Category - Therapeutics of Respiratory system Materia Medica by M.W. Van Denburg

Therapeutics of the Respiratory System: Cough and Coryza, Acute and Chronic, Repertory With Index, Materia Medica With Index by M. W. Van Denburg. Originally published in 1916.

The foundation of the Materia Medica herein set forth is Hering’s Guiding Symptoms, the entire ten volumes of which have been carefully consulted from cover to cover, and the most prominent, striking and peculiar symptoms related to respiratory system noted, as well as those that most strongly and clearly indicate the drug.

It saves time by bringing together all the drugs applicable to a given case of cough, coryza, asthma etc; it renders the work of the therapeutist more efficient by enabling him to select with greater precision the drug he will use.