Breaking the Spell


One day, the medical community will look back on the suppressing of symptoms with toxic drugs as primitive. The chemical model of medicine will be replaced by subtle energy healing that works with the body. The tools will be things like homeopathy, frequencies of light and sound and electric and magnetic fields. This new paradigm is coming….but it’s not here yet. At their annual conference in May, the Junior Doctors of the British Medical Association voted to ban the teaching of homeopathy to trainee doctors. They did this without having read any of our major texts, case histories, or numerous studies. Their deputy chairman went on to call homeopathy “witchcraft”. These young doctors really mean well, but they are caught in the cultural myth that homeopathy can’t possibly work. It’s a kind of spell, and it has so bewitched them, they cannot see what is in front of them. We must be very creative and find ways to overcome this myth. I am asking you, our readers, for suggestions. We need novel and imaginative ideas for how the effects of homeopathy can be demonstrated simply and convincingly.

In this Issue

This month we have a presentation from the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. http://www.homeopathymontreal.com/

MICH has a unique program which combines classical homeopathy with the latest developments in the field. They use an apprentice style format (which I’ve always favored) and they emphasize working in groups. Role playing at case taking starts immediately and both live and videotaped cases are used. For graduates, MICH offers internships in Central and South America as well as Africa. Among the MICH presentations are cases of Cactus, Niccolum, Clam, and Moschus and articles on the MICH method, Autism, the Immune System, as well as a hot seat interview with Judyann McNamarra, founder of MICH.

Also this month, Cindee Gardner who has treated many cases of Hepatitis C, discusses her protocol. Cyril Smith explores the physics of homeopathy in a letter to the critics, Robert Medhurst discusses Isopathy and Mati Fuller comes up with a remedy for an OCD patient, based on a short film clip.

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About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Over the last 20 yrs of going to homeopaths for myself and my family it has only worked a few times. The first time I was given a remedy , it was like magic and cleared up my eczema completely. It was down hill after that. I’ve been to the Homeopathy institute in Toronto and Vancouver. I’ve seen homeopaths in Edmonton and with all of them after months of visits and different remedies, nothing.
    I ask myself now; is homeopathy real or is it just wishful thinking? I do know that arnica works and that belladonna was good for my youngest when she had a fever and that’s it.
    I’ve spent thousands of dollars and wasted so much time always with hope only to be let down. I read about all these great homeopaths and I’ve yet to meet one. After years of knowing my eldest daughter my homeopath said he had no idea what her constitutional remedy was.
    Another homeopath after treating my children for about 3 months and giving them different remedies said he didn’t know why they got better.
    I think that the problem with homeopathy is that all the good ones are inaccessible. They are writing books or giving lectures or whatever. The problem is, is that anyone can practise it and charge 300$ an hour and when they have chosen the wrong remedy tell you to be patient and spend more money. Until you can fix this homeopathy will be considered witchcraft and I’m beginning to think rightly so.


    Lyn Schwarz

    • Dear Lyn,

      I appreciate your frustration. The most difficult cases often do require the very best homeopaths…and yes, they are fewer and farther between. If homeopathy and homeopathic education had a fraction of the support given to allopathy,there would be more top notch homeopaths available…and their services would be covered by insurance. Living with a health problem that no one can seem to solve, and chasing it down with limited resources is beyond description.

      Please keep up your courage, and explore other holistic options. There’s an answer out there and you will connect with it.

      Alan Schmukler

      • I’ve been looking for ten years now. I think it’s time for me to take a pill.

        Good Luck on your journey


        • Hi Lyn
          I respect your frustration, but it’s not homeopathy that has failed you, but rather the wrong remedy match. As an analogy, we can all dip a brush in paint and splash it on canvas, but we all can’t paint a masterpiece work of ark. That takes skill! Remember the ratio of error in conventional medicine is far greater than in homeopathy. I have faith that you will find what you’re looking for.

  • Yes, I fully agree with you. We need strong scientific papers on homeopathy. We just published one earlier this year and working on an even better follow-0n paper. See
    Best wishes,

  • I first found homeopathy helped my allergies and have gone on from there to use it for many acute problems.
    Now my mother at 94 is ailing – severe spinal pain, dementia, weakness, agitation, etc. I find that homeopathy works so well for her and hospice personnel are astounded at how I can treat her without using prescription drugs. We tried them (drugs) first and had horrible side affects for two weeks then stopped all of them. Homeopathy has been so gentle and helpful.
    Possibly there could be a way to work with more hospices across the country to help end-of-life sufferers have a better quality of life with homeopathic remedies.

    A thankful devotee!

  • Agreed, we certainly need a paradigm shift in education. Not too long ago it was believed that the world was FLAT… Our measurement tools available today are showing that conventional treatments do not work (do not cure permanently without having to take pharmaceuticals forever). In the future we will have measuring tools available to prove the mechanisms of homeopathy, but until then, we have to have faith. Talking of faith, how about this paradox: With no disrespect to any religion, there is no “scientific” proof that “god” exists but yet all countries’ constitutions (governments) are based on some kind of religion (and a faith in a “god”) which cannot be proved. Yet, they discredit homeopathy which they say cannot be “proved”. Paradox and hypocritical, I would say…

  • god is there but no body has seen him and yet every body has a strong belief that he is omni present. and so is homoeopathy.

    developing a data base of evidences of cures ( audio, video, photographic, pathological reports, and any evidence to prove the cure) is a strong way to prove and keep the homeopathic science alive. an illustrative homoeopathic data base can prove the science and every homoeopath shall make a habit to keep a record of evidence of each and every patient he treats from the 1st day of consultation.

    as is said “homoeopathy never fails! but a homoeopath fails”. it is cent percent true.

    it is many times experienced, even by best homoepaths, that many of the time we cannot cure a simple cold. why ?? Answer to this is The science and art of treating with homoeopathy is still unexplored and its application is still unsatisfactory.

    aude sapere – dare to be wise

    accept this and try to find better ways to treat the symptoms by correct application of the principals of homoeopathy and refine this system to bring down this complex art to a simple one.

  • my best regard 4 all, just i want to start with saying: it is not a matter of white or black, plz.dont expect miracles in the age of reason!!!
    ..critical thinking always is welcomed, just as long as it aims the uncertainity, but not as just a mean of destruction.
    i n my family appreciate, homeopathic remedies’ benifits in many illneses n case we’ve tried as: chronic flatulence n heart burn(carb.v. made me froget it!) chronic throat inflammation(belladona is graceful!) spasmodic n menstrual pains(cham. magic within just 5 min.as my critical wife describes it), extrimities’ inflammations'(bell. fantastic!), chronic hoarseness(homeoveax/BOIRON= my saviour!), children eyelid warts(vanished from my 3 yrs. old daughter,instead of surgery pediatrician decided!) severe influenza(in both cases of male’s influ. n 4th month pregnancy) diarhea(china just 2 doses!!), constipation(alumina often works) sleep disorders(“Sedative P.C” of Boiron n “Stress” of homeolab,chronic and problamatic phlegm discharching(allium cepa+pulsatila…r good till now!) hang up and bad temper(nux.v = real friend
    yet… iam waiting for more confident homeopath who can guide me for some “hard to cure” cases like low HDL, n high LDL, for instance, just i like to draw with you a sort of borders or limitations we can talk about in homeo-remedies, the questions all r = Human race signifigance, but in order to get honest answers, we should not hide truth!! YES HOmeopathy is great n graceful, but nothing true enough to make any knowledge Certain!! coz our it is not of our human reason’s mission to go beyond itself, n we dont need to insult our lovely homeopathy by comparing it by some people’s relegious faith, it is a little bit more wise than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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