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Stillingia Sylvatica homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Stillingia sylvatica, Linn.

Natural order: Euphorbiaceae.

Preparation, Tincture of the root.


Depression of spirits (eleventh day), and gloomy forebodings (twelfth day); low spirits (fourteenth day). Intellect dull and stupid (ninth and tenth days).


Dizziness (first day). Throbbing and dizziness of the head (after second dose, third day). Dull pain in the head (after fourteen hours and a half). Pains in the head (third day).

Headache (after second dose, fourth day). Slight headache (after four hours). Forehead. Dull heavy pain in the frontal portion of the head (after twenty minutes). A feeling as if a heavy substance was pressing on the brain, the front part; the pain became very sharp and darting, in fact, almost unendurable (first day). Violent frontal headache (one hour after second dose, third day). Slight frontal headache (sixth day). Headache, in the evening; a constant flowing pain, like a current, running from the median line of the forehead to the occipital process and left cerebellum; this symptom was noticed several days since (eighth, ninth, and, tenth days). Severe sharp shooting in right side of frontal bone, running downward to the eye (after six hours, third day). Sharp darting pain in the sinciput, extending to the occiput (sixth day). Temples. Slight headache, running from anterior portion of temples; the pain is dull and constant (fourth day). A slight, constant, dull pain through the temples and forehead (twelfth day). Headache, dull and constant, with pressing through the temples (thirteenth day); headache through the temples continued to trouble at intervals (fifteenth to eighteenth day). Darting pain in the left temporal region, as if a piece of wire or some sharp-pointed instrument had been thrust into the temples (fourth and fifth days). Vertex. Slight, but persistent headache; pains mostly at the top and at the front of the head.

Parietals. Dull pain in the right side of the head. Occiput.

Sharp darting pain in the right occipital protuberance (eighth day).


Eyes inflamed and watery (third day). Sharp darting pain over the left eye, with slight lachrymation from both eyes, more profuse when reading; right eye affected more than left (eighth day).


Small abscesses in the side of the right nostril (sixth day).

Catarrhal discharge from the nose, at first watery, then mucopurulent; nostrils sore on inner surface (fifth day); some catarrh (sixth day). Return of nasal catarrh, the discharge being more watery and containing less of mucus than before (eleventh day). Woke at 6 A.M., feeling a sharp burning sensation in the right nostril (ninth day).


Pain under malar bone, extending transversely through the face (twelfth day). Stinging-darting pains in the face (one hour after second dose, third day).


Teeth. Spells of neuralgic toothache (eleventh day). Tongue.

Tongue coated heavily, yellowish-white (eleventh day); coated white (twelfth and fourteenth days). Tongue slightly coated; color, white. Tongue slightly furred (fourth day). Tongue slightly coated (after four days). Tongue feels rough and sore (after second dose). General Mouth. Considerable heat in mouth and fauces, extending down the oesophagus, with burning in the stomach. Rough, dry feeling in the mouth (seventh day). Taste.

Salty taste in the mouth (after second dose). Bitter taste in the mouth, in the morning (third morning). The taste of this root is pungent, and leaves on the root of the tongue and fauces an impression biting and irritating, exciting a flow of saliva.

Saliva. Increased flow of saliva.


A severe choking sensation resembling globus hystericus; it was impossible to dislodge it until I had recourse to Nux vomica and Chelidonium Maj. (second day). Sensation as if there were a ball or lump in my throat, so that I could not get to sleep until after 1 A.M. (eighth night). Tickling in the throat and short hacking cough (fifth day); cough continues, at times quite severe (sixth day). Slight soreness of the throat was perceptible about the region of the pharynx. Tonsils and Fauces. Inflammation of the left tonsil, lasting several days. Dryness and tickling of the fauces, with short hacking cough (after four hours). Fauces inflamed (second day). Irritation of the fauces. Smarting and stinging in the fauces, after an hour subsiding, leaving a feeling of rawness and smarting in them; dryness of the fauces (first day); smarting, stinging, and dryness of the fauces all day (second day); smarting and stinging pains in the fauces (after second dose, third day); smarting pains (after second dose, fourth day). Intense burning feeling in the fauces and throat, which extended to the stomach; felt as if the whole surface had been deprived of its epithelium, causing an intense burning sensation when any attempt to swallow was made; this sensation continued in the stomach two hours (after two hours); slight burning sensation in the stomach (second day). Slight warmth of the fauces (after second dose). Considerable heat in the fauces, which gradually increased until the throat became very sore (sixth day).


Appetite. Increase of appetite. Loss of appetite (seventh day).

Eructation and Heartburn. Severe regurgitation of food, and actual vomiting of the ingesta for some time after eating (second day). Pyrosis coming on each day about 3 P.M. and lasting until bedtime (have never suffered from similar attack previous to the proving). Pyrosis was a constant attendant while proving the remedy, commencing about 2 P.M. and continued until bedtime.

Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea. Nausea accompanied the constipation. If we remain in a close room where the root is being boiled, and the vapor passes into the room, a sense of sickness at the stomach is excited, with a disposition to discharge saliva, with headache and other unpleasant symptoms.

Sick and qualmish at the stomach (after two hours and a half); sickness relieved by Ipecac. In persons susceptible to the operation of emetics, vomiting follows. Stomach. Faint, empty sensation in my stomach (seventh day). Great distress in epigastrium (eighth day). At 6 P.M. experienced a griping pain in the epigastrium, soon followed by diarrhoeic evacuations, with an abundant discharge of flatus (sixth day); a continued feeling of impending diarrhoea (seventh day). Griping pains in the epigastrium, followed by a diarrhoeic stool (after four days). – Severe cramps in the stomach.


Hypochondria. Severe cramps in both hypochondriac regions.

Sharp darting pain in the left hypochondrium; appears to begin in the ascending colon and passes through the transverse into the descending colon, followed by escape of flatus (fourth and fifth days). Umbilicus. Colic like pains; violent pains in the umbilical region (one hour after second dose, third day).

General Abdomen. Slight borborygmus, with escape of flatus (after second dose). Severe rumbling in the bowels, as if diarrhoea was about to set in, which was relieved by escape of flatus; this lasted about two hours, but was finally relieved by smoking (fourth and fifth days). Constant rumbling in the bowels, relieved by escape of flatus (tenth day). Considerable rumbling in bowels (seventh day). Sharp darting pains in my bowels (fifth day). Heavy pain in the hypogastric region (first day).

Rectum and Anus.

For several days after taking the last dose, had severe attack of piles, the first I had ever suffered; the attack lasted several weeks before I was entirely relieved by the use of proper remedies. Considerable pain in the rectum and sphincter ani with the stool (fifth day). Pain in the sphincter ani, as though the muscle had been bruised (ninth day). On voiding stool, very severe burning at the anus and considerable tenesmus (twelfth day). With the evacuations from the bowels, some tenderness and a burning sensation in the anus, which subsided after half an hour, leaving an uneasy sensation in the rectum (fourth day).

With the loose evacuations, great tenesmus and burning at the anus, which lasted half an hour (eleventh day).


Diarrhoea. After a short time my bowels became very loose and irregular; this condition was soon followed by constipation, accompanied with nausea, together with a slow and irregular pulse when lying down; subsequently, a sensation as though diarrhoea were about to set in. Two copious, acrid, frothy, bilious evacuations from my bowels, with some tenderness and a burning sensation in the anus (fifth day); at 2 P.M. a loose, papescent, bilious evacuation, accompanied by loss of appetite (seventh day); two loose evacuations following each other at short intervals, with great tenesmus and burning at the anus, which lasted half an hour (eleventh day); as usual, an evacuation immediately after breakfast, the call being urgent (twelfth day).

Bowels began to move (after four hours); in two hours had six evacuations, three of which were copious, the last three rather scanty, but white, and resembled dysenteric stools; another action, the substance passed being white and resembling curds. A diarrhoeic stool followed by griping pains in the epigastrium (after four days). Constipation. At 2 P.M. had passage of the bowels, being nineteen hours over my regular time; it was attended with considerable pain, which was entirely confined to rectum and sphincter ani (fifth day). Constipation was induced while I was under the influence of the drug, there being a delay of stool of several beyond the usual time.

Urinary Organs.

Kidneys and Urethra. Awoke with a dull pain across the region of the kidneys; pain in the urethra and kidneys has continued all day; have been obliged to discontinue the drug on this account (second day); the pain in the urethra has not entirely subsided (seventh day). On waking at 6 A.M., sharp darting pain in both kidneys, the left first, and then the right, with dull heavy pain in the left testicle (ninth day). Severe pain in the right kidney, or in its immediate vicinity, the pain, however, of short duration. Violent smarting-burning pains throughout the entire length of the urethra, aggravated by micturition, with difficulty in voiding urine, and dull pain in region of kidneys; the pains continued for two hours so severe that it was impossible to remain quiet (seventh day); pain in the urethra severe at times and during micturition; can detect no discharge (twelfth day).

Urine. Quantity of urine materially increased; clear, transparent urine; scalds a little in passing (ninth day); quantity of urine increased (tenth day); urine scalds in passing, with uneasy sensation at the neck of the bladder, feeling as if it were inflamed; urine quiet clear (eleventh day). Urine 33 ounces, about the quantity for several days past (first day); 38 ounces, high-colored, containing brick-dust sediment (fifth day); high-colored and inclined to foam, about 40 ounces (sixth day); 45 ounces (seventh day); 38 ounces, tolerably clear, although containing some brick dust sediment (eighth day); 40 ounces, thick and milky, containing much chloride of sodium (ninth day); 58 ounces, tolerably clear, but inclined to form bubbles as discharged (tenth day); about 40 ounces, almost clear, and less inclined to foam (eleventh day); 35 ounces (thirteenth day); urine gradually returned to its usual quantity, from 32 to 36 ounces (fifteenth to eighteenth day). Urine tested before the proving, sp. gr.1026 and colorless; after standing twenty-four hours it contained, upon examination, a flocculent mucous sediment, differing somewhat from the sediment which was present during the proving, the latter being of a dark brownish color.

An abundant white sediment appeared in the urine soon after it was voided (second day).

Sexual Organs.

Male. On passing urine there was a sharp pain in the glans penis, ex-tending up the urethra, so severe as to cause the perspiration to start (after thirteen hours); sharp pains in the penis on waking (second day). Slight drawing up of the right testicle, noticed several days since (ninth day). Dull heavy pain in the left testicle (ninth and tenth days). Female. Both ovaries pained very severely.

Respiratory Organs.

Larynx and Trachea. Constriction of the larynx (first day, and one hour after second dose, third day). Bruised feeling of the trachea when pressure is applied. On going to bed, felt a slight uneasiness and tickling in the trachea and bronchial tubes (first night); worse on rising in the morning (second day). Slight lame feeling seemingly in the cartilages of the trachea (sixth day).

Bronchi. Severe irritation of the bronchi and a bruised feeling of the trachea (after three days). Cough. Towards evening, excessively dry cough, produced by a tickling sensation in the trachea; cough becomes loose and deep (after four days). Short hacking cough (first and second days); cough has not entirely subsided (seventh day). Towards evening felt tickling sensation, which produced an excessively dry spasmodic cough (fourth day); cough somewhat better, though not entirely well, not so dry, but deeper and more loose (fifth day).


Oppression of the chest (after second dose, third day). Sharp darting pains through the chest and shoulders, very severe (after fourteen hours and a half). Darting pains through the thorax (fifth day). Sore aching along the left clavicle and in the shoulder, in the evening (third day). Dull pain in the left clavicular space (eighth day). Raw feeling in the chest, the whole length of the sternum (eleventh day).

Heart and Pulse.

Boring pains about the region of the heart (after fourteen hours and a half). Pulse irregular (after fourteen hours and a half); 90 at 2 P.M., 100 at 3 P.M. (third day). Slow and irregular pulse, when lying down, accompanied the constipation; subsequently full, but very irregular. Pulse about 90, weak and very irregular; regular during the heat and perspiration (fourth day); very irregular, in the morning; towards noon more regular, and continued so during the day and evening (fifth day); quiet irregular (eighth day).


Aching pains in back, extending down the thighs and legs, in the evening (third day). While sitting, some pain in left lumbar region, shooting from behind forward (fourth day).


(Suffering from great soreness of bones and muscles of extremities, caused by severe exercise (before the proving); the soreness was greatly increased, and great aching of the extremities was experienced), (after seven or eight hours ). In the evening, pains in right elbow and right leg, of an aching and pulsating character, with soreness (third day).

Superior Extremities.

Pain in the right shoulder blade, running up the neck (eleventh day). Soreness and aching pain in humerus, on and above the olecranon, not influenced by motion (after second dose, third day). Sharp shooting pains in both arms, from middle third of humerus down to fingers (after one hour, third day). Aggravating pains in left elbow, extending towards shoulder and hand, as though the bones were sore and would separate; slighter pains, of like character, in right elbow; aching also in left carpal and metacarpal bones; these pains are temporarily relieved by change of position (fourth day). Sharp pains in bend of left elbow, increased by hanging down (after one hour, second day). Pain in right elbow, forearm, and wrist, aggravated by motion (fifth day). Sharp shooting pains in upper third and inner side of forearm, aggravated by letting limb hand down, and relieved by pressure, at 9.30 A.M. (third day). Pains in finger-joints (fifth day).

Inferior Extremities.

Aching of the lower extremities, in the evening (fifth day). Hip and Thigh. While riding, pain in both hip-joints, worse from bending back-wards or forwards; after getting out and walking, pains in-creased, with stiffness of joints (fourth day). Aching pains in right hip and left foot (after eight or ten hours).

Aching pain on outside of right thigh and leg, running down to foot (fifth day). Dull, heavy, aching sensation in right thigh and leg (after two hours). Sensation, in the popliteal space of both legs (twelfth day). Knee. Stabbing in right knee (fourth day). Drawing pain in the left knee, affecting the gastrocnemius and biceps muscles (twelfth day). Leg. Aching pain in right leg (after half an hour). After retiring, pains in posterior part of right leg, of an aching character (first night). Pains in left lower anterior third of leg, in the afternoon, while driving (fourth day). Dull aching pain in the calves (eleventh day).

Dull feeling in the calves (twelfth day). Slight dull pain in tendo Achillis (twelfth day). Sharp darting pain in the right ankle-joint, outer part (fifteen minutes after second dose, fourth day). Pain in both external malleoli (fourth day). Foot. Left foot uneasy (twelfth day). Aching pains in right foot over instep (after half an hour). Severe pains in right foot, increased on standing and attempting to walk, in upper part of foot over the instep (two hours after second dose, third day); pains in sole of foot and leg (fourth morning). Toes. While in the house, pain in the third toe of the right foot (fourth day).

While walking, pain in metatarsal joint of great toe, running back to heel, in both feet (fourth day).


Soreness of the muscles all over; feels as if he had taken a severe cold (third day). Feel quite distressed (after fourteen hours and a half); felt miserable all the forenoon (third day).

Feel quite weak (fourth day). Felt weak and emaciated, as if I had lost all my strength and energy (seventh day). Feel very languid, having great desire to sleep; dull heavy feeling all over, especially in both legs; feel sore from the top of my head to the soles of my feet; don’t want to move; want to go where I will not be annoyed; the duties of my profess ion are irksome; head feels heavy; perfect relaxation of all the muscles of the neck; my brain feels too large for the skull; requires considerable exertion to keep my eyes open (second day). Suffered from a general feeling of malaise about bedtime, but somewhat improved upon waking, after sleeping all night (after four days).

A feeling of general malaise (third day); (fourth and fifth days). After a good night’s rest feel somewhat better (fourth day). The symptoms continued eight weeks, with no apparent amelioration, but were greatly aggravated by exposing the parts to cold, or even to the atmosphere; relief from the aggravation was only obtained by covering with flannel, or by getting into bed.


(During the proving a couple of pustular eruptions, that had persistently remained for a month, rapidly healed). Previous to going to sleep the second night, I experienced a burning sensation in the left ear, on which, in the morning, appeared a simple eruption of a vesicular character. The juice of the root applied to the surface and rubbed upon it, occasions smarting and irritation. Excessive itching was experienced on the skin, below the knees, though no eruption was perceptible. The first symptom experienced which I thought might be attributable to the action of the drug, was a burning itching of the legs, below the knees, which seemed much worse by exposure to the atmosphere.


(Tired and sleepy directly after breakfast, a very common symptom), (eighth day). Feel sleepy in the evening much earlier than usual (third day); feel sleepy in the evening and by spells during the day (fourth day); at night feel sleepy (seventh day); less sleepy at night than for several evenings past (eighth day).


Coldness of the whole body on going to bed, though within a short time the surface of the body seemed to be gently perspiring, with continuous heat of a feverish nature. Noticed during the day that I would have spells of feeling as though the room was too warm, would then break out in a general perspiration (fourth day). Great warmth in the face, resembling catarrhal fever (sixth day). Slight perspiration (one hour after second dose, third day).


(Afternoon), 2 and 3 P.M., pyrosis.

(Evening), Headache.

(Exposure to air), Burning itching on legs; the symptoms.

(Bending forward and backward), Pain in hip-joints. (After breakfast), Tired and sleepy feeling.

(Letting limb hand down), Pain in forearm.

(Micturition), Pains in urethra.

(Motion), Pain in right elbow, forearm, and wrist.

(Reading), Lachrymation.

(Standing), Pain in right foot.

(Walking), Pain in right foot.


(Pressure), Pain in forearm.

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TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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