Editorial – January 2021 – Homeopathy Wins in India – Fights in France

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Editorial – January 2021 – Homeopathy Wins in India – Fights in France

Two headlines this month lifted my spirits.  The first was:

New Delhi: Homeopathy Practitioners Can Give Medicines To Mitigate Covid: Top Court.1  After much back and forth legal wrangling, the Supreme Court finally ruled that homeopathic medical practitioners may prescribe remedies for prophylaxis, amelioration and mitigation of COVID-19. The question of whether homeopaths in India would be invited to the table had hung in the air far too long. For a time, it seemed like homeopathy, with its long history of success with viral diseases and deadly epidemics, would be handicapped by the laws. But now that has been resolved. The Supreme court showed its wisdom and impartiality in this important issue. That decision will free up thousands of experienced, qualified, homeopathic doctors to help deal with this national crisis.

The second headline readHomeopathy: Group fights France’s no reimbursement rule 2  A couple of years ago, the French health authority, la Haute Autorité de santé (HAS), and the Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, declared that homeopathic remedies were not effective and therefore no longer eligible for state  reimbursement. She stated: “Homeopathy has not proven its benefit to public health nor to current pathologies.”

I wrote an editorial about that in my July, 2019 editorial, France Falls to Pharma 3I.. . Buzyn and the HAS made that decision without having read any of the thousands of cured homeopathy cases, nor reviewed the roughly 3000 clinical studies and research papers that exist on homeopathy 4. What’s more, a survey had found that 95% of French pediatricians, dermatologists, and general practitioners used homeopathic medicines. At the time I thought the homeopathy community must defend itself. To my dismay, there wasn’t enough of a ground swell, and the decision to remove homeopathy from the health care system became law.

Now, however, the homeopathy organization l’Association pour la Promotion de la Médecine Homéopathique (APMH), based in Lyon, has taken the state to court over that decision. It will now be up to the court, to determine whether homeopathy is recognized as a true healing modality by the government of France. We don’t know how it will turn out, but homeopaths will now have the opportunity to present mountains of evidence to support our healing art. The decision will affect millions of French people during this critical time.

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