Viola tricolor

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Viola Tricolor homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe


Viola tricolor, Linn. (Jacea.) Natural order: Violaceae. Common name, Pansy, Hearts ease.


Exhaustion of the whole body. Frequently feels as though he had not slept enough, while sitting, in the forenoon (after three hours and a half).


Special joyous mood; he was less ill-humored, and could not be easily decomposed (curative action). Sad about his domestic relations. Morose mood all day, great sensitiveness and little desire to talk. Introspective, discouraged, discontented with his own work (after twenty-six hours). Introspective, discontented with himself, distrustful of himself, especially of his future (after ten hours). Ill-humored all day, in the evening jolly and inclined to talk. Ill- humored, quiet, indifferent (after fifty hours). Ill- humored all day, very much inclined to quarrel, and being out of humor with himself. Hasty in all his actions, as if impelled by an internal anxiety, yet with a feeling of great weakness and prostration. Fretful and weeping mood. Disobedience. Disinclination for mental work (after fifty- two hours). Not inclined to work, at least to earnest work. Dulness of mind and disinclination to talk, which was almost impossible, in the afternoon and evening.


Confusion of the whole head and dulness (after thirty-one hours). Dizzy and reeling when walking. Heaviness of the head with pressure towards the forehead. Heaviness in the head s if a weight were lying upon it and pressing it forward; on stooping the head felt easier, on rising up it was more severe (after twelve hours). Heaviness of the head with pressure towards the forehead. Dull pain in the head and pressure in the forehead (after two hours). Headache extending from the root of the nose into the brain, disappearing in the open air. Pressing and tearing headache, with heat of the face, and thirst. Pressing headache over the whole brain equally. Pressing pain in the brain, extending outward through the forehead. Forehead. Pressure in the forehead and dulness in the whole head; while walking the whole brain shakes, with heaviness, as if a stone were lying upon it, which extended forward into the head (after eleven hours). Pressing headache above the right eye, disappearing on pressing upon it. Pressure in the frontal bones with dulness of the whole head (after two hours and a quarter). Wavelike pressure in the forehead. Tensive drawing externally in the left side of the forehead, extending down into the left cervical muscles (after one hour and a half). Tingling in the forehead, while sitting still. Burning stitch in the forehead, as if externally in the bone. Temple. Pressure outward at both temples (after three-quarters of an hour). Pressing pain in the temple near the left eye (after eight hours and a half). Dull tearing stitch externally in the left temple (after fifty-two hours). Vertex and Parietals. Burning pressure pain on the right side of the vertex, while sitting. Pain as if bruised, on the side of the parietal bone, only when touched (after twenty-four hours). Pressure outward at the right side of the head. Pressure outward at the right side of the head. Occiput. Tensive sticking in the muscles of the right side of the occiput during rest, persistent on bending and turning the head. Headache, sticking in the left side of the occiput, lasting day and night. External Head. Burning in the scalp above the forehead (after seven hours and a half). Burning in the skin of the temple by the right eye (after thirty-eight hours).


Biting sensation in the left eye as if perspiration were in it (after ten hours). Itching-cutting stitches, from within outward, in the right eye (after four hours and a half). Lids. Falling of the lids, with sleepiness, in the afternoon. Hardened matter in the canthi (after three hours). Pressing together of the eyelids, the eyes close and seem difficult to open (after eleven hours and a half). Sensation of a hard body between the upper lids and the eyeballs, lasting three hours. Ball. Tensive stitch in the left eyeball, persistent on motion (after thirty-six hours). Pupil. Pupils contracted (after two hours and three- quarters). Vision. Obscuration of the eyes, objects at a distance seem very much obscured.


Pressure from without inward upon the drum of the ear. Itching needle like stitches behind the left ear. Nose Itching pressure towards the left side of the nose (after four hours).


Drawing tension in the left cheek in front of the ear (after three quarters of an hour). Drawing-pressing pain extends from the left side of the lower jaw into the right side of the head (after half an hour).


Tongue white. Tongue covered with mucus of a bitter taste; the food has a natural taste. Much saliva, with sensation of dryness in the mouth.


Sore throat, in the evening. Swelling of the cervical glands.


He has no appetite, and there is no taste to food. Empty eructations (after half an hour). Nausea and retching. Pressing sticking in the diaphragm, persistent during inspiration and expiration (after ten hours)3. Constrictive pain in the pit of the stomach on inspiration (after ten hours).


Sticking cutting in the left hypochondriac region on inspiration, while sitting bent over (after fifteen hours). Stitches externally about the umbilicus (after thee hours). Stitches as quick as lightning, in the whole right side of the abdomen and chest while walking. Emission of flatus, with rumbling in the intestines (after two hours). Griping pain in the whole abdomen (after one hour and a quarter). Griping sticking in the intestines so that he was obliged to stand still, while walking (after seven hours). Cutting in the abdomen without stool (after two hours and a half). Cutting through the abdomen and urging to stool. Cutting in the abdomen, with howling and screaming; after which she fell asleep, at noon; on waking the pain immediately recommenced, followed by emission of much flatus and stool with mucus in large pieces. Pain like needle-stitches, in the upper abdomen, during inspiration and expiration. Single jerk like stitches in the forepart of the lower abdomen while sitting, disappearing on standing up, and leaving behind a burning sensation. Pinching crawling in the whole right side of the pelvis, while sitting (after twenty-six hours). Fine stitches in the left groin, while sitting, which continued somewhat even on rising up (after thirteen hours).


Excessive urging to a stool which is normal.


Soft stool, preceded by flatulence. Hard stool (after thirteen hours). Soft stool (after twenty-four hours). Stool as if chopped.

Urinary organs

Tenesmus of the bladder; he strained as if there were constantly more urine to pass. Dull stitch in the urethra, when not urinating (after eighteen hours). Very frequent urging to urinate. Frequent urging to urinate with emission of much urine (after three hours, and twelve hours). Frequent desire to urinate, with remarkably little urine (after third morning dose). Frequent profuse micturition, much more than has been drunk, can scarcely hot it. Increased quantity of urine, which causes burning. Scanty micturition (after twenty-four to thirty-six hours). Urine very turbid. The urine smells like cats’ urine, 7 9. Very offensive urine.


Cutting pressure on the right side of the chest, not aggravated by inspiration, but by moving the trunk and arm; painful, as if bruised, on pressure (after twenty-four hours). Twitching of the right pectoral muscles (after twenty-four hours). Stitches in the chest, while standing (after three-quarters of an hour)3. Constant dull stitch in the upper part of the sternum, aggravated by expiration (after nine hours). Oppressive sticking in the right side, while walking (after nine hours). Dull stitches in the right side of the chest, more violent during inspiration than expiration (after seventy-four hours). Itching sticking in the right pectoral muscles (after thirty-five hours). Stitch in the left chest, persistent during inspiration and expiration, while walking (after six hours and a half). Stitch in the left side of the chest, on the true ribs (after eleven hours and a half).

Back and neck

Cramp like drawing in the cervical muscles, which suddenly drew the head backward (after two hours and a quarter). Dull stitch in the left scapula (after twenty-six hours). Pinching contraction between the scapulae, with a sensation of coldness (after ten hours).

Upper Limbs

Cutting stitches, with itching in the axillae (after half an hour). Fine stitches in the left shoulder-joint, disappearing on motion. Dull stitch in the right axilla (after twenty-four hours). Fine stitches in the left elbow, persistent during rest and motion. Some contractive needle like stitches in the muscles of the left forearm near the bend of the elbow, while walking (after twelve hours). Pressing stitches in the left ring finger only during rest, on movement it ceases, but returns during rest.

Lower Limbs

Stitches in the left gluteal muscles, while lying down (after thirty-seven hours). The thighs feel bruised, in the morning on waking. Drawing in the right thigh, while standing (after one hour and three-quarters). Tearing bubbling in the internal and upper part of the thigh, while sitting (after two hours). Dull itching stitch in the left knee, not obliging scratching. Itching stitch in the right patella, while lying, disappearing on motion and returning on sitting (after twenty-seven hours). Pressing-out pain at the right tibia, persistent while walking and sitting, more violent while standing (after one hour). Feeling of muscular twitches in the left calf (after two hours). Twitching in the right calf towards the inner side (after thirty- hours)3. Drawing along the calf and thigh, with giving way in the knees, while walking. Fine stitches in the right tibia, while walking (after thirty-six hours). Tensive sticking in the middle of the right foot, while walking (after four hours and a half). Tearing in the heel beneath the inner malleolus during rest, which disappears on moving the foot, and leaves a slight burning sensation. Pressing pain in the sole of the right foot, especially in the joints, while walking. Pressing pain in the sole of the right foot (after two hours and a half). Pressure in the sole of the right foot, while sitting (after two hours and a half). Pressing burning in the left great toe, while sitting (after thirty-two hours).


Sleepiness. Sleepiness for two hours, in the afternoon. Irresistible sleepiness, in the after (after eleven hours and a half). Sleeplessness. Falls asleep late on account of numerous thoughts; in the morning he wakes very early, lies upon the side to which he is totally unused, and cannot rouse himself completely on account of weariness. Restless sleep. While asleep the child twitches the hands and closes in the thumb, with very dry heat over the whole body, and redness of the face. Frequent waking without cause. Frequent waking from sleep, as from wakefulness. Dreams. Vivid dreams, 3 4. Amorous dreams, 3 4.


Chilliness. He is chilly through and through in the cold open air immediately. Chilliness, for a quarter of an hour in the forenoon, cold creeping through the whole body, as from a cold wind, with dizziness of the head, vertigo, and a slight sensation of tense pulling asunder, in the middle of the brain (after one hour). Heat. Great heat over the whole body after eating a little, still greater heat in the face, with perspiration, oppression of the chest with great anxiety, which drove him about. Very transient sensation of heat, without thirst (after one hour). Heat in the side of the face upon which he has not lying, in the evening in bed. Sudden heat of the face without thirst, while sitting (after twelve hours). Sweat. Night sweat, two nights in succession.


Objective. Skin of the face thick, hard. Nettle rash over the whole body, with stinging-biting sensation, not provoking scratching. Eruption with intolerable (burning) itching, especially at night, over the whole face, and also behind the ears (only excepting the eyelids); a hard thick scab formed, cracked here and there, from which a tenacious yellow pus exuded, and hardened into a substance like gum, 7. Some hives on the left cheek, with violent itching, which obliges vigorous scratching, but which immediately returns after scratching (after ten hours and a half). A pimple beneath the left zygoma, without sensation by itself, painful when touched (after ten hours). Itching pimple on the last joint of the index finger (after twenty-four hours). Subjective. Cramp like pain in the skin between the scapulae, with cutting and crawling in the skin (after eighteen hours). Sticking itching in the left eyebrow, relieved by rubbing (after two hours). Burning stitch in the skin of the upper abdomen, while walking (after thirty-two hours). Burning sticking in the skin of the left thigh (after twenty-two hours). Itching on the right wing of the nose provoking scratching. Itching on the right scapula. Itching of the dorsal muscles, relieved by scratching (after half an hour). Itching between the scrotum and thigh, while sitting, relieved by scratching (after twenty-six hours). Itching on the inner upper portion of the right thigh. Itching anteriorly above the left knee. Itching stitch in the skin of the right side of the abdomen, disappearing on touch (after nine hours). Itching on the left inner malleolus (after twelve hours). Itching sticking in the right foot below the external malleolus, not relieved by motion. Itching in the ball of the right great toe, while standing, more violent while sitting.


Amelioration, (Open air), Headache. Amelioration, (Motion), Stitches in left shoulder-joint. Amelioration, (Standing), Stitches in abdomen.


Aggravation, (Expiration), Stitch in upper part of sternum. Aggravation, (Moving trunk and arm), Pressure in the right side of chest. Aggravation, (Sitting), Stitches in abdomen; stitches in groin. Aggravation, (Standing), Pain in the left tibia. Aggravation, (Walking), Vertigo; stitches through chest and abdomen.

Heart and Pulse

Anxiety of the heart, while lying, in wavelike beating, throbbing. Oppression and stitches in the region of the heart on bending the chest forward, while sitting. Pulse increased from ten to fifteen beats a minute.

Sexual organs

Male. Erection in the morning. Swelling of the prepuce. Pressing pain in the penis, extending to the glans (after two hours and a half). Jerking in the penis, which tends to make it stiff, in the morning on waking. Burning in the glans penis, immediately. Fine stitch in the back of the penis (after thirty-three hours)3. Itching biting in the external skin of the penis (after sixty hours). While standing, a voluptuous itching on the prepuce, accompanied by an erection, which provoked scratching (after three hours and a half). Itching sticking in the scrotum (after five hours). Emission with lascivious dream. Female. Stitch in the region of the mons veneris, on the right side (after seven hours). Leucorrhoea.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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