Homeopathy is the Source of Countless Miracles

Homeopathy is the Source of Countless Miracles

When I was a child my whole family went to one of
the last of the few homeopaths still in the former GDR. The doctor
was already beyond the age of 80 and I can still remember the special
warmth and dignity he exuded. I never forgot the woman walking with
crutches into the waiting room. My parents were awe struck and told
me that she was sitting in a wheelchair at the beginning of her

Many other homeopaths in history have worked thousands of little
wonders and helped to get remarkable cures, especially of chronic
diseases, which you will never see with allopathy. Among these homeopaths
are Dr. Eugenio and Dr. Marcelo Candegabe, two great representatives
of the world of homeopathy. In this issue they share their knowledge
and wisdom with us, encouraging us to follow our path despite the
adversities we have to face.

There are other interesting articles from the land of tango and
gauchos, about the history of homeopathy in Argentina, written by
Dr. Rosalía Villoldo Pérez, and about Masi, whose
approach got much positive response after several articles were
published in the January issue.

Children are our special treasure, our future and the wealth of
the society. To see their successful treatment and their eyes shining
with joy, always gives a special sense of delight. Dr. Luc De Schepper,
Miranda Castro, Ian Luepker, Randall Neustaedter, Harry van der
Zee and Sumit Goel, each share their knowledge about special aspects
of treating children. Firuzi Mehta and Laura Harr present interesting
cases from clinical practice.

There is much more for you to explore: Peter Morrell has given
us a darn good read about Kent’s influence on homeopathy and the
history of homeopathy in Britain; Glen Dupree suggests a more harmonious
potency than the 200C in his article on Kent’s Octaves.

Agrohomeopathy and veterinary homeopathy are wonderful areas to
prove that the law of similars is nature’s law and holds true for
all living beings. Many will already know V.D Kaviraj from the fascinating
interview (Dec 2008). Radko Tichavsky is another well established
agrohomeopath from Mexico, and has written a terrific essay on Biotypologies.
A further article about agrohomeopathy is written by Mariana Yazzur
Hernandez from Mexico.

The veterinary section offers an article about epilepsy in dogs
and cats from John Saxton and an interesting vet case from Glen

In the past there have been pandemics of influenza which spread
across whole continents at regular intervals. Just think of the
1889-’90 pandemic and the 1918-‘20 epidemic which was worldwide
and carried off millions. Bacteriologists are still troubled and
hunting for this evasive bug, making up vaccines and serums without
avail. Their medicines have ceased to live up to expectations. If
they would only recognize that germs are not primary, as Virchow
and Pasteur themselves admitted at the end of their lives!

Homeopaths treated many cases successfully during the 1918-‘20
epidemic, when the mortality rate was about 30% under orthodox treatment,
but for homeopathically treated patients only 1% ! It is a pity
that these figures are never made known to the general public. Homeopathy’s
detractors tried at that time to suppress the positive reports about
homeopathy. Skeptics should consider that a system of treatment
which cures so rapidly and thoroughly, is well worth investigation.

Dr. Manish Bhatia has written a timely article on the swine flu,
which includes important tips for prevention and treatment. That
along with comments of our readers will help you to have the necessary
information readily available. Homeopathy has stood the test of
time because it is it based on laws and principles and a reliable
materia medica. Therefore, we have the tools to treat diseases successfully
and don’t have to fear any new disease. So, let us continue to work
thousands of little wonders!

Last but not least there are Alan’s collected “Tips &
Secrets” and cartoon, and Elaine’s always exciting quiz.
I hope you find the remedy that calmed Jose down!

My special thanks go to all the volunteers who helped in translation
and without whom the publication of many of these articles would
have been impossible.

As always, you are asked to send us your feedback at [email protected]

I hope you enjoy the issue!

Katja Schütt
Homeopathy for Everyone

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Katja Schuett

Katja Schutt, Msc, HP, DHM, PGHom, DVetHom, has studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insight into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (simillimum.com). Her current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.

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