Urtica urens

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Urtica Urens homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe.


Urtica urens, L. Natural order: Urticaceae. Common name: Nettle. Preparation: Tincture of the plant.


There years ago a boy had his feet and legs stung, and every year since then, at about the season of the year he was poisoned, he is taken sick, the same as when first poisoned.


All day a fullness of head and giddiness, like a rush of blood to the head (eight day). Fullness of head; sensation of rush of blood and dulness (twentieth day). A dull aching pain in the head, lasting about an hour, with stitches in the region of the spleen (eighth day). During the day a slight pressing in head, especially over the eyes (seventh day). Dull aching pain in right sinciput and right side of face, extending to malar bone (fifth day). Pain in right side of sinciput (fifth day). Pain in right parietal bone, stinging pain, compelling me to rub and press it (fourth day). Dull aching pain in occiput and over the eyes (ninth day).


Pain in right eye (fourth and fifth days). At 3 P.M., pressing pain in left eye (third day). Eyes feel weak and sore (sixth day). During the day and evening a pressing pain over the eyes (sixth day). A pressing pain over right eye and in the eyeball (fourth day). Pain in eyeballs, as from a blow, with a feeling as if there were sand in the eyes (ninth day).


At 9 A.M. a neuralgic pain in the right face and forehead (sixth day).


Considerable burning in throat, with frequent hawking up of frothy mucus (second day). Burning in the throat for a short time (fourth day). The throat burns and causes cough (fifth day).


Nausea for a short time (fourth day).


At 10 A.M. a pain in left hypochondriac region (fourth day). Stitches in the region of the spleen, with the headache (eighth day). Much pain over the whole abdomen, continued a week (twenty-ninth day). Soreness over the abdomen, with the heat (fourth day). At 10 A.M., a sensation of soreness in the bowels while lying down, and on pressure, a sound as if they were full of water (fifth day).


At stool, during and after the passage, had a sensation of burning in the anus, a raw burning, also a small hemorrhoidal tumor, during the afternoon and evening, itching and burning, at times quite severe (second day).


No stool, in the morning; at 2 P.M. a small dysenteric stool, a greenish-brown slime, with urging and tenesmus, but no itching or burning (third day). A small stool, with much straining; have been constipated for several days, very unusual (sixth day). Dysentery; frequent urging to stool; small painful stools; mucus mixed with white matter, like the boiled white of eggs, at times a little blood (twenty-ninth day.) During the proving was constipated; no stool for two or three days, very unusual. No stool (third and fourth days), a circumstance remarkably unusual. None (fifth day). No stool; took Nux-v. 3d; in six hours a stool, natural, followed in four hours by several dysenteric stools of a whitish slime, with pain around the umbilicus (sixth day). Though I am very regular in my stools, yet for five days after the sixth, I had from two to four stools per diem, with pains of a colic like nature and tenesmus; stools were white and yellow, with a slimy mucus intermixed.

Respiratory organs

Not much expectoration, and what there is frothy (fifth day).


At times, during the day, a soreness in right side of chest (fifth day). A sore feeling, as fro a blow, in the left side of the chest (eighth day.

Upper Limbs

Pain in right deltoid muscle, slight (second day); pain increased, very painful at 9 P.M.; could not put on my coat without assistance (third day). Pain in both arms, right the worst, and pain in both ankles, of a rheumatic nature (fifth day), pain in the arms continued until the fourteenth day. At 7 A.M. a cramp like pain in right arm, in the deltoid muscles; it feels sore to touch sore to touch, and feels worse on rotating the arm inward; this pain continued the whole evening; the left arm left slightly rheumatic (third day). The pain in the right arm is increased by lying on it; the pain on moving it is very severe, a kind of sharp stitch darting through the arm; pain in arm very severe all day, extending all over the whole of the front humerus, and at times a pain in left arm, of a similar but lighter character; the muscles in right arm feel very sore, as if bruised; cannot stretch the right arm from severity of pain, and am unable to raise it (fourth day). Pain in right arm all day (fifth day). Pain in right arm gone (sixth day). A slight pain in both arms, with a rheumatic stiffness and pain in right wrist (seventh day). During the day a rheumatic pain in right wrist, slight, and not long-lasting (ninth day). Rheumatic pain in arm, wrist and fingers of left side (eleventh day).

Lower Limbs

There is a stiff kind of soreness on inside of left knee-joint (fourth day).


While reading feel drowsy (sixth day).


On getting into bed felt a heat all over the body, with soreness over the abdomen (fourth day).


The skin of the face, arms, shoulders, and chest was affected with extremely distressing burning heat, with formication, numbness, and violent itching. The lips, nose, and ears, were swollen, and the lids swollen and edematous, so that they could scarcely by opened. After awhile all the upper parts of the body, as far down as the navel, were frightfully swollen, pale and edematous rather than inflamed. A large number of small transparent blisters, filled with serum and looking like sudamina, developed and became confluent; on account of these the skin assumed a peculiar wrinkled appearance. There was no other remarkable disturbance either of circulation or respiration. The patient complained neither of headache nor of sensitiveness of the stomach and abdomen. The look of the patient was monstrous, the lids completely closed, forming transparent, here and there bluish swellings as large as hen’s eggs. The upper lip, nose, and both ears were frightfully swollen. On the third day the face became free, but the chest and arm remained affected with an eruption, which itched so violently that the patient scratched off the blisters, which exuded a large amount of serum. The woman, who had had no children for three years and a half, and had nursed none of her children, had at first excessive swelling of the breasts, which discharged at first serum, afterwards perfect milk; a very copious secretion of milk lasted for eight days. The secretion of urine was at first suppressed, and in spite of all diuretics and other remedies, not a single drop was secreted for eight days. During the whole illness there was a constant distressing itching. On the sixth day everything disappeared, with desquamation. Itching swellings all over the fingers and hands (fourth day); a large number of bumps on fingers and hands, itching at times very severely, much resembling “bold hives” (fifth day); the “hives” continued until the fourteenth day. Before taking the medicine on the second day, had itching “bold hives” on the left hand, which vanished in a few hours. At 10 A.M., a number of small lumps and red spots on the hands, and fever blisters on the lips, itching a good deal (seventh day). Many “hives” on hands, itching slightly, also a number of red blotches on hands (twentieth day). Many blotches on hands, itching a great deal (twenty-third to twenty-eighth day). A number of blotches still on my hands, but they do not itch (forty-second day).

Heart and Pulse

Pulse accelerated by 6 beats (fourth day).

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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