An Appreciation for Luelle (1909 -2002)

An Appreciation for Luelle (1909 -2002)

Luelle Hamilton was a physician, naturopath and
poet for 49 years. In her eighties, she would still drive a hundred
miles to see patients too sick to reach her. She would get in her
little Volkswagon and tear down the road. Her healing methods included
osteopathic manipulation, diet, homeopathy, herbs, drainage, colonics,
exercise and more. Among her clients were the Amish in Pennsylvania,
as well as people from the poorest rural areas, living in backwood

I remember the first time I met her. When I arrived, she had me
soak my feet in salt water. Later, she gave me a big hug and her
large hands gently probed my spine for subluxations. This was a
typical Luelle hug, a sort of instinct from all her training. Just
as I was expecting her to take my case, she said, “Do you
like Bach? There’s a recital at one of the local churches.
Would you like to come?” “Sure” I said.

Ultimately, we became friends. She invited me to live with her,
to teach me her healing methods. It was a big house and her husband,
a violinist and pianist, filled it with classical music. Patients
who arrived at lunch time, were invited to stay for a feast of raw
food. When they were very ill, she put them up in the spare rooms,
turning her house into a hospital. One night, a very sick woman
said to her, “I’m not sure I’ll be alive in the
morning”. Luelle replied firmly, “Listen… God loves
you, and I love you, and you will be here in the morning. She was.

In the early days of AIDS, when it was a mystery, Luelle was one
of the first doctors to seek out and have success with AIDS patients.
She told me there was always something you could do, no matter how
desperate the case. At one point, she had the longest surviving
AIDS patient in the country.

Luelle used food in the most precise manner. Once a patient complained
that he didn’t feel well after taking the soaked almonds she
prescribed. “How many did you eat?” she asked. “A
handful – maybe 15.” “Next time just seven, as I suggested.”

Patients arrived with ailments caused by destructive lifestyles,
but no one was ever judged. She just started from the present. Luelle
understood that sick people were often frightened or demoralized
and needed spiritual help. When she thought it was helpful, she
shared stories about her own life. Sometimes she would sing or recite
one of her poems.

In the United States a battle is being fought over how medical
care will be funded and what it will cover. Whichever side wins,
there will never be enough money to buy the kind of care that Luelle
Hamilton gave to her patients. It was priceless.


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