Editorial – July 2021 – Are Your Remedies Being Erased?

Editorial – July 2021 – Are Your Remedies Being Erased?

In a study  by S. Weber et al., potentized thyroxine that would normally inhibit metamorphosis in frogs, was no longer able to do so, after being placed near a cell phone, and in another experiment, a microwave oven. The remedy frequency of the thyroxine had been disrupted or erased. (I first discussed this in my Nov 2017 editorial.)

This begs the question of whether our remedies are, or will be affected by the proliferation of Wifi, smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, and now 5G.  This is an important area for research, so we can learn what, if any effect current sources of non-ionizing radiation have on our medicines, and how to remediate that.

At our home, for some time now, we’ve been putting heavy aluminum foil around bottles of water potencies. When I order a remedy, or send one, I make sure that aluminum foil is wrapped around it. Is this necessary, and will it be effective?  Nobody knows, and so it’s a precautionary measure.

There are currently a number of lawsuits aiming to stop the proliferation of cell towers, smart meters and 5G. The wireless industry is fighting these by insisting that non-ionizing radiation has no biological effects.

They’re using all the might of their high-priced lawyers, paid scientists, political connections and cronies in the media to prevent the truth from coming out. You can read about their tactics in the Nation Magazine article: How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe –

The wireless industry has known for some time that cell phone radiation for instance, damages the brain and can causes brain cancer. They know it because of all the research that confirms it, including the National Toxicology Program (NTP)10-year, $30 million study and the large Ramazzini Institute study. They also know it, because one of their own scientists, Henry Lai, PhD, discovered that danger some years ago. They suppressed his research and then attempted to discredit him.

In fact, the cell phone manufacturers already have patents on devices or methods for reducing radiation exposure from cell phones, but they never implemented any of these. It would be an admission that there was a problem!

The legal battles to stop, or reign in, the current sources of radiation may take years. But in the meantime, I’m hoping that one of our readers will be inspired to take up this research on how radiation affects our remedies. Even to make a start on this research, would be an important contribution to the worldwide homeopathy community.

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About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • If you can erase a homeopathic remedy with electromagnetic radiation, then you will also be able to analyze and imprint with EM radiation, right?

    Montagnier did this with homeopathic remedies made from Escherichia coli bacteria. He proofed that you can record electromagnetic waves emitted from the DNA and from the homeopathic potency till D6, or especially the D6 potency, because higher potencies did not emit any radiation at all. Later he send the recorded file (a few kilobytes) via Email to another laboratory and there they imprinted a polymerase DNA / RNA fluid with it. After a short polymerase chain reaction they was able to “copy” the original DNA with an accuracy of over 90%, good enough for the coli bacteria test kit to react positively.

    But I ask myself, was the entire DNA encoded inside the recorded EM file?

    Probably not, because you cannot send 600MB via Email. Indeed the recording did not include structural data, only resonance and some fuzzy noises … maybe only fuzzy noises (white noise) with some particular spikes here and there.

    I think we are here at the borders of what materialism is not willed to explain and will never be able to explain. The file of the recording represents only a “link” to the original morphic field of the Escherica coli bacteria, not a scanning of the structure or data from the DNA.

    What I try to say with too many words, is that if electromagnetism is really so powerful, then it would be able to alter human consciousness as well. I have at home a NeoRhythm headband, just for experimenting, but I did not experience the consciousness altering effect I’m used from homeopathy. It can produce some relaxing, a little bit of more focus, but it cannot trigger the “fear of a shadow” like Stramonium, or the “anger against doctors” like Arnica, or the enthusiasm of Phosphorus.

    If you search for a easy to reproduce experiment, google “The Curious Case of Charles Darwin and Homeopathy” and combine this experiment with strong EM waves of your cellphone. Don’t try only higher potencies, but also lower ones. I bet that the lower potencies (D6 for example) can be cancelled out by EM radiation.

  • Thanks so much for bringing this to everyone’s attention as this is something I too have been wondering about for years since reading the research but can’t find a satisfactory answer.

    With my limited understanding, I did research the frequencies involved and both microwave oven and mobile phone frequencies were on different bands of the spectrum. And now with, with mobiles using a whole range of new and different frequencies, the problem of what these frequencies are doing becomes even more complex.

    I did receive one intriguing response from an European homeopathic pharmacist some years ago who told me that he and a colleague tested the research and found that yes, the remedies were affected but then seemed to regain their potency some weeks later. It is hard to know the veracity of this or whether it was just hopeful thinking.

    One other thing, I believe I read in the research that they had tried wrapping the remedies in foil and that did not help? I have been wondering Faraday cages and cloths would be of use but with all the remedies I have, it seems an almost impossible task to keep them safe.

    Many thanks for raising this very important issue. I look forward to seeing what arises from it.

  • If you want to put your mind at ease regarding the safety of your remedies in your own home or office, purchase an EMF meter. Check the levels and make needed changes, if possible, to lower your exposure. I would be concerned about storing water remedies near any source of electromagnetic radiation, although I doubt that the pill form has the “matrix” to imprint information. The strength of any electromagnetic field drops off precipitously with distance from the source. So store remedies in a cool, dark location, away from electric lines, appliances or any device that transmits via radio frequencies. I too thought of Montagnier’s research. You can see the experiment referred to by Isuret Polos in the documentary “Water Memory” on youtube.

  • Is there some good reason why the quoted articles at the end are not in fact links?
    It seems odd, and rather perverse, to have to go to the home page and search for them.

    Could I suggest that you tun them into links in future?

    Indeed it could be useful if the older editorials could be amended to show links, as well.

    Hi Will. If you’re referring to the articles in the editorial, the links are embedded in the appropriate words and lead directly to the articles mentioned.

  • I’ve found the remedies I make using Fibonacci potencies are both far more effective and much more resistant to erasure.

  • Bless you for bringing this to light. I agree, having seen remedies become null and void over the years. In once case, they were stored in a kitchen cabinet above the microwave. In another, on the inside of the wall which externally housed the electricity meter. While I have EMF protection, I know not everyone does. I believe a lined cabinet for all remedies would be beneficial. Perhaps something we each need to promote.

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