Editorial – October 2022 – Homeopathy is Spirit, Soul and Love

 Editorial – October 2022 – Homeopathy is Spirit, Soul and Love

I recently received an email from a homeopathic physician in Bosnia who is trying to open the first homeopathy school there. At one point she stated: “Homeopathy is spirit, soul and love for the universe and who created it.”

She understands that homeopathy is so much more than similia similibus curentur (which is quite a lot by itself).  It is immaterial, reaches the deepest aspects of the living organism, and was born in Hahnemann’s love of humanity and desire to relieve suffering.

Because our remedies are refined beyond materiality, they operate at a level beyond normal understanding. Their mystery opens a door to the secrets of the universe. When proving animal remedies, the provers have often experienced the emotions, perceptions and even instincts of that particular animal, though the proving was blinded. Was this due to genetic memory or something even stranger?

How deeply do the remedies act?  They go to the heart of the living being. Hahnemann quotes A. von Haller about the plants from which many remedies are made:

A great diversity of strength lies hidden in these plants themselves, whose external features we have long known but whose souls, as it were, and whatever divine element they have, we have not yet perceived.”

Hahnemann writes: 

So medicines, upon which depend people’s life and death, health and disease, must be…. very exactly distinguished from each other… in order to ascertain their virtues and true effects. …..All this is necessary in order for the physician to become thoroughly acquainted with them…because only a correctly chosen remedy can quickly and permanently restore that greatest of all earthly blessings, well-being of body and soul.

A most important concept in homeopathy is the vital force. It is the vital force which responds to remedies.  Hahnemann writes:

In the state of health the spirit-like vital force (dynamis) animating the material human organism reigns in supreme sovereignty. It is maintaining the sensations and activities of all the parts of the living organism in a harmony that obliges wonderment. The reasoning spirit who inhabits the organism can thus freely use this healthy living instrument to reach the lofty goal of human existence.

We have all seen cases where, after a remedy, we witness not just cure of symptoms, but a true reality shift in that person. They emerge from the tunnel of illness transformed. A suicidally depressed woman becomes light-hearted, optimistic and ambitious. There is no conventional model for such healing.

All of these factors manifest in case taking. Case taking in homeopathy is deeply personal and involves caring and empathy.  The chronic case is an intimate process, a loving act, where the homeopath must gain insight into a fellow being.  After a case taking for a chronic ailment, patients have often remarked, “This is the first time anyone has really heard me.”

It is a gentle art, capable of healing the most serious ailments without harm. It safely heals infants and pregnant mothers with no concern of side effects. Healing takes place so naturally that patients frequently believe “it just happened by itself,”

The metaphor of “war on” disease does not exist in homeopathy.

Hahnemann states:

Thus in this incomparable therapy there is no need to attack the organism with violence in order to destroy an inveterate ailment. The suffering and torment of natural disease gives way to the desired state of permanent health gently, imperceptibly, and often quite rapidly.

Other aspects of homeopathy display its uniqueness as a healing art:

The problem of antibiotic resistance to pathogens does not exist with homeopathic remedies.  The remedies don’t directly “kill” germs, but rather stimulate the mind/body to defend against the pathology.

The nature of homeopathy is such that almost any condition might be cured by it. That allows patients to have hope even in the most desperate situations.  Also, the remedies can help terminally ill patients deal with their last moments peacefully and without being drugged.

Truly, “Homeopathy is spirit, soul and love for the universe and who created it.”



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