Happy Birthday to Dr. Hahnemann

Happy Birthday to Dr. Hahnemann

Dear Readers,

This month on 10th of April, the homeopathic community celebrated the 250th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Hahnemann. Hpathy also pays its tribute to the man who had the courage to speak the truth and who developed a logical approach towards the practice of medicine.

Nearly 210 years have passed since the time Hahnemann first proposed the Law of Similia. But the progress we have made since that time is very limited. Most of the questions that loomed large over homeopathy 200 years ago, are still unanswered. The modus operandi of homeopathy, the vital force, the miasms, the proving protocols, the potency selection and repetition – the divide over these questions has only increased with time. Homeopaths themselves are responsible for this lack of growth and the state of confusion that still persists.

There have been very limited efforts on the international front to answer these questions. Individual homeopaths try to answer these questions in their own capacity but without general verification of their ideas, the ideas remain …ideas at best. There is more politics involved in regional and international bodies then commitment towards homeopathy. Every school of homeopathy (!) tries to show their supremacy. The time has now come when unified efforts are required at international front to find answers to the questions that still puzzle the homeopathic community and give food to the sceptics. Let us take a pledge today to rise above our personal differences and work together for the cause of homeopathy.

I have proposed many times in the past to use Hpathy.com as an umbrella organization where the best of the brains can work together to design research protocols, new theories, collect statistical data and share information. Today, I again invite the homeopathic community to increase their participation in this open project and work together for the betterment of homeopathy.

Coming back to Homeopathy for Everyone, we have tried to create a very special issue this month. There is a very interesting article and case by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, where he explores the concept of levels in a case. Our Homeopath on the Hot Seat is also a very special person, the man who has done tremendous work for homeopathy in U.S., Dana Ullman. We have also tried to answer some controversial questions in this issue, with Dr. Leela D’Souza starting a series on miasms and Neil Dd Shere exploring the world of proving protocols. We hope you will enjoy this issue.

Do remember to check the result of our last month’s quiz and also send us your feedback about this journal and the new Hpathy.com at [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

— Chief Editor —
Homeopathy for Everyone

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