A letter from Anonymous

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

A letter from Anonymous

Dear Friends,

I am writing an editorial after a long time and in this editorial I would like to share with you a very special story… a story with a very filmy plot.

A few years ago (sometime in 2008) I received an unexpected parcel from Mumbai. I opened it and found a few copies of a journal, Homeopathy First, with a letter. I would like to share that letter with you.

“Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

A letter from AnonymousI am an ardent student of Hahnemannian teachings and principles and have been studying it since the last 55 years. Though I am not educated formally in homeopathy, i.e. I do not practice, but as it is very close to my heart I find myself reading on the net, reading journals and seminars and that is how I came to know about you through your website.

I have seen a lot happening in the homeopathic field in Bombay (now called Mumbai) and feel very sad about the affairs and the path that new age practitioners are taking. It fills me with sadness as to where the modern homeopaths are leading themselves to! At my ripe old age I have seen a lot, i.e. what some of the internationally famous Bombay homeopaths are doing as regards the terrible discrepancies in what they teach and what they practice.

I subscribe to many journals, Indian and International, but their content nowadays seems to be contrary to the teachings of the Founder. Homeopathic Links and IJHM are a few of them and I feel instead of circulating such speculative material, they should suspend the publication. Contrary to this I have come across a small newsletter, or rather I have collected the past publications of this newsletter, which is called ‘Homeopathy First’. I have gone through them and found them very true to the spirit of the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann. I tried to find out about the doctors and came to understand that they are very hard working and dedicated … dedicated to the extent of dedicating their lives to homeopathy! But they do not advertise much, nor do they present themselves in the pompous manner in which so called world renowned Bombay homeopaths conduct themselves. They are quiet and gentle and allow their results to speak, more than anything else. It will be very improbable that you might even meet them … so this letter. If I succeed in getting you close to each other, I will consider destiny has been kind to my vision. By the way do you know them?

I have also followed David Little and Andre Saine for quite a few years now and I am also sending them a copy of these newsletters. I see the love for Dr. Hahnemann in David Little, Andre Saine and Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni’s writings.

Recently I read your latest write-up on the net in Hpathy.com and felt I must share with you too the copies of Homeopathy First. I pray to God that someday you meet them. I may not last that long but if I had been a cause to this meeting, I will be happy in my soul.

I wish you all well. Hope that Hahnemannian homeopathy survives, and survive it will with able custodians like David Little, Andre Saine, Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni. Do get in touch with them. It is a rarity to find such gems, especially in your own back courtyard, when one is searching all over the world.

I would like to remain anonymous and that is the reason why I have printed Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni’s address on the postal envelope. Please forgive me for this misadventure, but my intentions are pure as is pure Hahnemannian homeopathy!

God bless!

An admirer of Hahnemanian homeopathy waiting to be a Hahnemannian homeopath … May be in my next birth!”  —–

       I was struck by the passion in those words. Such commitment to homeopathy and love for labour…that is hard to find even amongst professional homeopaths. I had no idea who this person was, which article of mine he had read, and why he chose me to send that letter. But the letter had made me very curious. I knew about Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni through their articles on Organon in Homeopathy Links, but my knowledge about them ended there.

I opened the first copy of Homeopathy First and suddenly found myself glued to it. I could not put it down and ended up reading all the copies I had received…cover to cover! But now I was not satisfied. I was hungry for more. I immediately wrote to Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni and briefly mentioned about that letter and requested from them any more copies of Homeopathy First they had. I soon received another bundle of their newsletters and devoured them hungrily too. The content was excellent and the cases were amazing. As I was reading those newsletters, I realized that, here are two homeopaths who are as crazy about Organon as I am. But with a difference: They knew how to live Organon in practice much better than me. I felt an urge to meet them and learn from them.

A series of emails and Facebook exchanges followed and it resulted in greater awareness about each other’s work. Soon I got an invitation to join their course at Mumbai. I could not join the course this year due to prior commitments and we are yet to meet in person. But our hearts have met and a friendly bond has been built. The love for Homeopathy, Organon and Hahnemann has brought us closer.

I do not know who the anonymous person who sent me that letter was, but I would like to thank him for doing what he did. His efforts have succeeded!

In this issue of Homeopathy for Everyone, I am very happy to share with you the life and work of Dr. Prasad Sheyte and Dr. Falguni Khariwala. Read the interview first, as most of the articles and cases in this issue are referred to from there in a specific order. There is a lot of other interesting content, just as in every month. Do share your feedback with us at [email protected] or by posting your comments at the end of the articles.

Yours in Homeopathy,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone

About the author

Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BHMS, BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece), MD (Hom)
- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
- Founder Director of Hpathy.com
- Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2, 3. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
- Awardee - Raja Pajwan Dev Award for Excellence in the Field of Medicine; APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Homeopathy Education
- Visit Dr. Bhatia's website https://www.doctorbhatia.com/


  • Dear Dr. Bhatia,
    It was nice reading your editorial after a long time. It is because of people who are passionate about homeopathy and practice it honestly that homeopathy has survived. However all the truly dedicated practitioners should come together and show the others the magic of homeopathy. This will inspire all homeopaths to follow in the foot steps of masters and then homeopathy will attain the status it deserves.

  • I have been practising as a homeopath these past 10 years. I call myself a classical homeopath. I find the work of the ‘modern’ homeopaths to be inspiring. I have done courses and seminars with many. My observation is that they build on the principles of Hahnemann and give us the opportunity to expand on the basic principles of the organon and treat people who previously there would not have been a remedy for. In my view Homeopathy is so solid because Hahnemann’s philosophy holds true today as it would have 200 years ago. I also observe that Hahnemann was continually refining and expanding his principles – 6 editions of the organon attest to this. If he was alive today I would hope that he would still be innovative and would delight in the work that different homeopaths are doing.

  • Dear Dr Bhatia
    Thanks for your living editorial . Whenever you write something it proves that you are a man with full of energy and dedicated . It is true that every homeopath should be Hahnemannian . That does not mean one should stick to old homeopathic medicines only . Any new medicine can be used if it is prepared according to homeopathic dilution and tested properly . I myself developed a medicine which has been applied on thousands of persons with beneficial results on evrybody following ‘Hering’s Law of Cure’ for last 12+ years . Which I claim ultimate of homeopathy and best of Hahnemannian . I am an NIH alumni and practicing for last 27 years . I understand Hahnemannian teachings and homeopathy well . Will everybody accept me ? Please visit my website http://www.finalmedicine.com and level me as you wish .

  • This letter has touched me deeply. I have a long way to go on the road of learning. I have read some of Dr. David Little but my lack of knowledge in this field made me interrupt the reading. But what I want to point out concerning the letter of Anonimous is that here in Monterrey, Mexico, I have not been able to find another Classical Homeopath. I recieved various directorries from you but they aren’t from the classical school. They all mix remedies. I wish you could someday have a Dierectory of Classical Homeopaths. Best wishes to you and everbody at Hpathy!

  • Dr.Manish Bhatia’s editorial and his citing of the elderly homeopathy follower shows to all of us how this great science is taught,learned,professed and practice.The ever increasing love for things material
    plethora of substandard institutes and teachers are making homeopaths what they are becoming.The real sense of dedication of learning and adding concepts new are replaced by fine dinning and movies and travels and shopping and roaming.Only conferences drop a drop if someone cares to attend and listen.Though new concepts and research and introduction of new remedies are excellent to help homeopathy to do the best,those who practice all these have to be knowledge trustable.


  • Dear Dr Bhatia:
    It is a good piece of write up , though anonymous. The writer seems to me a well read person and a gem of Homeopathy. What I would suggest him is to work for Homeopathy in the present life only because no one knows what he is going to be in next birth. May God bless him and give him a long life to take the adventure.

  • Dear Dr.Bhatia & Mr. Anonymous,
    Let us ask ourselves- do we wish to be loyal to the science & principles of Homeopathy OR do we wish to be loyal to Hahnemann?
    So much emphasis on being loyal to Hahnemann, and any further elaboration on the discoveries of Hahnemann is seen condemnable as stated in this letter by Mr.Anonymous. Such a situation would be similar to limiting physics to Eistein’s thought, and consider that as the end of the road for physics.
    Having said this, I do not have an iota of disregard for the genius of the Founder Father. With deepest regards to all his discoveries…isn’t it time that we integrate all he has discovered and build the next level?
    Why should a Science limit itself to any one man’s ideas, thoughts & experiences? Besides, Hahnemann himself was ‘married’ to the science not his own ideas. His own literature speaks about his constant need to find the ultimate truth for which he has constantly carried out precisely observed experiments. He has advised all his fellow-physicians to experiment, observe & seek for the truth. He has never said, take my discovers and call them the ultimate truth!
    I believe this letter by Mr.Anonymous has more promotional intention by showing modern thinkers in a poor light. His letter almost tries to convey that only two homeopaths (whose work I personally appreciate) are the only ones who are doing “right”- i.e.Hahnemannian homeopathy.
    It would be more appreciated if this newsletter through their positive efforts reaches more fellow-physicians, rather than resort to such negative, covert ways of promotion.
    If there is greater truth in the work, it will automatically stand the test of the time. Truth always stands on its own, and does not need such a rhetoric. Especially such a covert, negative one.

    • Dr. Thakkar, I am a bit surprised by your choice of words. You are calling this letter ‘negative covert way of promotion’ – as if it is fake. But this letter was never meant to be public to serve as any promotion. It is lying with me since 2008 and it was entirely my decision to publish it in this editorial. Neither Mr. Anonymous, nor Drs Prasad or Falguni had anything to do with the decision of making it public.

      Nowhere does Mr. anonymous say that he is against any growth beyond Hahnemann. All he is trying to say is that please be true to the core principles of Homeopathy and please be honest in what you teach and what you practice. You probably don’t network enough in Mumbai circles to know the truth in those words. I am not saying that every modern homeopath is bad or every new addition is wrong. But there are too many wolfs in sheep skin out there.

      Follow the science and make true discoveries – no issues there. Weave hypothesis, build theories, create conjectures – and then teach students as if it is a definite truth – I, like Mr. A, have big issue with that. Even Hahnemann condemned empty speculation and lot of the ‘new’ developments are nothing but empty speculations.

      Also nowhere does he say that Mr. Andre Saine and David Little are the only too genuine homeopaths. He has just stated that he has followed them online and found them to be true to the core principles of homeopathy. He is not saying that their is nobody else.

      I encourage you to request Dr. Prasad to send you all the copies of Homeopathy First. Go through them and then judge the work and the words. I am sure if their is truth, it will stand the test of time. And this is not true just for Drs Prasad and Falguni’s work…but also for all the ‘new’ developments!

  • Dear Dr M;
    The passion shown in your editorial deeply touched the chords of my heart. The Mr Anonymous must be a real person whose insight into homeopathy speaks for itself.

    I have not read any thing as yet but i will go through each and every article you have posted,to know more deeply into the intricacies of Hahnemanian homeopathy. I am sure there must be something to learn from those writings.

    You are doing a fine job not only as a Homeopath but as an institution spreading the sweet fragrance of homeopathy.

    Best wishes

    Dr Wequar

    Miami Florida

  • Dear Dr. Manish,
    Am happy that anonymous letter to you has enlightened you to further serve homoeopathy the way great Hehnemann desired. You are already practicing this way by your e-journal. We always learn, listen and like those who agree with us at least on one point. In homoeoapahty, every one shows to like the Hahnemannian method of prescribing but in practice they go away from it. Her lies the point. Doing something else than what the mind agrees to in principle.
    I wish you the best for you your appropriate editorial. God bless you.
    Dr. Shiv Dua

  • I think its time that Mr. Anonymous should come out and join this discussion.
    It would be a good idea to publish an article or two from Homeopathy First [ with the permission of both the authors] and let the readers decide if Dr. Prasad and Falguni are doing justice to Homeopathy. Many new brand of Homeopathy have come up but it is only a marketing strategy. Once your basics are clear one would not get influenced by them.
    Dr. Rajiv Chopra

    • Most of the articles in this months issue are from Homeopathy First.


      Regarding Mr. Anonymous. His letter in 2008 said that he has been following homeopathy since 55 years. My estimate is that his age then should be somewhere between 70 to 80. Since I don’t know who he was, I don’t even know if he is in this world anymore or not. But if he has read this editorial, I would love to hear from him once more.


  • How grateful we all are? Does any body realize the true values of modern day technological advancement that we are able to share the way we are doing all over the world which has become a little village these days. Dr Manish and his team have given us the platform and the medium to discus and practice Homeopathy. I am deeply obliged and express my heartfelt gratitude. God bless them.

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