Law of Similia – Is It Universal?

Law of Similia – Is It Universal?

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Last month our poll question was “If homeopathic medicines provide a stimulus to the body to correct what has been deranged, can that stimulus be given to the body in ways other than homeopathy?” We got some interesting replies which you can read here. This month, I would like to extend the discussion further by posing the question – ‘Is the law of similia a universal law?’

Most of us are taught about the ‘Similia Similibus Curantur’ in our early college days as if it is the ultimate medical truth. Our teachers usually show strong belief in the principle; day in and day out, we study cases cured and miracles done with this principle. But does this law hold in every condition? Is it a universal law?

If your answer is yes, what makes you think that the law of similia will hold as a curative law in every condition? If your answer is no, what are the conditions in which the law will not be able hold. When do we need to use methods other than those that follow the similia principle? Please share your views with us by participating in this month’s poll question.

This month we have got a very special person in the hot-seat; a person who is very well known to the cyber homeopathic community; a person who is respected by one and all for his knowledge and understanding; a person who has taught many among us. Any guesses? Well… He lives in Himalayas. Ladies & Gentlemen, no prizes for guessing this one! Please welcome DAVID LITTLE in the hot-seat this month.

I am myself a David Little admirer …so much that many years back, I had written to him asking him to be my guru and to join him at Himalayas in my pursuit for knowledge. He had declined then because he was working on his own pursuit with his own guru-ji at that time. But all of us have been able to learn from him through this online world and I am very happy that he has shared his views in great detail through his interview in this month’s issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

This month we have put our focus on the Aurum group with George Loukas covering this group in detail and Dr. Leela D’Souza & Dr. Dimpi Shah sharing two cases of Aurum-sulph with us. You can also find an interesting article by Elaine Lewis dealing with sports injuries and we have got two new book-reviews too. I hope you will find this issue useful.

Read and Enjoy! Do remember to check the result of our last month’s quiz and also send us your feedback about this journal and Hpathy.com at [email protected].

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