Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

Last modified on January 12th, 2019

Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Bach Flower Remedies of England go hand in
hand with homoeopathy. Dr. Bach Remedies are not for
treatment of your patients as such.
They are more for you to increase your efficiency in
treating your patients. There are thirty-eight remedies in all.
Let us now learn some of the uses in day-to-day practice of
any homoeopath:
Before you take up the case of patient, take a dose or
two of the Bach remedy Agrimony. Your taking this remedy
would make the patient to tell or pour out valuable
symptoms to enable you to work out the case so nicely.
After you finish the case-taking i.e. writing down the
symptoms, you start to work out the case (with the use
Repertories/Materia Medicas listed on page 10-11 of this
book.) Before doing so, take a dose of Bach Remedies
Chestnutbud and Pine. The key-word for this is “hundred
for hundred” or centum marks. These remedies enable you
to find the simillimum without fail and soon you become
so popular to the point of getting patient from all over the
globe! That is the experience of those who are using these
two remedies.
Daily morning take two other Bach Remedies Walnut
and Chestnutbud and this enable you to become guaranteed
No.1 homoeopath in the whole world.
For details of Dr. Bach Remedies See our book HIGHDEFINITION METHODS of Bach Remedies Practice.

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