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Yucca homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe.


Yucca filamentosa, Linn. Natural order: Melanthacae (Liliaceae). Common name: Bear grass. Preparation: Tincture of root and leave when not in flower, or tincture of flowers (Budrik).


Feel usually well this evening (seventeenth day). 12 M., is very restless, and seems very feverish; 3 P.M., wants to be held all the time (first day); some restless last night; restless; plays but little while with his playthings, then wants to be held; this evening sat up two hours after his usual bedtime (second day), 3. No effect except to loosen cold a great deal (first day). The symptoms interfering with my studies antidoted the effect with Cocculus (third day).


Have got the blues; unsatisfied feeling (eighth day). 2 P.M., feed very despondent; “have the blues” (fourteenth day). Wish I hadn’t commenced to prove this drug (sixteenth day). Feel very despondent and irritable (twenty-first day). Very irritable (fifth day). 4 P.M., irresolute, changing mind about once in fifteen minutes; don’t know what to do; can’t keep easy (fourteenth day). Disinclination to study (second day). Hard work to keep my mind upon the lectures (eighteenth day). Mind wanders from lecturers (eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth days). Use wrong words in writing (twenty-first day). Inability to think; use the wrong words when talking (third day). Inability to remember anything I read, with severe pains, which appeared first upon the right side, then in the apex of the heart (second day).


1.30 P.M. dull sensation in head when others are talking to me; although I hear what they say, I do not seem to understand them; two minutes afterwards don’t know what they have said (fifteenth day). Headache in forehead, (fourth day). Frontal headache of pressing character (fourth day). 5. Heavy frontal headache, in the evening (first day). The arteries of the forehead throb (seventeenth day). Pressing pain in both temples all day long (fifth day). A little pain in temples of an aching character (sixth day). 8 A.M. pain in both temples, most severe on the right side; lasted all forenoon; also a cringing feeling in both temples, worse from motion (fifteenth day). Dull heavy pain in both temples, which seemed to extend into the eyes, causing considerable aversion to light (ten minutes after a dose, fifteenth day). 9 P.M., aching pain in both temples (fifteenth day). Intense aching in both temples, worse from motion and worse from heat, but at the same time chilliness when away from the stove (seventeenth day). 3 P.M., momentary pain in temples (eighteenth and nineteenth days); at 7.30 P.M. (twentieth day). Intense headache all day long in both temples; worse from any noise (twenty-first day). Headache somewhat easier when sitting still, but worse when moving around; is worse from any noise; a throb in the head with every step (twenty-first day). 3 P.M., momentary pain in left temple (seventh day). Strange feeling in temporal maxillary articulation (fifth day). Arteries of temples throb (fifteenth and twenty-first days). My head has been itching all the evening, very annoying, causing constant scratching and digging (sixteenth day).


Dark rings under the eyes (tenth, eleventh, and fourteenth days), 1; (second day), 2; (third and fifth days). Eyes feel hot and inflamed, although no objective symptoms of inflammation are present (third day). 6. Itching and smarting of left are (sixteenth day). 8 A.M., momentary dull pain over left eye (second day). Itching of inner canthus of left eye with smarting after rubbing (sixth day). Itching of inner canthus of left eye (ninth and sixteenth days). 10 A.M., itching of the inner canthus of the left eye; very annoying; eye looks red (sixteenth day).


6.30 P.M. pain back of right ear (fourteenth day). Very sensitive to the least noise (seventeenth day).


Redness of the whole nose, at 8 P.M. (fourteenth day). This evening right side of nose constantly running, the left side dry (fourth day). Running of nose (ninth day). Profuse watery discharge from nose; discharge mild (eighteenth day). Some coryza (twenty-first day). Catarrh worse (after one day).


Pale face (tenth, eleventh, and sixteenth days), 1; (fifth day). Face flushed, at 10 P.M. (second day). Flushed face in the morning, with burning of face in the evening (first day); flushed face (second day). Yellow color of face (twenty-first day). At 6 P.M., momentary aching pain in zygoma, recurring several times (seventh day). At 11 P.M.

both cheeks very red (first day); 9 A.M., face flushed (second day). Pain in articulation of jaws (seventeenth day).


Tongue coated white in the evening (fourth and tenth days); with elevation of scattered papillae (fourteenth day); 9 P.M., tongue looks as if it had been parboiled, with irregular elevation of scattered papillae upon surface (fifteenth day); tongue coated white at the root and has a greasy look (sixteenth day); tongue of a bluish-white color (seventeenth day); white coating at root of tongue (eighteenth day); a very sore pimple upon end of tongue (nineteenth day), 1. Tongue pale, reddish, and flabby; elevated papillae; teeth-marks upon the edge; trembles when he puts it out. Bad smell from mouth (so others say), (second day). Dryness of back part of mouth (sixth day). Soft palate seems to be dry; had to drink water to moisten it (sixth day). Taste in mouth like rotten eggs (fifth day).


A sensation as if something were hanging down from the posterior nares; can’t get it up or down (sixteenth day). Tonsils dark-red color; not sore (sixteenth day). The pharynx seems to be covered with granules, and is of a dark-red color (sixteenth day). 12 M., throat not so red as it was yesterday; every time I took at the throat can see a string of mucus hanging from uvula to root of tongue (seventeenth day). Pharynx, tonsils, and uvula of a dark-red color, and seemed to be covered with a greasy-looking mucus, which is string eighteenth day).


Appetite increased and food tastes usually well; ate half more breakfast than usual (seventeenth day); appetite poor (twenty- first day). No appetite (fourth day). Aching pain in the stomach, in the evening (first day). Some slight pains in the stomach (second day). Region of stomach sensitive to touch (fourteenth and sixteenth days). 6 P.M., very severe sharp pain in stomach, extending down into intestines, worse from pressure (fourteenth day). 3 P.M., cramping pain in stomach (fifteenth day). Sore feeling in stomach (sixteenth day).


Abdomen bloated (eight and following days) 1; (sixth day). 6.30 P.M., after eating dinner, abdomen bloated very much, and had a sore sensation all through it (sixteenth day). Abdomen a little bloated this evening, with some pain (nineteenth day). Continued discharge of flatus (third day). Discharge of much flatus (second day); some discharge (third day); flatulence (fifth day). Emission of a great deal of flatus, which has no smell (ninth day). During the whole evening have had a great deal of flatus discharged from below (fourteenth day). Discharge of considerable flatus, 3 P.M.

(fifteenth day). Discharge of much scintillas flatus this evening (sixteenth day). Great rumbling of wind in lower portion of bowels, in the evening (first day). Abdomen sensitive to touch (third and fourth days). After stool pain of a griping character, relieved by bending forward (fourth day). Heavy aching pains in the bowels before the stool; aching pains during and after stool (sixteenth day). Aching pains in bowels, relieved by a discharge of a flatus, but recurring (eighteenth day). Aching pain in bowels before and during stool; not so severe after stool (eighteenth day). Colicky pains in bowels, with discharge of much flatus; pain in bowels is worse from pressure (second day); some pain in bowels (third day). After breakfast had several crampy pains in abdomen; had to lie down, which seemed to relieve them somewhat; the pains are worse if she stirs, but better when keeping quiet; these pains lasted about half an hour, and were followed by diarrhoea (first day), 2. Sharp pains in lower portion of bowels, both before and after the stool (first day). Throbbing feeling in right side about twelfth rib, not painful, evening (fourth day).


Constant desire for stool (eighteenth day). During forenoon sudden violent tenesmus, followed by discharge of wind, which relieved me of the pain; this occurred several times (sixteenth day). Tenesmus after stool (fourth day). Constant recurring inclination to go to stool, relieved for a time by passage of wind (fourth day).


Diarrhoea followed pains in abdomen; had several stools of a yellowish color within an hour (first day). Increased number of stools (three) of natural color and consistency, but smaller than usual (eighth day); three stools, small but natural (tenth day); woke up at 6.30 A.M., and have very difficult to expel; hard stool was of large size, last part of stool soft (sixteenth day); 6.30 A.M., had to go up and go to stool, which was copious thin stool, yellowish-brown in color, with smarting of the anus during stool; sat a long time at stool, and strained very hard; when stool once started, run away like water (eighteenth day), 1. Number of stools increased, but smaller in size (third day). Stools increased in number; brown color; softer consistency than usual (fourth day).

Urinary organs

Irritable condition of bladder; have to urinate often (seventeenth day). Painless redness around the opening of the urethra, (fifth day). Around the meatus urinarius is a circumscribed, edematous, red swelling, extending about two lines out upon the glans, no sensation whatever in it (sixteenth day). When urinating, burning sensation (fifth day). Specific gravity of urine 26 or 28, varies between (before proving); urine increased in quantity, specific gravity 28 (sixteenth day). Urine increased in quantity, specific gravity 30 (seventeenth day). Urine increased in quantity, normal color, and specific gravity 30 (eighteenth day). Decreased frequency to urinate (seventh day).

Respiratory organs

Hard, rattling cough (twenty-first day).


A sensation of constriction in whole chest, also in heart (third day). 9.15 P.M., pain in intercostal muscles at upper portion of chest (second day). At 3.30 P.M., had a severe crampy pain in the right side of chest, very severe; was when stooping over, and partially relieved by sitting straight or leaning a little backward; lasted about five minutes (twenty- first day).

Back and neck

Constriction of muscles of neck; seemed as through they were going to draw the head backwards (third day). In evening had tight feeling around neck, had to take off collar (fifth day). 9 P.M., pain in left shoulder blade (second day). At 9.15 severe pain in left shoulder blade (first day). Backache ever since she took the drug (seventeenth day).

Lower Limbs

Sore crampy pains in muscles of back part of left leg, just above ankle; feels as though it were sprained; this pain lasted about ten minutes (twenty-first day). Crampy pains in knees (fourth day).


In the evening very sleepy, and went to bed two hours earlier than usual (first day). At a lecture tonight was so sleepy that I could hardly keep my eyes upon (sixteenth day). Woke up several times at night with an erection, but no sexual desire (fifteenth day). Restless last night (ninth day). Lewd dreams (eighteenth day).


10.30, a coldness of the scalp upon left side of head, as though away from the fire (second day). Feel very hot (fourth day). Feel feverish (twenty-first day). Face sweats in the evening (first day).


Amelioration, (Bending forward), Griping pain.


Aggravation, (Heat), Aching in temples. Aggravation, (Motion), Aching in temples; pain in bowels. Aggravation, (Noise), Pain in temples. Aggravation, (Pressure), Pain in stomach. Aggravation, (Stooping), Pain in chest.

Heart and Pulse

Momentary aching pain in vicinity of heart (twenty-first day). Can see articles in hand throb (twenty-first day). Pulse full and heavy (first day). Pulse 80 (fourth day); 78 (fifth day). Pulse 76 (before experiment); 76, and full (fifth day); 82, and very full (fifteenth day); 78, full and a little irregular (seventeenth day); 72, and regular (eighteenth day); 84 (twenty-first day).

Sexual organs

Erections several times at night (fourth day). Erections all night long, but no emission (eighteenth day). Mind is constantly dwelling upon the sexual subjects; have had an erection all the forenoon; can’t study; soon as I commence my mind runs off, and I begin to think of women (seventeenth day).

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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