth. Gum. The gum is swollen and painful when chewing. General Mouth. Blisters, with stinging- burning pain on the inner surface of the cheek and on the margin on the tongue, so that she could eat nothing solid. Tongue.

Blisters on the margin of the tongue, with sore pain. Saliva.

Accumulation of saliva (after a quarter of an hour). Water accumulates in the mouth, with nausea (after twenty-four hours).

Taste. Sweetish taste in the mouth. A persistent bitter taste low down in the throat, not in the mouth. Bitter taste in the throat (after a quarter of an hour). The coffee (she is accustomed to take for breakfast) has a bitter and disgusting taste; dinner tastes well (second day); taste like Glycerin from the ninth day until the nineteenth, then suddenly changing to that of fresh nuts; also desire for dainties; these symptoms disappeared after one drop of 30th attenuation of Saccharum lactis. The (usual) tobacco has a rancid taste in the mouth and fauces, while smoking (after half an hour).


Hawking of mucus (after twenty-five hours).

In the goitre, a sensation of working, distension, and pressure, as if everything would force out. In the goitre, a sensation as if it were loose, and as if everything were moving about in it, as if alive, especially on swallowing. Scraping in the throat, for several days. Stitches in the goitre, even when not swallowing. Sticking pain in goitre when swallowing, when not swallowing slight aching. Sticking internally in the throat, especially after eating, and on the throat externally, a sensation as if something pressed outward, morning and evening.

Constantly recurring needle like stitches above the pit of the throat, externally (in the lower portion of the goitre).

Transient crawling in the throat (after one hour and a half). A burning in the throat and larynx, and afterwards, in the ears.

Extremely disagreeable relaxed sensation in the pharynx and stomach, as if he had drunk too much warm water, lasting several hours (twenty-three hours).

Stomach.-Appetite and Thirst.

Increased appetite. Great hunger; she could not satisfy herself.

Desire for dainties, with the taste of fresh nuts. Diminished appetite. Excessive thirst, always after smoking (as usual).

Thirst for cold water, in the evening (after thirty-eight hours).

Eructations. Sour uprisings (after five hours). Eructations, several times (after several hours). Empty eructations (after half an hour). Bitter eructations (after one hour). Hiccough.

Hiccough (after eight hours and a quarter, thirty-three, thirty- seven, and fifty-seven hours). Repeated hiccough (after a quarter of an hour). Nausea. Constant nausea. Nausea, while smoking, as usual (after thirty hours). Qualmishness, without vomiting.

Stomach. Pressure in the pit of the stomach, in the afternoon.

Pressive pain in the epigastric region, lasting all the forenoon (after a quarter of an hour). She cannot tolerate any tight clothing about the trunk, especially about the epigastric region.

Sensation of internal coldness in the pit of the stomach, with fulness (after a quarter of an hour).

Abdomen.-Umbilicus and Sides.

Fine stitches externally about the navel (after two hours).

Painful constriction in the left side below the stomach, while sitting, especially while lying sideways upon the right side (after seventeen hours). Pressive-tearing pain in the region of the abdominal rings of both sides, at various times, only while sitting. Strangulated sensation, which was aggravated by pressure of the head, in the left side of the abdomen (after half an hour). Sensation of fine burrowing, as of something alive under the skin of the abdomen, in the left side above the hip, upon which he was lying in bed, in the morning (after twenty-two hours). Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, in the region of the liver (after one hour). General Abdomen. Abdomen tense (after twenty-four hours). Emission of flatus and soft stool, without difficulty (after six hours). Rumbling in the abdomen and empty eructations (after half an hour). Difficulty and fulness in the abdomen after eating, as if digestion stopped.

Weakness in the abdomen (soon). Qualmishness in the abdomen, with frequent thin stools, like diarrhoea. Frequent griping in the abdomen, which was relieved by the emission of flatus (after fourteen hours). Colic, griping in the whole of the abdomen.

Cutting in the upper part of the abdomen, after eating, in the morning (after twenty-six hours). Violent cutting colic, in the morning after eating, so that he is obliged to bend the abdomen up; with great urging to stool, when the stool is natural but scanty (after five days). Tensive pain in the upper abdomen, while walking, but worse on stooping (after one hour). Tensive pain in the upper abdomen, while sitting. Cramps in the abdomen (after six days). On smoking, heat in the abdomen, also extending up into the chest, without heat of the rest of the body, which, on the contrary, is affected with chilliness (after three hours).

Hypogastrium and Iliac Region. Griping low down in the abdomen, while sitting, compelling him to stand up because there seemed to be an urging to stool; but immediately after rising the pain was relieved, and on standing bent over it immediately disappeared (after ten hours). Griping in the lower abdomen, with loud rumbling (after five hours). Strangulated sensation, low down in the abdomen, relieved by emission of flatus, but very soon becoming worse (after seven hours). Tensive pain from the middle of the lower abdomen down to the anus (after eleven hours and a half). Cutting in the lower abdomen, extending into the left chest, in the evening after eating (after four days). Burrowing stitches in the lower abdomen, left side, noticed only on expirations, and worse on stooping (after ten hours and a half).

Swelling of the glands in the right groin, with tensive pain, while walking. Pain in the inguinal region, as in a hernia.

Cramp like pain in the left groin, while sitting (after one hour and a half).

Rectum and Anus.

Bruised pain, almost like a sore pain, in the anus. Sore pain during the evacuation of the stool, for several days (after two days). Twinging in the anus during stool, as though diarrhoea would occur (after four days). Twinging with every stool.

Stitches in the anus and rumbling in the abdomen before every stool.


White diarrhoea (after forty-eight hours). (The first part of the stool is hard, the second soft). Stool hard, delayed seven hours (after nine hours). Many threadworms are passed daily; a crawling in the rectum, every evening.

Urinary organs.

(Pain in the neck of the bladder like a warning to urinate).

Frequent efforts to urinate (after one hour and a half). Stream of urine very thin. (Inability to retain the urine). Increased flow of urine (fourth day). (The urine froths like yeast). The clear, bright-yellow urine deposits on standing a yellow sediment (after twenty-three hours),.- The urine deposits a thick grayish- white sediment.

Sexual organs.- Male.

Painful drawing stitches in the body of the penis out through the glans (after four days). Voluptuous itching on the tip of the glans penis, lasting several hours, and provoking rubbing (after fifty-two hours). Itching and burning on the scrotum and body of the penis, several times. Pressive painful swelling of the testicles (after ten and twenty-four hours). Simple pain in the testicles, also when touched. A pinching, bruised, squeezing pain in the testicles. Large, somewhat blunt stitches shooting from the testicles into the spermatic cords. Spermatic cords swollen, painful. Female. Twice after a few doses, she miscarried at about six or eight weeks, but she did not suspect the cause until she noticed afterwards that, whenever she took a few doses, it brought on a flowing like the menses, which would continue several days. Menses much too early and profuse (immediately).

Respiratory organs

Dryness in the region of the larynx, aggravated by hawking (after half an hour). A pressive pain in the region of the larynx, while singing (after six hours and a quarter). Painful pressure above the thyroid cartilage, aggravated by touch (immediately).

Pressure in the larynx, in the evening (fifth day). Immediately after taking the drug, drawing towards and contraction in the larynx; in moving, severe pressing in the larynx, as if with a nail; voice cracked; hoarseness increasing, so that she can speak only with difficulty; the larynx feels painful to the touch, as if swollen. Scraping, burning, and constriction in the larynx.

Fine jerking stitches externally in the region of the larynx, at various times. The region of the thyroid gland seems indurated (after four days). Sensation in the thyroid and cervical glands on breathing, as if air forced in and out. Voice. Hoarseness.

Voice cracked; hoarseness increasing, so that she can speak only with difficulty (first day); voice cracked (second day). Cough and Expectoration. Cough and coryza, very violent. Incessant cough, from a place low down in the chest, where it pains as if sore and bloody, from coughing (after half an hour). (Frequent cough, at night, for two minutes, with a fretful look). Hollow cough with some expectoration, day and night. Dry cough (after a quarter of an hour). Dry cough, day and night, with burning in the chest, as from something hot internally; after eating and drinking the cough disappears. Expectoration of saltish-tasting slime (second day); of much adhesive mucus, at 8.30 A.M. (third day).Respiration. Slow deep respiration, as after exhaustion, lasting several minutes (after half an hour). After dancing, violent catching of the breath, very rapid sobbing respiration.

Difficult respiration, as if a plug were sticking in the larynx, and the breath could not get through on account of the constriction of the larynx (after half an hour). (Great dyspnoea), (after ten days).


Pain in the chest and bronchi, with rawness in the throat, when coughing. Sudden pain in the muscles of the chest and back, left side, at the same time as if a broad pointed substance were being forced out (a broad pressure), with many fine stitches (after three days). Painful pressure beneath the short ribs, on coughing (after one hour). Fine stitches on the chest externally, and on the arms, for several days,.-Sticking itching in the left chest, extending towards the shoulder (after a quarter of an hour).

Pressure in the left side of the chest, together with several stitches, during motion and rest. A pinching jerk, from within outward, in the left side of the chest (after twenty minutes).

Sticking-pinching crawling in the left side of the chest, in the region of the sixth and seventh ribs, which are painful on external pressure (after ten hours). A pressive-cutting pain in the left side of the chest, on deep inspiration; felt but little at other times (after three days). Boring stitch in the right costal muscles, persistent during inspiration and expiration (after seven hours). Violent needle like stitches, from within outward, in the right side of the chest (after fifty-six hours).

Transient painful stitches in the right side of the chest; when rubbing the place it seems as though a weight were drawn downward under the skin (after fifty hours). Drawing stitches in the left side of the chest, while sitting, with the back somewhat bent, but especially on deep slow inspiration (after five days).

Drawing stitches beneath the second left rib, only when walking (after eight hours). Violent intermittent stitches in the left side of the chest (after one hour and three-quarters). In the evening, induration of the left breast, at a space of two inches length by half an inch thickness, painful to the touch, disappearing in the morning (eighth day).

Heart and Pulse.

Palpitation of the heart and rush of blood to the chest (soon),.-*Pulse increased in fulness and rapidity (after half an hour),.

Neck and Back.-Neck.

Stiffness of the neck, when stooping or turning the head. Painful sensation of stiffness in the left side of the neck on turning the head to the right side (after half an hour). Pain as if the cervical glands near the larynx and trachea were swelling (after three hours). Sensation as if the cervical glands would become swollen (after fourteen hours). After opening the mouth wide, and biting the teeth together hard, a painful cramp in the cervical muscles, which forcibly drew the jaw downward, with a heaviness in the articulation, as if it would be put out of joint.

Frequently recurring pressive-cracking pain in the left side of the nape of the neck, close to the scapula, not affected by any motion (after seven hours and a half). Cracking in the nape of the neck on stooping (after sixteen hours). Slight intermittent pressure in the right side of the neck, as if the skin were pressed between the fingers; the region of the jugular vein is also painful to external touch. Tension in the cervical muscles, especially on the right side, on bending the head backward (after three days). Painful tension in the left side of the neck, near the larynx, on turning the head to the right side (after one hour and a half). Jerking in the right cervical muscles, while lying down (after twenty-four hours). A transient stitch in the left side of the neck (after one hour and a quarter). Large slow stitches in the right cervical muscles, immediately on waking from sleep, disappearing on swallowing, and then immediately returning (after twenty-three hours). Drawing needlelike stitches through the left side of the neck (after sixty hours). Back. Pain in the back, followed by palpitation all day, previous to the menses. A pressive sensation, extending upward and downward through the spine, while sitting erect (after six hours).

Dorsal. Pain in the scapulae, as if pierced by something sharp, a constant sticking pain, associated with soreness (after a quarter of an hour). Extremely painful fleeting stitch on the right scapula (after seventeen hours). Lumbar. The small of the back and nates are very numb. Pressive pain in the small of the back, only when walking, especially on stepping with the left foot (after a quarter of an hour). Violent stitch in the small of the back. During stool, pressure in the lumbar region, caused by flatus (after thirty-six hours). Dull stitches in the right lumbar muscles (after six hours). Sacral. Fine tearing on the sacrum, from right to left, and from below upward, only while sitting (after five days). Dull pain at the union of the right ilium and sacrum, while standing (after twenty-seven hours).


Stretching of the upper and lower extremities (after a quarter of an hour). Constant weakness and bruised sensation in all the limbs, especially in the muscles of the lower extremities (after two hours).

Superior Extremities.

Stretching of the arms (after three-quarters of an hour).

(Burning in the arms and hands). Shoulder. Twitching of the muscles about the left shoulder-joint. Fine stitches in the axilla, while sitting (after one hour). Burning on the left shoulder (after sixteen hours). Arm. Sticking drawing through the upper arms (after a quarter of an hour). Elbow. Pressive pain in the tip of the left elbow (after three-quarters of an hour).

Stitches in the elbow-joint, on motion. On flexing the arm, a stitch in the tip of the elbow, followed by tearing in the joint, so long as the arm remained bent. Forearms. Trembling of the forearms and hands (after a few minutes). Heaviness of the forearms (after half an hour). Cramplike pain, with slow bubbling on the upper part of the forearm, below the elbow, especially when leaning upon the arm (after three days). Drawing pain in the forearms. Pain in the left forearm, as if the bones were compressed (after one hour). Violent boring-outward stitches in the internal muscles of the right forearm (after half an hour).- Wrist. Drawing pressive pain upon the right wrist (after six hours). Violent drawing in the left wrist (after three days). A decaying sensation in and above the wrists (after three-quarters of an hour). Tensive pain in the left wrist, during rest and motion (after a quarter of an hour). Several stitches in the right wrist, during rest (after a quarter of an hour). Hand and Fingers. Swelling of the hands; she could not bend the fingers.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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