EDITORIAL – My Octopus Teacher – December 2021

EDITORIAL – My Octopus Teacher – December 2021

It’s been a daunting year for everyone. The homeopathy community has worked to share knowledge freely and that’s been a gift that keeps on giving. Being informed and knowing how to act is empowering. On the whole, we don’t have the same sense of helplessness that exists in the general population. We at Hpathy.com will continue to serve that end to the best of our abilities.  We will find our way through these dark times.

From all of us at Hpathy.com, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, informed and empowered holiday and New Year.

My Octopus Teacher

I recently watched My Octopus Teacher, a documentary about filmmaker Craig Foster and his lovely friendship with an octopus. While snorkeling in the ocean, he came upon the octopus which so fascinated him, he dove down to be with it every day for more than a year. Over time, they developed a way to communicate and a kind of intimacy. He learned to admire her life struggle and her intelligence. The experience was visceral, and instilled in him an empathy for all living things. The film won a best documentary and an Oscar award.  (Video Trailer for My Octopus Teacher:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s0LTDhqe5A   )

The day after watching that documentary, I found an article on a CNN news website which stated:

“Experts at the London School of Economics looked at 300 scientific studies to evaluate evidence of sentience, and they concluded that cephalopods (such as octopuses, squid and cuttlefish) and decapods (such as crabs, lobsters and crayfish) should be treated as sentient beings. The report said lobsters and crabs shouldn’t be boiled alive…..”

In other words, they discovered that octopuses, crabs and lobsters are capable of suffering, and shouldn’t be tortured. While I was relieved at the decision to spare these creatures an excruciating death, I was dismayed at the way the decision was arrived at.

Did it really take 300 academic studies (and how many years!) to realize that one shouldn’t cook anything alive? Why couldn’t the researchers accept the evidence of their own senses, which must cringe at the sight of animals suffering. I’m astonished that the experts were, until this moment, still in disagreement about whether these creatures were sentient.

Why do people let experts decide such basic questions? In modern societies, with higher education, there is often an over emphasis on intellectual learning. That can lead to a kind of detachment, and a loss of empathy.  Many people are so out of touch with, or don’t trust their own feelings, that they totally rely on authorities or generally accepted beliefs.

We’re coming into a new year at a time when we’re subjected to misinformation from corporations, governments, academia, and the media. We need to be vigilant, listen to our feelings and trust our own perceptions.  Above all, maintain empathy and love for our fellow travelers on this journey.

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About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Beautifully worded Alan.

    I was so thrilled to see you’d shared the movie in your newsletter.

    We saw it a while ago and were so moved by it. As a South African I could smell the fynbos around the ‘stage’.

    Importantly, we are so fortunate to live and breathe Homeopathy. It’s such a gift and a life-saver at this time of insane, satanic over-reach by those who will do us harm.

    Thanks for your comments, which I’m totally in agreement with. We are fortunate to be keepers of the flame and have this esoteric life-saving knowledge. Whoever is running the current state of affairs is beyond my capacity for empathy.
    Alan V. Schmukler

    Thank you.

  • Hi Alan, I just saw that Apurva’s photo is still attached to our reson8.well address. No problem but if you need it changed let me know.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Can you send me a link or screen shot to what you’re referring to? I’m drawing a blank (maybe too early in the morning!)

  • I enjoyed the editorial and I did see the documentary. I became vegan many years ago when I could not say that my pets deserved something that farmed animals did not and could see no difference between them. Today I also know that animal agriculture is a major factor in destroying the earth and is bad for our health per Dr. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study. True we do not need experts to tell us we should act when we realize the social practices we have learned may be flawed. Funny we were taught by our parents that doing something because someone else did it is no excuse yet we did what they did without question…for a while anyway.

  • Thank you Gal. The juxtaposition of kindness and indifference felt jarring and needed to be pointed out.

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