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Latin America – The Continent of Hope

latin america

Latin America – The Continent of Hope

Pablo Neruda once said, “Latin America is very fond of the word hope. We like to be called the continent of hope.” Their homeopaths are really candidates of hope, which give hope like a promise of heaven and an “IOU”, whose debt is always being paid off.

There are countries in which homeopathy is well established and recognized, whereas in others, homeopathy is just about to be introduced. Felipe Cárdenas Támarahas written an article about the history and status of homeopathy in Columbia and the current problems Colombian homeopaths have to face. He, like many other homeopaths, send forth a tiny ripple of hope every time they stand up for their ideals. Two of these homeopaths are Barbara and Bill Grannell, who established a groundbreakingproject to provide homeopathic health care solutions for rural Mexico. We are proud to present their work to you.

Francisco Xavier Eizayaga is seen internationally as one of the great masters of homeopathy. We received Jose Eizayaga’s permission to reprint the chapter Diseases According to Their Degree of Severity, from Francisco Ezayaga’s book, Treatise on Homoeopathic Medicine. This was Eizayaga’s favorite subject during the last years of his life. Lynn Amara had the good fortune to meet this famous Argentine homeopath and tells us about her experiences. A further article is written about his life and the layer approach.

There are many other homeopaths who have contributed to the establishment and spread of homeopathy, allowing many more patients to benefit from our gentle, safe, inexpensive healing art. Guillermo Zamora describes several acute cardiovascular cases, proving that homeopathy is also efficient in severe, acute diseases and emergency treatment. Eugenio Candegabe suggests how to study the Materia Medica, to best apply the acquired knowledge to each specific case.

Sergio Rosenholc analyzes Sigmund Freud, discusses Hahnemann’s life and work and finds analogies between homeopathy and psychoanalysis. The application of the scientific method is explored by a team of Mexican homeopaths, and Fernando D. François Flores writes about Hahnemann’s theory of miasms and the difficulties he faced writing his book The Chronic Diseases. And of course, don’t miss Elaine’s new Quiz, the new crossword, cartoon and Tips and Secrets !

There’s much more, so pull up a comfortable chair and listen to the gentle whispers of hope! Keep sending your articles, cases, questions and comments to [email protected]

I hope you enjoy the issue !

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