Trillium cernuum

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Trillium Cernuum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Trillium cernuum, L. Natural order: Trilliaceae. Common name: Nodding Trillium. Preparation: From the root.


General debility; feeling of weakness and weariness. The symptoms appear mostly at night and in the morning. Pain aggravated on motion and after eating. Pains mitigated by exercise in the open air. Left side most affected.


Melancholy, with sadness. Repugnance to conversation. Ill-humored, irritable, disposed to get angry at trifling things. Afraid that he is going to be sick; great anguish; agitation and tossing about, impossibility of keeping still.


Confused head. Attacks of vertigo, with tottering. Swimming in the head. Dizziness, chiefly on rising, in the morning. Weariness when walking. Dull pain in the left temporal fossa, increased by the least noise. Pain in the forehead, which causes one to bend forward, by which the pains are somewhat mitigated, but they return with all their severity on resuming the erect position. Headache increased by the least noise, and walking or coughing. Head and face feel hot.


Pain in the eyeballs; sensation as though they were too large and would fall from their sockets. Blur before the eyes; everything looks bluish. Severe burning in the inner canthus, with profuse flow of tears.


Greasy feeling over the tongue and gums. Very offensive taste in the mouth, especially on rising in the morning. Pungent sensation in the throat. Profuse flow of saliva. Grumbling toothache, and dull pain in the face. Foul taste in the mouth. Insipid taste in the mouth, with absence of appetite.


Disgust for everything except cold water. Continual inclination to drink ice-water. Nausea, with empty eructations. Sickness, with aching of the stomach, and desire to vomit. Excessive pain in the epigastrium. Sensation of contractions in the stomach. Crampy pains, pinchings, and gnawing, with fullness in the stomach. The pains in the stomach manifest themselves mostly after meals and in the morning.


Swelling of the abdomen, as in ascites, accompanied by a sensation as though the whole contents of the abdomen were drawn back against the vertebral column. Flabby condition of the abdominal parietes, with a sensation of goneness, a want of support in front, accompanied at intervals of a few moments by short, sharp, lancinating pains, which extended from before backward, causing one to bend forward. Much flatulence, with grumbling in the abdomen.


Diarrhoea, with painless evacuations, slightly tinged with blood. Constipation succeeded by thin, watery, and very offensive diarrhoea.

Urinary organs

Sharp cutting pains in the urethra when urinating. Itching of the genitals, aggravated by scratching. Urine copious and of a strong disagreeable odor.

Respiratory organs

Sensation in the larynx as though a crumb of bread or some other foreign substance were lodged there, keeping up a continual coughing. Difficult breathing; a feeling as though the chest were bound up, which prevented it from expanding.


Crampy pains in the muscles of the arms and calves. Pain in the left shoulder, extending down the arm into the hand. Crampy pains in the fingers when writing.


Sleeplessness, rolling and tossing in bed. Sleep disturbed by frequent dreams; dreams of festivities, sleigh rides etc.


Feverishness during the pains in the abdomen, on the subsidence of which a profuse perspiration broke out. Skin hot and dry, with itching and burning, aggravated by scratching.

Heart and Pulse

Palpitation of the heart, with great anxiety.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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