A Household Word

A Household Word

Do you need to believe in homeopathy for it to work? Most of us would answer “No!” However, it’s not quite that simple. In order for homeopathy to work, you have to take it. There’s the rub.

An acquaintance told me her husband had survived a stroke five years ago, but was bed bound and unable to function. There were clear indications for homeopathy in this “hopeless” case, and I offered to help. She said, “I’ll check with my doctor.” Her husband is still lying in that bed.

Last year, a fellow I played tennis with announced he had cancer. I offered help, but he said, “I’m going to stay with the cancer center.” After the chemo and radiation, he soon passed. He was a good soul and deserved better.

Recently, a young woman I know developed an acute kidney problem. It was a clear Apis case and I gave her father my best advice. Neither her doctor, nor the rest of the family would permit homeopathy. She ended up on dialysis for many days and barely survived the seizures which followed.

Over the years I’ve had to stand by helplessly, as people I knew needlessly endured illness, toxic drugs or devastating surgeries. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s good that we prove new remedies and debate the finer points of theory, but without education of the public, this knowledge will be for the few. To begin with, people need to hear the word homeopathy. Then they need to hear that it’s practiced and accepted all over the world. Finally, the philosophy and its merits can be explained.

Share your experience with homeopathy whenever you can. Write letters to editors, call radio talk shows. Never mind that people find it strange or incredible. The second time they hear about it, it will sound familiar and the third time it seems respectable.

You can even start a study group. I started one with only seven people, but each month more showed up until attendance was at 60. Over the next five years, hundreds of people were introduced to homeopathy, and they told their friends about it, starting an endless chain.

I want to see the remedies in every drug store and hear about homeopathy on radio, TV and in the newspaper. Let’s make it a household word, so no one will ever suffer needlessly again.

In this issue:

In addition to our other articles this month we have a presentation from Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, which offers a four year professional course in Golden Valley Minnesota. From their students, staff and alumni we have cases of Snapping Turtle, Sheep’s Milk and Loon, an article on clinical training, a book review and an interview with Valerie Ohanian.

Elaine Lewis and Mati Fuller analyze Arsenicum and Argenticum nit, and Elaine clears up the confusion about using more than one remedy in a case. Vera Resnick brings us up to date on Homeopathy in Israel. In a letter to a tailor, Hahnemann reveals some of his secrets to a happy life. Robert Medhurst presents very practical articles on antidoting and dentistry, and Dr. Raue explains how to use the face for diagnosis.

Dr. Ibara fills us in on Biological Rhythms and Dr. W.E. Taylor gives indications for using Stramonium in treating insanity. Dr. Sherbino shares his struggle to save a child with high fever, and Dr. Morrow shows us we have to consider miasms in treating diphtheria.

Try Elaine’s new Quiz, a wonderful way to sharpen your skills. See Tips and Secrets, find out what the Plant Doctor had to say (send your questions!), and try your hand at the new Crossword Puzzle. There’s much more, so relax, pull up a chair and enjoy this issue. Keep sending your articles, cases, questions and comments to [email protected]

Alan V. Schmukler
Chief Editor
Homeopathy for Everyone

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Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Dear sir
    I am fully in agreement that homeopathy needs popularizing though i am in different profession I have been exposed to the philosophy for the past 15 years. we are running a District association of homeopaths and meeting once in a month for a joint discussion. I have a feeling that the other school scores on their management of the ailments where the homeopaths pay no attention we have to break thro’ on this so that confidence can be boosted up



  • Alan, talk about standing by helplessly…. how many times have I done that! Yes, and I’ve also heard, “I’ll ask my doctor if it’s OK.” It’s amazing the way people have bought into this multi-million dollar racket called “modern medicine”! Folks, it’s all about the MONEY, it’s not about you.

  • So true Alan. I face it all the time.
    But as a professional, I can only offer my services or advise when I’m asked for them even with family and friends.
    The painful experience of FREEDOM OF CHOICE 🙂
    I feel a little consoled when I think God experiences the same thing from us humans 😉 – but only worse… and HE can do NOTHING about it either…

  • In order for homeopathy to work, you have to take it. There’s the rub.

    I believe it was Kent who said that when he was sick, he only had to think of the correct remedy and it would provide the healing – but only if he had the particular remedy on hand.

  • I’ve experienced this in the most painful situation this winter as my spouse went into a psychotic split. At the very beginning, i was able to treat the more acute moments, but when he started to take the anti-psychotics, he refused to pursue the homeopathic treatment. He was clearly afraid of it, not trusting me anymore…

    Once in a while, i was able to give him homeopathy when the drugs failed to help with anxiety and sleep issues. But how did i long to give him a more thorough treatment!

    This week, he went to see an acupuncturist who advised him to take homeopathy.

    Learning to really let go is not easy… It’s all about living our existence beyond hopes and fears

  • As mentioned in this article that the relatives of the cancer patient and kidney patient did not bother your proposal to help. Yes, this is the picture all over the world. But why? The time has come for self realisation. Can you claim with certainty that homeopathy can give relief better than allopathy? Are you sure that the kidney patient would have been prevented from dialysis with Apis?
    After 24 years of full time practice I understood that we connot give assurance
    in any case. Yes, we gives relief in almost all type of cases without prior assurance but only on trial basis. But in allopathy how much they can do they can say it before the start of treatment. Patients relative may not rely on guess word.
    With regards.
    Dr M E Hossain
    West Bengal

    • I believe in any system of medicine no doctor can give a positive assurance, as in Allopathy also frequent failures occur in highly reputed hospitals despite having given a sort of assurance, ultimately there reply would be “a doctor is not a God he can only try” I immensely enjoyed the comment given above: It’s amazing the way people have bought ‘homeopathy’ into this multi-million dollar racket called “modern medicine”! Folks, it’s all about the MONEY, it’s not about you. So what we need is the persistent campaign to popularize homeopathy.

  • Yes. indeed one could tear one’s hair about the faith people have in the general system of medicine that is pumping drugs into the sick and using the scalpel a lot more than necessary while the miracles that homeopathy could achieve remain untapped.

  • I AGREE WITH YOUR SETTINGS AND THINK Commendable SEARCH disseminate knowledge HOMEOPATHIC FOR ALL. WE MUST SOW HOMEOPATHY wherever we can and with the tools available to them.

  • Yes, people need to hear the word HOMEOPATHY over and over again. I remember way back in 1994 just before Microsoft revealed the new Windows95, there were so many posters around town. Almost every lamp-post had posters on them, with only the word “Start” on them. So what I’m getting at is that we were bombarded with “Windows95” posters from all angles, and so ultimately when the version was released, everyone knew about it! This is the kind of advertising we need 😉
    It’s also unfortunate that people don’t give homeopathy a chance, but ultimately it is freedom of choice. Homeopaths are targeted by law-makers that threaten to charge/sue when the patient is not given the “proven” and “peer-reviewed” medical care for a diagnosis (ie. allopathy). How do we get around this?

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