If Only He Knew…

Could an important political outcome depend on a homeopathic remedy?

John Fetterman stands 6’ 9” tall and had played football in college.  He later received a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. After a couple epiphanies in his life, he developed a strong desire to serve the community. To that end, he entered politics and was elected Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania (U.S.) serving from 2016-2019.

Braddock was a former steel mill town which had gone into a deep decline by then.  It was beset by unemployment, poverty and crime. It had no supermarkets, gas stations or other normal businesses. John Fetterman set about revitalizing the town by building a community center, renovating old buildings, creating new housing, opening art galleries and restaurants. He started a “free store” that donated diapers, clothing and other basic items.

Fetterman subsequently entered and won an election for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, where he lobbied for raising the minimum wage, free medical care for all and reforming the criminal justice system.

Now John Fetterman is running for the position of U.S. Senator.  His opponent is a former allopath and talk show host with no experience in government.  Fetterman looked to be the winner.

On May 13, 2022, John Fetterman suffered a stroke, survived it and continued with his political race for Senator. However, while his mental faculties were fine, he still had a speech impairment from the stroke.  He was expected to recover from that, but it was taking time.

On October 25th 2022 the candidates held a televised debate. Fetterman’s performance was marred by sometimes slurring his words.  For those of us who wanted him to win, it was painful to watch.  After the debate, many people questioned his ability to serve.

While watching the debate, all I could think was, “If only his doctors had known about homeopathy!”   There are only a handful of remedies that cover “speech impairment” from stroke.” If he’d gotten a homeopathic remedy, he would have recovered very much faster. (My mother once recovered from a stroke and speech impairment within 20 minutes after taking Nux.)

Pennsylvania will be an important state in the upcoming elections. If Fetterman wins, it could make the difference between the country being ruled by those who believe in democracy and those who would destroy it.

Homeopathy matters.

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About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Respectfully, this article is more of a political opinion piece that a promotion or education of homeopathy. There is already so much division in politics and in health care already. I feel you eliminated more than 50% of your readers by writing an article on your political opinion. I’m disheartened to see such an article in Hpathy. This type of article destroys the bridges we are trying to make with allopathic physicians to see homeopathy as an option. Dr. Oz has many accomplishments also in his life and educates about food choices to promote health which many doctors don’t take the time to educate themselves on and offer as part of their treatment. Using television to promote his knowledge doesn’t simply make him a TV host. He is a highly educated individual that was looking to offer more freedom of medical choices. That itself is democracy.

    • Good heavens! You mean half the people who read our ezine are insane? The other thing about Fetterman that Alan didn’t mention was, as Lieutenant Governor, Fetterman said “no thank you” to the mansion he could have lived in at tax-payer expense. Are you saying our readers are so unsympathetic that they wouldn’t want to know that one of the candidates in an election had the courage to run for mayor of a depressed, crime-ridden neighborhood to rehabilitate it and make it safe to live in again? Gee, I’d want to vote for that guy for sure. Oh wait, I did! You know, the thing about Dr. Oz, he didn’t even live in Pennsylvania. He lives in New Jersey. He bought a house in PA just so he could run for the Senate. Dr. Oz owns 9 houses–just not in Pennsylvania, where he wanted to be Senator. He also clearly stated his position on abortion: he thinks it’s murder. I don’t think he even believes that but was happy to say it in order to become a candidate for the Republican Party. As a doctor, surely Dr. Oz knows that sometimes, in order to save a pregnant woman’s life, a D and C has to be performed. Technically, this is an abortion, but, if abortion is illegal, such a procedure can put the doctor in legal jeopardy, forcing him to say “no” to a medical procedure that he knows should be done. For a doctor to be insensitive to this effect of abortion ban on a woman’s health, I think it disqualifies such a person as a serious candidate. Even Oprah Winfrey, the woman who promoted Dr. Oz’s career, endorsed Fetterman’s campaign “for many reasons”, she said. So, if half the people who read the hpathy ezine want to ditch this publication because Alan wrote an editorial about how homeopathy could have helped John Fetterman recover from a stroke, well, I suspect those people already left after reading my articles on Donald Trump and his fascist side-kick, Stephen Miller.

      But, P.S., Leanne, I agree with what you said about Dr. Oz. I liked his show. He really was pro-nutrition, a different sort of doctor, as you say. That’s why I was quite shocked when he ran as a Trump-backed Republican, ready to ban abortion even in cases of rape and the life of the mother! Quite appalling and indefensible, especially as a doctor.

  • My point was that I believe politics don’t hold a place as opinion pieces when trying to promote education on how incredible homeopathy can be. It wasn’t simply an article about Fetterman’s ailment and how it is a shame he didn’t receive homeopathic care. Your emotional response to my comment is the very fear I have that some people will chose not to use this wonderful resource filled with amazing information from amazing homeopath’s experiences like yourself because offense can be taken at individual’s opinions. Opinions like that don’t hold a place in homeopathy, I believe. That was the point of my comment. I come to Hpathy.com to learn from other great homeopaths. Right or Left…Red or Blue…we are all people. We, as homeopaths, are suppose to be non-biased listeners and healers. I don’t believe opinion pieces show that example. There is already too much division in the world today. I’m sorry my response was offensive to you. I wasn’t attacking, I was leaving my comment as a concern that more division would be created if political opinion pieces are the highlight of the forum. It’s already hard enough in this world to spread the good news of homeopathy than to have to battle one another.

    • Hi again, Leanne; the people who write for the Hpathy ezine are on their own, they don’t represent the ezine as a whole. Alan was writing an editorial, which means an opinion, and his opinion alone, not anybody else’s. Some authors, like myself, seem to have a strong need for honesty. Sometimes that gets me in trouble. But I have to tell you, Leanne, the right to abortion is part and parcel of a sound health care system. Not being able to plan your family, and doctors being afraid to perform essential medical procedures lest they be put in jail, no one in the health field should be expected to tolerate such a set-up, nor tolerate a Senatorial candidate who’s a doctor, and yet in favor of injecting chaos into the practice of medicine. But Leanne, remember, it’s an editorial, which, by definition, is an opinion; and I know you’re saying, “Keep your opinions to yourself!” Well, so noted.

  • wow so many political views – who knows what is true these days. So many hidden agendas and optics, all political. I really don’t want to hear the political side anymore, so many stolen elections which absolute proof, I saw it in my own state. Stick to homeopathics.

    • Stolen elections? That’s not what Trump’s Attorney General William Barr said. In fact, everyone who vouched for the security and fairness of our our elections were Republicans. Even Ivanka Trump said, “If William Barr says the elections were fair, then it must be true.” Where did you get this idea that “elections were stolen”? What elections? Did you know that Sean Hannity texted Mark Meadows on Jan. 6th saying: “No more talk about stolen elections!” https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/3471811-new-texts-highlight-hannitys-close-communication-with-meadows/ What you don’t have are facts. And I assume that’s because Donald Trump told you not to believe anything you read if it came from respected news sources. Otherwise, where did you get this idea that elections were stolen?

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