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Tongo homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Dipteryxodorata, schr. (Baryosma Tongo, Gaertn.; Coumarouna odorata, Aubl.). Natural order: Leguminosae. Common names: Tongo or Tonka bean. Preparation: Tincture of dried beans.


Great indolence and sleepiness after dinner (seventh day). Feeling of comfort (immediately).


She feels very cheerful (first day). Sadness, disquietude, bad temper (first day). Bad humor, it frets him to work or talk (sixth day). Peevish, feels good fro nothing, for an hour and a half (first day).


Heaviness in the head, on rising, after stopping (first day). Heaviness in the whole head, in the morning, on waking and after getting up (sixth day). Confusion of the head, especially the occiput, with somnolence and a sort of intoxication (immediately). Stupidity in the head during a hard stool, and even sometimes afterwards. Headache all the morning, pressure, tearing and stitching, especially on going into the room; with tearing up the left side of the face, very morose, and much sensitiveness of the scalp, mostly ceasing or using vinegar, at noon (fifth day). Drawing pains in the head, now here, now there, especially in the right frontal eminence (after an hour and half). Feeling of weight in the head, and sensation as if it was too large (at one end of an hour). Throbbing headache, with heaviness of the whole head, in the morning after rising (seventh day). The troubles in the head and teeth cease after using vinegar. Heaviness in the forepart of the head, almost preventing him from lifting his eyes (after half an hour ). Tension at a small place on the vertex (first day). Several serve dull dartings deep in the vertex (first day). Transient, Painful drawing deep in the brain, in the left half of the forehead, when lying in bed (second day). Weight in the forehead, on rising after stopping. Pressure in the forehead, now here, now there, but more on the left side (seventh day). Pressure and throbbing in vertex (ninth day). Fine tearing on the vertex, on the right side of the head (after eight hours). Several pointed stitches in the vertex, and, at the same time, a painful cutting, like a contraction, in the occiput (second day). The crown of the head, is very painful to touch (first day). A shock in the vertex, followed by tearing more in the front in the left parietal bone, and at the same time a painful shooting in the cranial cavity, which makes him cry out (first day). Tearing in the right side of the head, when stooping, ceasing on rising (fourth day). A violent tearing, deep in the head, in a small spot in the right parietal bone (after two hours). When laughing, deep sticking in the right side of the head (second day). Sharp darting in the right side of the head, followed by tearing in right ear, in the evening (sixth day). Several sharp darting in the upper part of the right parietal bone, through the head, and coming out below the occiput (second day). Some sudden severe shootings in the right side of the head, so that the utters loud cries (second day). Dull stitch in the left parietal bone. Sharp stitching in the left side of the head (fourth day). Throbbing stitching above and behind in the right parietal bone, extending toward the forehead, broken off, often, by learning the head on the hand (second day). When entering the room, throbbing in the both side of the head, which feels squeezed as in a vice;at the same time sensitiveness of the hairy scalp; this all soon disappeared after dinner (first day ). Throbbing pain in the left in the left side of the head (second day). Throbbing headache in the left side, as she goes into the room (sixth day). Compressive headache in the occiput, with external sensitiveness in the morning, after getting up (sixth day). Tearing from the right occiput, through the head, to a frequently painful tooth in the right lower jaw. Dull stitching, followed by tension, in the right side of the occiput;it drew the head backward (seventh day). A sharp stitch in the left side of the occiput, and afterwards itching in the same place, ceasing when scratched. Ulcerative pain in the right side of the occiput, the skin is even painful to touch. Extreme sensitiveness and painfulness of the scalp to touch (sixth day).


Dryness and burning in the eyes, in the evening, when reading (second day). Burning in eyes, as if they were to dry, in the afternoon (third day). Violent tearing in the right upper orbital border (first day). Three painful tearings, externally, above right orbital border (first day). Violent biting and sticking in the right eyebrow, in the afternoon (seventh day). So violent a trembling in the right upper lids that the eye waters with it;frequently renewed, for two hours (seventh day). Feeling as of a grain of sand in the inner canthus of the eye (first day). Tension around the lower eyelid;she dares not open it for fear of an aggravation, which, however, did not occur (first day). Tearing and tension in the left lower eyelid (second day). A Burning shooting in the lower eyelid, like a bee-sting (seventh day). Itching in the inner canthus of the left eye, which rubbing relieves, but does not remove (after one hour and a half).


Twisting dartings in the lobe of the right ear, so that she starts (first day). Some painful tearing around the right ear. Violent tearing behind the right ear in the bone (fifth day). Tearing in the external auditory meatus, which goes on penetrating more deeply, until it reaches the internal meatus, where it terminates;it returns after a short interval (first day). Painful tearing deep in the left ear (first day). Tearing, followed by titillation, in the left ear (seventh day). A couple or sharp dartings in the right inner ear, so that she starts (first day). Painful crawling in the right ear, which ceases on introducing the finger (second day). Violent itching in the right, the act of scratching increases it (fifth day).


Violent sneezing, ten times in the night (tenth day). Coryza, with stoppage of the nose, she is obliged to hold the mouth constantly open, at night;this ceases in the morning, but returns at noon. Slight tearing in the root of the nose, with irritation to sneeze, in the evening (first day).


Face very pale, in striking contrast with red cheeks (eighth day). Feeling as if the mucous membrane of the left cheek was drawn up (first day). Tension in the right malar bone, with feeling as if there was a slight weight there;pressure removes this, and it return, but in a less degree (after one hour and half ). Painful tearing in the upper jaw, but she cannot tell whether it is in the gum or in the roots of the teeth. Slight tearing in the right lower jaw, and at the same time tickling itching in the ends of the teeth, and tearing in the roots of the same;the pain ceases in the jaw, but not in the teeth on biting on them (after two hours).


Bleeding of a hollow tooth of the left lower jaw, the blood has an acid taste, in the evening (seventh day). Some painful tearings in a hollow tooth of the left lower jaw, an hour after dinner (first day). Violent tearing in all the left lower teeth, from behind forward, as if they were being pulled out, after dinner (first day). Digging and disturbance in the left lower posterior molar, unchanged by cold and heat;they are aggravated by the contact of food (sixth day). Several painful tearings in three left inferior molars; she believes they are being pulled out, after dinner (first day). A violent tearing in the left lower jaw, in a corresponding molar tooth (first day). Tearing in the left upper molars, when laughing. Tearing from the last left molar to the upper part of the head, in the morning, after rising (seventh day). Tearing in some of the left lower molars, which cold water causes to cease, in the afternoon (first day). Tearing in the roots of upper molar; the pain reaches as far as the zygomatic process, and is followed by crawling in their tips, on closing the jaw it at first increases, then ceases (second day). At dinner, violent tearing in two lower molars of the left side, aggravated by biting on them, in the forenoon (first day). Shooting, which starting from a diseased tooth goes through the head and the muscles of the right side of the nape of the neck (first day). Tickling in some molars of the right side, in biting on them, ceasing when she opens the mouth (first day). Acrid blood flows from the left lower gum, without sucking, in the evening (third day). Tearing in the left lower gums and in the teeth (seventh day). Burning of the palate (after three-quarters of an hour). Fine tearing in the back part of the palate (in half an hour). Flow of water in the mouth. Mouth constantly full of water, almost all the forenoon. Acid taste in the morning, after getting up (second day).


Abundant viscid mucus in the throat, which disappears by frequent hawking (first day). Rawness in the throat, disappearing after supper (in three-quarters of an hour). Scraping and rawness in the throat, in the morning (first and second days). In the right side of the pharynx, feeling as if a rough, sharp substance slowly forced itself into the ear, and moved about for some time deeply in the interior (after one hour and a half).


Frequent thirst at all hours of the day (second and third days). Several returns of empty rising from the stomach. Risings, as after eating bitter almonds (after five minutes, and often). Strong hiccough, immediately after dinner (first day). Nausea and inclination to vomit (after three-quarters of an hour). In the forenoon, loathing and desire to vomit, ceasing after dinner (first day). Pleasant heat in the stomach (after an hour). Slight whirling, with pinching, first in the epigastrium, then in the hypogastrium, ceasing on the emission of flatulence, in the after noon (second day). Circumscribed cutting around the stomach, on both sides, more to the rights, for an hour, in the forenoon when walking (first day). A couple of dull shootings in the right side of the stomach, as if an intestine was tightened and immediately relaxed, painfully repeated several times (first day).


Inflation, at first in the bowels, then also in the stomach, in the forenoon (second day). Frequent loud emission of flatulence, at night (first day). Burning tension in the right lower region of the abdomen, and extending in the chest to right shoulder blade, deeply seated, in the afternoon (first day). Sensation almost like pinching, at first to the right, a hand’s breath below the pit of the stomach, then in the right side of the abdomen, afterwards in the left upper side of the abdomen, after dinner (first day). Slight pinching in the right side of the upper abdomen, extending later to below the umbilicus (second day). Pinching in the upper abdomen, with sensation in the stomach as if a ball was rolling about there, during the menses. Disagreeable pinching in the bowels, then urging to stool, and an evacuation, which is larger than usual. Pinching and borborygmi in the bowels, then diarrhoeic stool, with mucus, followed by tenesmus (eighth day). Pinching and rolling in the bowels, as if a diarrhoea was coming on, but he passes only two small hard lumps, and with a good deal of pain, after which the scraping in the anus lasts a long time (sixth day). Great soreness of the bowels after a diarrhoeic stool (eighth day). Very painful feeling in the hypogastrium, in front, beneath the umbilicus, in the right side, to the extent of more then six inches, as if a thread were there, and caused smarting and gnawing over one small spot. Burning in the right groin, which comes on and goes off while walking (first day). In the right groin a deep sharp shooting, then over large surface a burning outside, in the after noon (first day). Sensation in the right groin as if the skin of the bowels was retracted, or rather a painful pressure externally, after dinner (first day).


While walking, violent urging to stool. Urging to stool, yet, not withstanding violent efforts, he passes nothing. Normal stool, and half an hour after, very soft stool, with pinching at intervals in the whole abdomen and tenesmus (eighth day). Hard stool, with pressure (seventh, eighth, and ninth days). Stool so solid that she is very tired during defecation and fear something is ruptured (sixth day).

Urinary organs

Increased urination; urging early in the morning in bed (third day). The urine is more sedimentary, normal as to quantity, tardy in emission, with a thick cloud (fifth day). Scanty urine, depositing an abundant white sediment. Urine of a wine-yellow color, depositing at once a quantity of viscid mucus (fifth day). Red urine; it deposits a thick muddy sediment (sixth day).

Respiratory organs

Hoarse voice, with burning in the larynx (first day). Transient irritation to cough in the larynx, forenoon (first day).


Burning below the xiphoid cartilage, and at the same time a fine stinging (after half an hour). Burning in the region of the false ribs and cutting pain, which extends over the back, as if a sharp body was ploughing the skin (second day). Rumbling and clucking in the first false ribs of the left side, in front of the pit of the stomach, in the afternoon (second day). Sudden burning a hand’s breadth below the right armpit, externally (first day). When leaning towards the right side, while sitting, tensive burning in the region of the left ribs, a hand’s breadth below the armpit (first day). Burning in the region of the right false ribs, as if a string had entered the flesh, after dinner (first day). Sudden and repeated burning, causing him to start, over the left lower ribs, as if a string garment was very tightly tied around them; pressure diminished it a little, and this place is then slightly sore on pressure (after one hour and a half). Pain, a sort of cutting and bruised feeling, under the left breast, which passes thence toward the pit of the stomach and back again several times; it is relieved by pressing on the parts, but afterwards returns (first day). Sharp stitching deep in the chest, in one side, below the shootings, like stings, over the middle of the two first false ribs on the right side (after three-quarters of an hour). Some sharp stingings in the eighth chest as far as the armpit (second day). Two sharp stingings in the seventh left rib, then over a larger surface; at the same time a sort of burning and darting in the outer chest. Burning stinging in front under the chest when raising oneself after stooping (first day).

Back and neck

Wrenching pain in the left side of the nape of the neck, less when turning the head, sensitive to pressure (second day). Sharp stinging in the left scapula through the shoulders, in the morning (second day). Pain in the sacrum, which is very sensitive to external pressure (second day). Violent bruised pain in the sacrum when sitting, ceasing during exercise (third day).

Upper Limbs

A couple of dull shootings in the left shoulder (first day). Paralytic pain in the right axilla (after one hour). Lancinating tearing in the head of the left humerus during rest (fifth day). Burning in the right elbow, ceasing when rubbed (first day). Sensation of internal pressure in the left forearm, in the elbow (after one hour). Tearing in the elbow, at a point above the wrist-joint and extending to the latter, short-lasting, but very painful (after one hour). Violent tearing below the condyle of the left elbow, which ceases when pressed upon, but returns (first day). Stinging and tearing in the right arm, directly below the elbow (eighth day). Tearing in the posterior joint of the right thumb as far as the middle, which ceases on movement (second day). Tearing in the middle of the posterior phalanx of the right index finger (first day). Violent tearing in the extensor tendons of the right middle and ring fingers, during dinner.

Lower Limbs

After dinner, at 5 o’clock tearing in the left hip-joint, ceasing on being rubbed, when walking; a couple of violent sharp twitchings deep in the right hip, when standing (second day). Twitching, with fine stitches, in the middle of the right thigh on sitting, ceasing on standing up (second day). Violent tearing in the left thigh, as if in the bone, when standing, ceasing when standing, ceasing when seated (second day). Violent tearing in the left thigh and knee, relieved by pressure, in the evening, (first day). Tearings sometimes in the thigh, sometimes in the knee, relieved by walking and pressure, all day (sixth day). Tearing at first in the left knee, as far as the middle of the tibia, then in the middle of the thigh, toward the hip-joint, relieved a little by pressure (first day). Tearing over a hand’s breadth above the left knee, extending into the knee-joint (first day). Shocks in the knee when walking, so severe that she is threatened with falling, during the menses; some painful tearings in the right tibia (first day). Violent stinging, like the prick of a needle, repeated six or seven times, in the fatty portion of the right great toe, after dinner, when seated (second day).


Yawning, stretching, dread of work, without sleepiness.


Shaking chill, from 2 o’clock to 5 o’clock p. m., in the open air (first day). Heat in the head, and even external warmth on the forehead. Increased heat in the head, in the morning (first day). Flushes of heat, not disagreeable, from the umbilicus to the stomach (first day).


Aggravation, (Morning), On waking and after getting up, heaviness in head; headache, etc.;after rising, headache, etc.; after getting up, acid taste; scraping, etc., in throat; early, in bed, urging to urinate; stinging in left scapula; heat in head. Aggravation, (Forenoon), Mouth full of water; loathing, etc.; when walking, cutting around stomach; shootings in side of stomach; shooting in side of stomach, etc.; inflation in bowels, etc.; irritation to cough. Aggravation, (Afternoon), Burning in eyes; biting, etc.;in eyebrow; itching in left canthus; whirling, etc.; in epigastrium, etc., tension in abdomen; shooting in groin, etc., rumbling, etc., in side; 2 to 5 o’clock, in open air, shaking chills. Aggravation, (Evening), tearing in side of head, etc., when reading, dryness, etc. in the eyes; tearing in root of nose etc., bleeding of teeth; blood from gum; burning over lower ribs; tearing in thigh, etc. Aggravation, (Night), Emission of flatulence. Aggravation, (contact of food), Pain in left molar tooth. Aggravation, (During dinner), Tearing in tendons of fingers. Aggravation, (After dinner), Tearing in hollow tooth; tearing in lower teeth; hiccough; sensation below pit of stomach, etc., sensation in the right groin; burning in region of ribs; 5 p. m., tearing in hip-joint; when seated, stinging in great toe. Aggravation, (Leaning to right side while sitting), Burning in region of left ribs. Aggravation, (Laughing), Sticking in side of head. Aggravation, (During menses), Pain in upper abdomen, etc. Aggravation, (Rising after stooping), Heaviness in head; stinging under left chest. Aggravation, (Entering room), Throbbing in sides of head, etc.; throbbing in side of head. Aggravation, (Scratching), Itching in ear. Aggravation, (Sitting), Pain in sacrum; twitching, etc., in thigh. Aggravation, (Standing), Twitching in right hip; tearing in thigh. Aggravation, (Stooping), Tearing in head. Aggravation, (After diarrhoeic stool), Soreness of bowels. Aggravation, (During and after hard stool), Stupidity in head. Aggravation, (Walking), Urging to stool; leucorrhoea; shocks in knee. Aggravation, (Biting on teeth), Pain in jaw ceases. Aggravation, (After dinner), Throbbing in head disappears; loathing, etc., ceases. Aggravation, (On emission of flatulence), Whirling, etc., in epigastrium, etc., ceases. Aggravation, (During exercise), Pain in sacrum ceases. Aggravation, (Leaning head on hand), Stitching in parietal bone broken off. Aggravation, (On movement), Tearing in thumb ceases. Aggravation, (Pressure), Burning in region of right ribs; pain in left breast; Tearing in knee, etc., tearing in thigh, etc. Aggravation, (On rising after stooping), Tearing in head ceases. Aggravation, (When rubbed), Burning elbow; in walking, tearing in hip-joint ceases. Aggravation, (When seated), Tearing in thigh ceases. Aggravation, (After supper), Rawness in throat disappears. Aggravation, (Standing up), Twitching in thigh ceases. Aggravation, (Twitching in thigh ceases. Aggravation, (Turning head), Pain in side of nape of neck. Aggravation, (After using vinegar), Troubles in head, etc., cease. Aggravation, (Walking), Tearing in thigh, etc.

Sexual organs

Flow of thick mucus from the vagina when straining at stool. Leucorrhoea, when walking, often in the day. Very scanty painless menses, seven days too early.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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