Is This Where Were Headed?

Is This Where Were Headed?

I have an 82 year old patient that came to see me for chronic urinary tract infections, for which she was prescribed antibiotics every couple of months, which resulted in thrush, and digestive problems. She was also losing her vision.

Although she saw her doctor at Kaiser every other month, it was her homeopath (me) who picked up the fact that she had diabetes (even though they had been testing her urine for years)!

I sent her back to her doctor at Kaiser who immediately put her on insulin. The insulin caused surges and troughs in her blood sugar and she would wake up in the middle of the night with hypoglycemia.

I treated her constitutionally and gave her Syzigium-jamb. This allowed her to reduce her dosage of insulin, her health has improved considerably (no more UTI’s and her vision is better) and it was looking promising that we would be able to wean her off the insulin completely.

However in the last 2 months, I was told by Boiron, one of our largest homeopathic pharmacies, that I would need a DEA number to order Syzigium-jamb.!

My patient is out of the Syzigium and her blood sugar levels are rising again!

I can’t imagine why you would need a DEA number to prescribe a homeopathic remedy like Syzigium (not to mention our well loved nosodes and sarcodes).

Why are they doing this?

Is this the direction that Homeopathy is going?

Gabrielle Traub

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  • And that is why I stay in india. No restrictions for buying homeopathy medicines, whether you are a doctor or not! I can buy any medicine,nosode,sarcode etc any potency and any quantity OTC. No questions asked. 🙂

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