Editorial – Corona Virus – Alan V. Schmukler


Editorial – Corona Virus – Alan V. Schmukler – February 2020 – Includes speculation on the Genus Epidemicus

The world is now bracing itself for the coronavirus, and doctors are wondering what other plagues are in store for the planet. Such threats may result from: overuse of antibiotics, cutting down rainforests, global warming (increases the range of disease vectors), contamination of water supplies, poverty and overcrowding, and the manipulation of viral material in laboratories. The U.S. government recently lifted its ban on funding research for how to make microbes more lethal. 1

While the medical community is scratching its head looking for a solution to current and future epidemics, one already exists. It’s just so simple, conceptually, that they can’t see it.

As most of our readers know, homeopathy has a long and incredibly successful history in treating and/or preventing epidemics including smallpox, cholera, diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever, meningitis, polio, leptospirosis and the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918. During that flu, which killed up to 50 million people worldwide, homeopaths had a 98% cure rate 2 .

Being also effective against viruses, which antibiotics are not, homeopathy offers a powerful, safe, effective and fast response to epidemic diseases. In a given outbreak, homeopaths can determine the symptoms affecting the majority of patients and then arrive at one or a few remedies which cover most cases. Those “genus epidemicus” remedies will often work to prevent the disease as well.

The entire process of determining the remedy and making it in sufficient quantity could be accomplished rather quickly.  It’s so inexpensive to manufacture that the poorest country could easily afford to medicate an entire population. Medical professionals and even lay people could be quickly instructed in its use.

What if homeopathic pharmacies and organizations determined the genus  epidemicus remedies for the Coronavirus in Wuhan, and offered the Chinese government thousands of doses and instructions on how to proceed. That government would have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Meanwhile, Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun (PDHom, MARH), president of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy has gathered data from 30 homeopaths and tentatively speculated on a few possible genus epidemicus remedies: Gelsemium, Bryonia and Eupatorium perf.  Dr. Paul Herscu is considering Gelsemium, Mercurius and Eupatorium. We may need to assess more cases to be sure, but soon we will know. The virus may manifest with some differences in other countries and require different remedies. This knowledge needs to be shared with the world.


Elaine Lewis

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Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


    • Thank you Dr. Chimthanawala. Yes, those are some of the remedies which may cover the symptoms at different stages.

  • At the instance of Ministry of AYUSH, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy(CCRH) discussed the ways and means of prevention of Coronavirus infection throughHomoeopathy in 64th meeting of its Scientific Advisory Board on 28th January 2020. The Group of Experts inter-alia has recommended that homoeopathy medicine Arsenicum album 30 could betaken as prophylactic medicine against Coronavirus infections, which has also beenadvised for prevention of ILI.It has recommended one doze of Arsenicum album 30, daily in empty stomach for threedays. The dose should be repeated after one month by following the same schedule in case Coronavirus infections prevail in the community. The Expert Group has further suggested that general hygienic measures for prevention of air-borne infections suggested by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, for prevention of the disease should also be followed by the public.

    • Thank you Mallikarjuna. I had heard about the Advisory Board’s preliminary suggestion. Not sure why “empty stomach” was mentioned.

  • Hopefully the genus epidemicus will be found by homeopaths soon. Meanwhile along with the above common remedies I still have an unopened tub aviare 200ch (Helios) from the Sars time in HK. Looks as though Sambucus Nigra could be helpful in for severe cases of difficulty breathing. Worth having to hand.

  • We have to consider the constitution of the people first.
    I’ve already done some work. Most deaths and new infections occurred in the evenings as per one Internet source. They are fair complexioned, drink a lot of tea. Patients are chilly.
    Sore throat, fever and especially pneumonia indicate phosphorus.
    Chinese are fond of Ice-creams too !
    I’ve already recommended phosphorus single dose on Twitter. But only to Chinese ppl.
    Arsenic alb doesn’t seem to be the genus epidemicus. Bcoz constitution is the most important factor. But Arsenic alb or China as followup remedies can’t be ruled out.

    • First, Thank you for this informative article… Has anyone determined the source of the Coronavirus Nosode?

  • I have had good results with Drosera 30c – the cough is very like whooping cough. I would expect Sambucus niger might also come up + I would endorse the suggestion of Tub Av.

  • I treated myself with Causticum 200C plussed each night, almost this time last year and for a colleague I recommended Gelsemium and he said he felt optimistic after the first dose! He told me ehe went to bed very early in the week after his first dose, probably keeping on with his cello teaching.

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