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Editorial, Homeopathy for Everyone October 2013

Faith is a knowledge within the heart, a passionate intuition, coming from the source of our true inner wisdom. To have faith in something means to have confidence in it and to act on our belief in it. As with all matters of the heart, we know when we have found it.

Samuel Hahnemann had the courage to follow his heart and intuition, based on his unshakable faith in God. His deep faith in a good, wise and benevolent God made him sure that there must be a cure for the diseases which he wasn’t able to alleviate so far with the knowledge gained from orthodox medicine:

“It is a good God. He is kindness and wisdom himself! Therefore there must be a way, provided by him, to view diseases from a correct standpoint and to cure them with certainty.“[1]

FaithHis faith in God, his love for his fellow men and his deep desire to alleviate their suffering led him to search for and to find the curative homeopathic principle, upon which he developed and practiced the homeopathic healing art.

Believing in the superiority of homeopathy over any other therapeutic method Hahnemann opined: “My long and satisfying practice… proves that pure homeopathy, practiced by those who have thoroughly studied it and internalized it well, is sufficient for all requirements of suffering mankindPure homeopathy is the only correct, the only possible and direct way to cure, as sure as only one single line is possible to draw between two given points.“[2]

Expressing his deep faith in God and seeing a deep connection between God and homeopathy due to their validity, Hahnemann often spoke of the “divine“ homeopathy. He argued: “A physician who dedicates himself to homeopathy also dedicates himself to truth and is therefore near to God and enjoys his approval.“ [3] In the practice of the true healing art Hahnemann saw the most sacred of all human occupations.

Hahnemann could effectuate great changes in the medical field because he consciously and deliberately choose to do what he was passionate about and committed himself uncompromisingly to it. Practicing homeopathy he felt deeply satisfied, because he did what he loved to do. Homeopathy overtook every breath and moment of his existence and it was the meaning of his life.

Recognizing God as the Supreme One Hahnemann opined: “I have no other wish here below than to lay before the world in a worthy manner the good which the Supreme being permitted me to discover, I may say revealed to me, for the alleviation of the suffering of mankind. Then I am willing to depart this life.“ [4] Having done what he was meant to do with all of his heart he could assuredly pronounce at the end of his life that he did not live in vain. Non inutilis vixi.

Deep in each soul and heart there is a longing to know one’s true meaning of life, not just to simply live and die. May Hahnemann’s path be an inspiration to us to have faith and to find our passion!



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About the author

Katja Schuett

Katja Schutt, Msc, HP, DHM, PGHom, DVetHom, has studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insight into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (simillimum.com). Her current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.


  • A lovely editorial which shows Hahnemann’s deep faith and expresses one of life most important challenges.
    Thank you.

  • I always had an aversion for the word faith. But faith conceived not as a leap into the dark, but as a step into light is entirely different. Putting homeopathy hypotheses to proof and finding out they are correct no doubt is a step into light.
    I also fully agree that treating people with homeopathy is the most important activity and the highest position a person can aspire to.

  • Sincerely, This is the purest essence in the philosophy where each being human could find the equilibriun between mind, body and spirit.

  • What a extract of life , philosphy,relihion & Healing in this editorial,May GOD you by all ways ,
    Rajesh Malaviya, ALLAHABAD

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