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Symptoms of the homeopathic medicine FERRUM IODATUM from A Text Book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics by A.C. Cowperthwaite. Find all the symptoms of FERRUM IODATUM

      Iodide of Iron. Preparation. Triturations.


Combines with the blood state and debility of Iron the cachexia of Iodine, rendering it especially useful in scrofulous and chlorotic conditions, and when the system is in an improverished state. In such persons, its chief curative range is in the female sexual system, where may be present passive congestion, atony and uterine displacements, with their usual phenomena.


Head. Cephalagia.

Face. Injected, red; chlorotic look (Arsenicum, Fever.).

Abdomen. Fullness, even after a little food, as if she had eaten too much (Lycopodium); a sort of upward pressure; stuffed feeling as if she could not lean forward (Nux v.).

Urine. Dark-colored, depositing a thick sediment; urine scalds.

Females Organs. Constant bearing down as if something was coming away; while sitting, feels as if pushed something up; she can touch the cervix uteri (Belladonna, Lilium). Retroversion of the uterus. Leucorrhoea like boiled starch, when the bowels move the discharge is stringy. Itching and soreness of vulva and vagina (Sulphur); parts much swollen.

Compare. Caulophyllum, Ferrum, Helonias, Sepia, Sulphur


Has been found most useful in conditions resulting from atony and passive congestion of the female generative organs; uterine displacements, with symptoms above given; leucorrhoea; suppressed menses; pruritus. In acute nephritis following the exanthemata is has proved a most valuable remedy. Chlorosis in scrofulous patients; suppurative stage of tuberculosis; scrofulous affections in general.

About the author

A.C. Cowperthwaite

A.C. Cowperthwaite

A.C. (Allen Corson) Cowperthwaite 1848-1926.
ALLEN CORSON COWPERTHWAITE was born at Cape May, New Jersey, May 3, 1848, son of Joseph C. and Deborah (Godfrey) Cowperthwaite. He attended medical lectures at the University of Iowa in 1867-1868, and was graduated from the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1869. He practiced his profession first in Illinois, and then in Nebraska. In 1877 he became Dean and Professor of Materia Medica in the recently organized Homeopathic Department of the State University of Iowa, holding the position till 1892. In 1884 he accepted the chair of Materia Medica, Pharmacology, and Clinical Medicine in the Homeopathic Medical College of the University of Michigan. He removed to Chicago in 1892, and became Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the Chicago Homeopathic Medical College. From 1901 he also served as president of that College. He is the author of various works, notably "Insanity in its Medico-Legal Relations" (1876), "A Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics" (1880), of "Gynecology" (1888), and of "The Practice of Medicine " (1901).

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