EDITORIAL – A New COVID- 19 Nosode

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EDITORIAL – A New COVID- 19 Nosode – April 2021

One very important tool of homeopathy, especially in preventing and treating epidemics are the nosodes. Recently there have been some nosodes for Covid-19 produced by individuals, but none so deeply researched and formally tested as the one developed by Dr. Rajesh Shah and his team. Dr. Shah is interviewed this month by Ashok RajGuru, and he talks about his Covid-19 nosode, how it was developed, its efficacy and its current status.

Dr. Shah is the consummate homeopathy scientist, and he has spent years working to improve the practice of homeopathy. Among other things, he has sought to standardize the process of introducing and potentizing new remedies, especially the nosodes.  He examines long held assumptions in homeopathy, to see if they still apply.  His efforts have always included rigorous research.

Dr. Shah’s team had previously developed twelve new nosodes and improved others, including those for HIV, Hepatitis C and cancer. During that time, they honed the skills and methods needed for making these remedies.

Dr. Shah’s group developed three varieties of the covid, one from live virus, one from inactivated strains, and a third from spike glycoproteins. Conventional protocols were used throughout this process in which they followed government guidelines for animal toxicity testing.

Phase 1 studies were done on healthy volunteers, demonstrating immune response from the nosode, including an increase in CD4 count in 70% of the subjects. That was followed by observational clinical trials on over 2000 people who had been exposed to covid.  Subsequently there was a placebo-controlled multi-arm clinical trial with 2,233 people.

Finally, in the numerous clinical cases where Dr. Shah has used the nosode, individuals were either protected from contagion or developed only milder symptoms. His team is now readying for Phase 3 trials.

Meanwhile, they have requested emergency approval of the nosode from DCGI, the Ministry of AYUSH and the Prime Minister’s Office. Dr. Shah has been waiting for this approval since April 2020.  In other words, it hasn’t been officially authorized  yet for widespread use.

On April 10, it was reported that India’s daily coronavirus cases had increased for the fifth time and deaths had climbed to the highest in more than five months. At the moment, there are not enough vaccines to go round.

Using a safe, effective and highly affordable nosode could make a world of difference. It’s time for the government agencies to approve Dr. Shah’s nosode. It should be fighting this pandemic instead of languishing on a shelf.

What can you do?  Tell everyone you know in the homeopathy community about Dr Shah’s nosode. Circulate this editorial and Dr Shah’s interview as widely as you can.  It’s important that the community become aware of this resource and lobby for its approval.

Here is a link to Dr Shah’s interview:  https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-interviews/in-conversation-with-dr-rajesh-shah-the-developer-of-a-covid-19-nosode/



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