Inimical Remedies and Contraindications in Homeopathy by Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi


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Inimical Remedies 

and Contraindications
in Homeopathy

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Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

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  1. About the author
  2. Introduction
  3. Chapter One: Abies Canadensis Contraindication 
  4. Chapter Two: Arnica Montana 
  5. Chapter Three: Ammonium Carbonicum inimical with Lachesis 
  6. Chapter Four: Apis-Mellifica Inimical with Rhus Tox. 
  7. Chapter Five: Argentum Nitricum Inimical with Coff. and Vespa 
  8. Chapter Six: Contraindication of Belladonna 
  9. Chapter Seven: Borax inimical with Acetic Acid and Vinum. 
  10. Chapter Eight: Bryonia Alba Incompatible with Calc. 
  11. Chapter Nine: Caladium incompatible with Arum t. 
  12. Chapter Ten: Inimical Remedies with Calcarea Carbonica 
  13. Chapter Eleven: Calcerea Phosphorica Contraindications 
  14. Chapter Twelve: Camphora Contraindications 
  15. Chapter Thirteen: Cantharides inimical with Coffea Cruda. 
  16. Chapter Fourteen: Carbolicum Acidum inimical with Lachesis 
  17. Chapter Fifteen: Caulophyllum inimical with Coffea Cruda. 
  18. Chapter Sixteen: Inimical Remedies with Causticum 
  19. Chapter Seventeen: Chamomilla is contraindicated if … 
  20. Chapter Eighteen: Cinchona inimical with Digitalis and …
  21. Chapter Nineteen: Cocculus Indicus inimical with Coffea Cruda 
  22. Chapter Twenty: Coffea Cruda inimical with Canth., … 
  23. Chapter Twenty One: Conium Mac. inimical with Psorinum 
  24. Chapter Twenty Two: Dulcamara inimical with Bell. and … 
  25. Chapter Twenty Three: Inimical Remedies with Ferrum Met. 
  26. Chapter Twenty Four: Contraindication of Hepar Sulphuris 
  27. Chapter Twenty Five: Inimical Remedies with Ignatia Amara 
  28. Chapter Twenty Six: Contraindication of Kali Carbonicum 
  29. Chapter Twenty Seven: Inimical Remedies with Kreosotum 
  30. Chapter Twenty Eight: Inimical Remedies with Lachesis 
  31. Chapter Twenty Nine: Ledum Palustre inimical with … 
  32. Chapter Thirty: Lycopodium inimical with Coffea Cruda 
  33. Chapter Thirty One: Millefolium is inimical with Coffea Cruda 
  34. Chapter Thirty Two: Contraindications of Nux-Vomica 
  35. Chapter Thirty Three: Contraindications of Psorinum 
  36. Chapter Thirty Four: Inimical Remedies with Ranunculus B. 
  37. Chapter Thirty Five: Rhus-Tox inimical with Apis 
  38. Chapter Thirty Six: Inimical Remedies with Sepia 
  39. Chapter Thirty Seven: Silica inimical with Mercurius 
  40. Chapter Thirty Eight: Stramonium inimical with Coffea 
  41. Chapter Thirty Nine: Contraindications of Sulphur
  42. Chapter Forty: Contraindications of Thyroidinum 
  43. Chapter Forty One: Inimical Remedies with Zincum
  44. References 

About the author

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:

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