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A Tale of Orthodoxy in Science

The Franklin Institute is a famous science museum in Philadelphia (U.S.) which engages in science education and research. In my youth, I spent many hours exploring their interactive exhibits in physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology. There was a huge planetarium with a concave ceiling that showed planets and stars, while a lecturer guided your tour of the heavens. They even had a model of a human heart that you could walk through.

When I was in high school, I was chosen by the Franklin Institute to be one of two young people to do a radio show interviewing scientists. All of this, and my chemistry laboratory in our home fed my passion for science.

Around this time, the cosmologist, doctor and psychoanalyst, Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979) was expounding his unorthodox ideas about astronomical events. Among his books was “Worlds in Collision” (1952) which was praised by some scientists but mocked by many others.

His writings were often rejected by important journals. His ostracism by many in the science community was the basis of the book: The Velikovsky Affair – The warfare of science and scientism (Alfred De Grazia).  A number of the scientists who opposed his views acknowledged they had never read his books.

One day I read that Velikovsky was going to speak at the Franklin Institute.  I was thrilled at the thought of meeting him. Then, quite suddenly, the Institute cancelled his lecture. I believe they disagreed with his ideas and thus prevented him from sharing them.  It was a kind of censorship that shouldn’t happen in the world of science.

Over the years, a number of Velikovsky’s hypotheses (not all) were proven right.  He had correctly predicted the existence of geomagnetic planetary fields, the negative electrical charge of the sun, Venus’s high temperature, the hydrocarbon clouds around Venus and emission of radio sounds from Jupiter.

This wasn’t the first time in history that unorthodox ideas had been censored. Today, the medical community has a similar unscientific response to homeopathy. They reject it out of hand, having not even read the literature, the research or the thousands of cured cases covering 200 years.

Science and prejudice don’t belong in the same breath. Meanwhile, conventional physicians are having to rationalize the increasing toxicity of their drugs and the immense harm it is doing to their patients.

Millions of people who have suffered from side effects and invasive treatments have lost faith in the medical system. Many of them have tried homeopathy and discovered it to be gentle, safe and powerfully healing. They are the new scientists.


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