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Taraxacum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe

      Common name: Dandelion; (G.) Lowenzahn.


Taraxacum Dens-leonis, Desf. (Leontodon Taraxacum, Linn.)

Natural order: Compositae.

Preparation: Tincture of the whole plant just before the perfection of the flower.


Talkativeness and incessant prattling. Religious, pious mood, happy, contented with himself and his condition. Very much inclined to laugh. Without occupation he is quite gloomy; does not know what to do, and cannot make up his mind to do anything.

Ill-humored, in the morning, and disinclined to any occupation or to talking (after twenty-five hours). Irresolution and dread of work, though it progresses well as soon as he undertakes it.


Vertigo. Vertigo, with insecure step, as if he would fall forward, when walking in the open air (after ten hours).

Vertigo, as if intoxicated, when walking in the open air; the head fell now to the left, now to the right side (after two hours and a half). Great dizziness and dulness in the head; he seemed to reel, as if dizzy, when walking in the open air. General Head. Heaviness of the head, with heat and redness of the face.

In the head, a sensation composed of pressure and itching. A sensation in the head as if the brain were constricted by a soft pressure from all sides. Pressive headache, from within outward (after two hours and a half). Burning pressive headache, extending upward. Forehead. At one time contraction and whirling, like vertigo, in the forehead, above the nose; at another time sensation as if the brain were distended here and there, painless. Drawing-pressive pain on the frontal bone, while standing. Pressive pain in the forepart of the head, extending outward towards to forehead. Pressive stupefying pain in the forehead, as after intoxication (after one hour).

Constant pressive pain in the forehead, while sitting, so that while reading he lost his senses and did not know where he was, associated with nausea; only relieved in the open air (after one hour and three-quarters). Pressive crawling pain in the forehead, extending from the middle of it, as if from something alive, frequently, when walking in the open air (after four hours). Severe frontal headache. Dull sticking pressure in the forehead (after half an hour). Tearing stitches in the left side of the forehead, in quick succession. Sharp stitches, externally, in the left side of the forehead, not relieved by pressure (after thirteen hours). Temples. Pressive pain in the right temple (after thirty-five hours). Drawing pain in the left temple, while sitting, ceasing while walking and standing (after five hours). A constant violent stitch in the left temporal region, while walking in the open air, which was relieved by standing (after thirty-eight hours). Needle like stitches in the left temple, while sitting, which ceases while standing (after one hour and a half). Drawing pressive headache in the temples.

Parietal. A constant sticking pain in the left side of the head, lasting six hours. Occiput. Heaviness in the occiput, which always disappears on stooping, and returns on rising and holding the head erect, when it is worse. Pressure and heaviness in the occiput, after lying down (after nine hours and a half). Tearing pains in the occiput, while walking, which disappears on standing still. Sticking tearing in the occiput behind the right ear.

External head. The anterior portion of the scalp is tense, as if drawn tightly over the vertex. Tearing, externally, in the occiput, while walking.


A kind of ophthalmia; the eyes cannot endure the light and constantly water, with pressure in the right upper lid, as from something which he ineffectually attempted to wipe away. Sharp sticking pain in the right eye. Lids. Eyes agglutinated, in the morning on waking, for several days. Hard mucus in the eyes, more in the morning than during the day. Sharp pressure, as from a grain of sand, in the right inner canthus, with a feeling as if the lids were swollen. Fine sticking-burning in both eye-lids (after half and hour). Ball. Violent burning in the right eyeball, towards the inner canthus. Burning sticking in the left eyeball, towards the external canthus (after half an hour).

Burning in the left eyeball (after eleven hours and a half).

Sticking-burning pain in the left eyeball (after twenty-hours).

Pupil. Pupils dilated (after twenty-six hours). Pupils contracted (after four hours).


Tearing in the outer meatus auditorius, and sharp pressure behind the ramus of the lower jaw. Drawing pain in the outer ear (after five hours). Pressure inward, within the left ear.

Itching-burning sticking in the right ear. Sticking, from within outward, in the right ear, which always extended again inward.

Stitches behind the ear, with tearing pain down the side of the neck. (Difficulty of hearing, as from stoppage of the ears, in the evening; he hears indistinctly). Chirping, like grasshoppers, in the left ear (after thirty-three hours).


Frequent sneezing, while waking in the open air (after four and twenty-eight hours). Nosebleed, from the left nostril, twice at noon, before dinner (after thirty hours).


Sharp pressure in the right cheek (after half an hour). A pressive stitch in the cheek. Cracking in the middle of the upper lip (after six hours).


Teeth. Blood flowed from the hollow teeth of the right side (and had a sour taste). Aching pain, like blows, in two incisors, more in the crowns. A feeling as if the teeth were on edge, as from acid fruit, while chewing food (after thirty-seven hours).

Drawing pain in the right hollow teeth, which extends into the cheeks and as far as the brow. Tongue. Tongue thickly coated on the back part with a yellowish-brown fur. Tongue coated white (after two hours and three-quarters). Tongue covered with white coating, which gradually peels off in spots (after eleven hours and a half). Tongue covered with a white film, with a sensation of rawness in it; afterwards this film comes off in pieces, leaving dark red, and very sensitive spots (after thirty-four hours). Tongue brown and very dry, in the morning on waking.

Burning stitches in the left side of the tongue (after nine hours). Mouth. Suppurating pimple in the right corner of the mouth (after forty-nine hours). Saliva. Collection of sour- tasting water in the mouth. Accumulation of saliva in the mouth, and a feeling as if the larynx were compressed (after thirty-one hours). Taste. A bitter taste arises from the pharynx into the mouth. Bitter taste in the mouth, before eating, but food has a natural taste. Smoking tobacco is not relished; it causes burning in the throat, almost like heartburn, and takes away the breath; on drinking it disappears. Meat, but especially gravy from the roast beef, has a very sour taste when it comes in contact with the tip of the tongue. Butter has a disagreeable taste on the tip of the tongue, a salty sour; tastes as usual on the palate. The mucus hawked up tastes very sour and sets the teeth on edge (after three and four hours).


Dryness of the throat, in which there was a circumscribed ring of inflammation surrounding the isthmus faucium. Dryness and stitches in the throat. Tickling irritation to hacking cough, in the region of the pit of the throat; he always had a few minutes warning of the paroxysm, but was never able to suppress it (after forty hours). Dry sensation in the fauces, with bitter mucus, which made the voice husky. Sharp pressure on the anterior wall of the pharynx and larynx, when not swallowing, which provokes cough, but disappears on swallowing. Swallowing difficult; a kind of pressure, as from internal swelling, in the throat.

Acute pain in the region below the parotid gland, and in the cervical muscles, and extending from the sternum to the mastoid process, on moving the jaw and neck.


Bitter eructations and hiccough. Empty eructations, especially after drinking, for several days (after half an hour).

Some nausea (after three days). Nausea, associated with anxiety, while sitting, disappearing while standing (after two hours and a half). Qualmishness and nausea, in the pharynx (after two hours and three-quarters). Nausea, as from overloading with fat food, he thought he would vomit, with pressive stupefying pain in the forehead, only relieved in the open air (after one hour and three-quarters). Rumbling in the umbilical region, towards the left side. Tension in the pit of the stomach and pressure in the ensiform cartilage, while stooping.


Boring pain, extending from within outward, in the region of the navel, extending towards the right side. Pressive pain in the left side of the abdomen. Constant pressive stitches in the left side of the abdomen (after twenty-four, and thirty-hours).

Violent stitch in the side of the abdomen, lasting a minute.

Tense pressive stitches in the right side of the abdomen.

Painless movements and rumbling in the abdomen. Griping in the abdomen (after one hour and a quarter). Colic; griping in the abdomen, followed by emission of flatus (after three and sixteen hours). Tensive pain in the region of the diaphragm, during violent inspiration (after eleven hours). Stitches in the right side of the diaphragm, when lying upon that side. Itching- sticking pain in the right abdominal muscles. Single, violent, sharp stitches, partly in the left upper abdomen, partly in the left or right side of the abdomen, partly also in the lower abdomen (after fourteen and thirty-one hours). A sudden persistent motion in the lower abdomen, as if bubbles formed and burst (after five hours and a half). Painless bubbling in the muscles of the left lower abdomen. Burning stitches in the left lower abdomen, extending towards the genitals (after twenty-five hours). Painful sensation, as if sprained, in the left groin, when walking, somewhat relieved when standing and on pressure (after six hours).


Stool earlier than usual and pasty; the desire, however, continues without another evacuation. Stool difficult, not hard, evacuated stool less hard (after sixteen hours). Bowels confined (after three days).

Urinary organs

Frequent desire to urinate, with discharge of much urine (after three hours); frequent desire, with scanty discharge (after twenty-five hours). (* It may be seen, from this symptom, the first part of which represents the primary action, the second the secondary or persistent reaction of the organism, how perverted is the customary practice which attempts to cure with Taraxacum chronic swelling associated with diminished secretion of urine.

If its nature is at first to increase the quantity of urine, its persistent reaction is to diminish it all the more. On the contrary, it is of use, homoeopathically, in forms of diuresis (diabetes) when the other symptoms correspond to Taraxacum, when the disease is not of miasmatic origin, as often happens.- HAHNEMANN. *) Pressure to urinate, without pain (after one hour). Urine high-colored, and considerable diminished in quantity.

Sexual organs

Long-continued involuntary erections (after nine days). A persistent boring pain in the glans penis. Tickling on the prepuce provokes rubbing (after seven hours and a half). A fine stitch in th left testicle. Burning sticking in the right testicle. Emission, every other night.


Stitches, extending inward into the chest, during inspiration, while standing. Burning pressure in the sternum, worse during expiration than inspiration (after half an hour). Violent stitches in the sternum (after six hours). Twitching in the right costal muscles (after fourteen hours). Pressure from within against the ribs in the right side of the chest, extending from the hepatic region into the chest, over a surface larger than the hand, during expiration, while standing. A pressive stitch in the right chest, which disappeared on violent inspiration and expiration, but on pressing upon the part it returned more violent and extended over a larger space; was continuous as a sticking pain (after two hours). Constant sticking in the right side of the chest, while walking. A stitch in the right side of the chest (after four hours). Stitch in the right side of the chest, just beneath the axilla (after one hour and a half).

Violent stitch in the region of the sixth rib. Twitching in the left costal muscles. Pressure in th left side beneath the axilla. Pressure beneath the left ribs. Stitch in the left side of the chest, extending towards the back. Dull stitches in th left chest (after one hour). Three violent stitches, one on every inspiration, beneath the last ribs, extending towards the back. Violent sticking on the last ribs of the left side.

Boring-twisting pain in the right breast, more violent and persistent while walking (after three hours).

Heart and Pulse

An uneasy sensation of sinking in the precordia (after three days). Pulse considerably accelerated, full but soft.

Neck and Back

Twitching in the lower portion of the side of the neck (after fifteen hours). Pressive jerkings in the cervical muscles behind th left ear (after three hours and a half). Aching sticking in the nape of the neck. Sticking, as with a somewhat blunt needle, in th left side of the nape of the neck, disappearing on sitting down (after one hour and a half). Sharp boring stitches, from within outward, in the left side of the neck, lasting several minutes. Pressing-sticking pain in the whole of the spine, towards the right side, especially violent in the small of the back, with difficult breathing, while lying. Tensive stitch in the back, toward the right side. A boring-sticking drawing in the scapular extremity of the right clavicle. A constant dull stitch, from within outward, in the right scapula (after twenty- one hours). Pressure in the small of the back. Pressure in the small of the back, while standing. Pressure from within outward, in th left lumbar region. Painless creeping in the small of the back.


All the limbs move easily, but it seems to him as though the motor power were restrained.

Superior Extremities.

Pressive pain on the inner side of the left arm. Sharp stitch in the outer side of th left arm. Shoulder. Rumbling and gurgling in the right shoulder blade. Pulsative throbbing on th left shoulder, for a minute. Painless bubbling on th left shoulder, with chilliness all over. Twitching on the top of the left shoulder. Arm. Twitching in the muscles of the left upper arm, at the outer portion (after four hours). Twitching in the upper arm. Pressive pain in the muscles of the left upper arm (after thirty hours). Pain, like electric shocks, on the outer side of the left upper arm. On the posterior portion of the upper arm a series of acute, partly needle-like stitches, which disappear on rubbing. Intermitting stitches, on the outer side, between the elbow and the middle of the right upper arm, during rest. Sticking pain in the inner side of the left upper arm.

Pulsating intermittent throbbing, within the upper arm. Elbow.

Stitches in the right elbow. Forearm. Twitching of the muscles of the left forearm (after ten hours). Drawing pains in the forearms, frequently recurring. Pressive pain on the inner side of the right forearm. Burning in the right forearm. Sharp stitches in the right forearm, which disappear on touch (after thirteen hours). Fine stitches in the left forearm, during rest and motion (after thirteen hours). Wrist. Tearing drawing in the left wrist, extending to the three last fingers. Fingers.

Pressive pain in the last three fingers of the right hand.

Sticking pain in the left fourth finger. Burning pain in the left third and fourth fingers.

Inferior Extremities.

Thigh. Twitching of the upper muscles of the thigh (after two hours). Twitching in the lower portion of the left gluteal muscles. Pressure in the inner side of the right thigh, while sitting and standing, not while walking (after two hours).

Boring stitches on the inner side of the thigh, while sitting.

Pinching stitch on the forepart of the thigh, very high up, as if beaten, more on touch than when walking. Sticking pain in the whole left thigh (after nine hours and a half, and ten hours and a half). Knee. Sharp pressure on the outer side of the knee, on bending the leg. Tearing in the hollow of the knee, on the outer tendon, while sitting. Drawing-sticking pain on the outer side of the right knee, during rest and motion (after three hours).

Sticking pain, extending over the whole knee-joint. Constant burning pain in the forepart of the right knee. Burning pain in the left patella. Leg. Weakness of the legs, especially on ascending steps. The right leg is weaker than the left, while walking, and yet it seems as though the muscles were more tense.

Drawing pain in the legs, while sitting and walking. Jerking pain in the right calf, which suddenly disappears on touching it (after one hour). Pressing pain in the left calf (after three quarters of an hour). Tearing pain in the outer margin of the left leg, while standing (after two hours). Gnawing corroding pain in the right leg (while standing), (after one hour and a half). Burning pain in the lower portion of the right leg.

Burning pain on the outer side of the right leg. Burning on the forepart of the tibia. A drawing, violent, fine sticking, from below upward, in the right leg, while standing, which disappears while sitting (after thirty hours). Dull throbbing stitches in the right calf, just beneath the hollows of the knees.

Persistent burning stitches in the calves (while sitting).

Stitches in the right calf. Needle-like stitches, extending upward on the outer side of the left leg, while standing, which disappear while sitting (after thirty-one hours). Ankle.

Tearing drawing in the left ankle. Stitch in the right inner malleolus, while sitting (after thirty-two hours). Foot. A drawing pain on the back of the right foot, while standing, which disappears while sitting (after one hour). Pressing-drawing pain in the back of the left foot, while standing (after three quarters of an hour). Pressure upon the back of the right foot, while sitting (after twenty-two hours). A stitch on the back of the left foot, extending towards the great toe (after thirty- seven hours). Burning drawing on the back of the left foot (after thirty-seven hours). Stitches, extending from the back of the foot, into the sole (after one hour and a half). Boring pain in the right sole. Burning boring in the left sole, extending towards the little toe. Burning-pressing pain in the right sole, towards the toes, while sitting. Burning pain on the sole of the right foot, towards the outer side. Stinging pain, partly violent, partly fine, in the right sole, extending from within outward, while sitting (after ten, and twenty-one hours).

Itching stitches in the right sole (after thirty-two hours).

Toes. A constant pulling from the little toe up the tibia, while sitting. Attacks of burning in the toes, especially on the back of the right great toe. Burning sticking in the right great toe, when walking (after nine hours). Tearing stitches in the toes.

Stitches in the right great toe, towards the second toe.


After three days she began to feel rather uncomfortable and restless in herself; a sort of fidgetiness, as she expressed it, and general uneasiness, for which she could not account, as she had often been much worse indisposed without experiencing such miserable feelings. An inner feeling, as though he were very sick; all the limbs are painful when touched, or when in an uncomfortable position. Feeling of weakness over the whole body; loss of strength, so that he constantly wished to lie or sit, when he was in a condition of semi-consciousness, as on falling asleep. Nearly all the symptoms appear only while sitting, they almost all disappear while walking.


Objective. After eight days, on waking in the morning, she discovered the upper part of her body covered with rash, to which her attention was first directed in consequence of its incessant tingling and itching; the itching, in short, was so urgent, that at first she could not possibly refrain from scratching, which afforded much satisfaction and relief for the time; but, at the relief proved only temporary whilst the operation seems greatly to increase rather than diminish the irritation, by producing a greater abundance of the eruption and increased redness of the skin, she was, therefore, afraid to indulge in it. When I saw her there was no eruption on the face, but it was slightly swollen, and exhibited merely patches of efflorescence or redness, without any thickening or elevation of the cuticle. On the forearm and hands the eruption, when examined, appeared to be of a mixed character, lichen and urticaria combined; the lichenose or papular eruption (the papula about the size of a pin’s head, and of a purple or dark-red color) was dispersed over the whole of the arms, back, and front, but thicker about the wrists and bindings of the elbows than anywhere else, in which place it was also clustered together in patches upon inflamed base. The heads of numerous papulae appeared to have been broken off, and after wards covered with a brownish incrustation, as if the blood had first exuded and then become hardened; but this no doubt was occasioned partly by friction of the dress, and partly by the scratching to which these parts were, in the first instance, subjected, for the purpose of allaying the distressing tingling and itching, from which there is scarcely any respite in such cases. The urticaria occupied principally the front of the arms; the wheals or elevation were not very numerous or prominent, unless friction was had recourse to, by which they could be produced almost to any extent; they were stated to come out and go in again two or three times in the course of the day, and to be always very large and abundant in the morning; the chest and around the waist were also said to be thickly covered, and the redness intense. A pimple, on the right side of the scalp, above the temple, painful on touch, as though the place were suppurating (after fifteen hours). A pimple in the middle of the hair of the left eyebrow, with pressing pain when touched (after twenty-seven hours). A suppurating pimple, on the upper part of the left cheek, with red areola, with gnawing pain on touch (after twenty-four hours). Suppurating pimple on the right wing of the nose (after eight hours). Papular eruptions on the hands, especially on the sides of the fingers, also on the back of the hand, with some itching. Some vesicles on the back of the foot which itch. Subjective. Sudden itching below the chin (after one hour). Tickling itching on the perinaeum, between the anus and the genitals, which compels scratching (after fourteen hours). Voluptuous itching on the perinaeum, which obliges scratching, followed by biting pain, lasting several hours (after thirty-two hours). Itching on the left gluteal muscles.

Corrosive itching on the left thigh obliging scratching (after seven hours and a half). Violent itching on the left calf, in the evening, on lying down, obliging scratching, but continuing to itch after scratching; afterwards the spot become red and moist (after seventeen hours). Itching sticking in the inner malleolus. Itching on the back of the right foot, which disappears on scratching (after one hour and three-quarters).

Violent itching on both fourth toes (after twenty-five hours).


Sleepiness. Frequent yawning while sitting, as though he had not slept much (after five hours and a half). Overpowering sleepiness, after dinner; on waking he was obliged to urinate, with some burning, only before and after micturition. Sleepiness (while reading), (during the day); his eyes closed, so that he really must lie down; but on moving about the sleepiness disappeared (after five hours). While listening to scientific conversation he fell asleep in spite of every effort, and immediately had most vivid dreams. Sleeplessness. Nights restless (after three days). Frequent waking from sleep, as though he had slept enough. Frequent waking at night and tossing about the bed, could rest nowhere. Dreams. Vivid unremembered dreams. Voluptuous dreams. Dream of quarrels, at night.

Anxious, vivid, unremembered dreams.


Chilliness. Great chilliness, after eating, especially after drinking. Chilliness, for some hours, with constant pressing headache. Chilliness over the whole body, like a febrile paroxysm, worse on walking in the open air, without thirst and without subsequent heat (after two hours and a half). The tips of the fingers are icy cold (after six hours). Heat. Much febrile action. Sensation of heat, and heat in the face, with redness (after one hour and a half). Heat in the face, hands, and rest of the body, without thirst (after six hours and a half). Sudden warmth in the face and rest of the body, without thirst, while walking in the open air (after thirty-seven hours). Sweat.

Immediately on falling asleep he began to perspire all over, so that he was frequently awakened thereby, when he always had heat over the whole body, much more distinct and glowing heat in the cheeks; became quite red from the perspiration, but was vigorous in the morning. On falling asleep in the evening, in bed, immediately perspiration all over, which continued through the whole night; in the morning he was active. Slight perspiration over the whole body (after twenty-two hours). Slight perspiration over the whole body, on waking from sleep, causing a biting all over the skin, which provokes scratching (after twenty-three hours). Much perspiration between the toes, especially on the right foot.

Conditions.- Aggravation

(Morning), On awaking, eyes agglutinated.

(After drinking), Empty eructations. (After eating), Chilliness.

(Expiration), Pressure on sternum; pressure from within against ribs.

(Holding head erect), Heaviness in occiput. (Inspiration), Stitches in chest; Stitch beneath left ribs.

(While lying), Sticking pain in spine.

(Rubbing), Stitch in upper arm).

(While sitting), Pressive pain in forehead; pain in left temple; stitches on inner side of thigh; tearing in hollow of knee; pain in right sole.

(Stooping), Pressure in pit of stomach.

(While standing), Pain in frontal bone; pressure in small of back; pain in left leg; sticking in right leg; stitches on outer side of left leg; pain on back of foot; pulling, from little toe up tibia.

(Walking), Pain in occiput; tearing in occiput; pain in left groin; sticking in right side of chest; pain in right breast; stitches in thigh; sticking in right great toe.

(Walking in open air), Vertigo, crawling in forehead; stitch in left temporal region; sneezing; shaking over whole body.


(Standing), Stitch in left temporal region.

(Stooping), Heaviness in occiput. (While walking), Nearly all symptoms.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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