Living Your Dreams

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Living Your Dreams

Dear friends,

Last month when I was writing my editorial on the W.H.O. report on homeopathic remedies, I had thought that next month I will cover the issue about differences in our various pharmacopeias in my editorial. But some events in the last few days have made me write a more personal message to you. I have shared with you my homeopathic journey in a past editorial, but this time around I am going to share with you the story of a dreamer within me.

It so happened that a few days ago my sister bought a load of books from Crosswords. While going through her purchase, I saw a book that I was planning to buy myself and I just started reading the book. The book was Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal. It is a collection of stories about entrepreneurs, who saw a dream and succeeded in making it come true. While reading about those successful people I realized that these people had the same level of enthusiasm for their work even after tasting success, the same passion with which they had started 20 years ago. They were still hungry for more. They were still living their dream! And then a question came to my mind – Am I living my dream?

A whole lot of thoughts started flowing in my mind and I journeyed back in time to explore the status of my own dreams. And what were my dreams? I read Organon for the first time when I was seventeen and loved it so much, that I dreamed of taking homeopathy to every household in this world, of making homeopathy the leading system of medicine. As I was just 17, anybody would have labeled me as a foolish, day-dreaming kid who was unaware of the ground realities. And they wouldn’t have been wrong, but I somehow clung to my dream and believed in it as if it were true. Time and circumstances did test my love for homeopathy, but in the end I stayed with it and with my dreams too…

Circa 2000-2001, I started Hpathy.com and soon dreamt of making it the biggest homeopathic portal around. It became a medium for my first dream.  I believed in my dream and I lived it day and night. I remember keeping my toothbrush on my computer table so that when I woke up in the morning, I’d start my computer before picking up the toothbrush. While I brushed my teeth, the computer would have booted and I’d start my day in front of it. The tea would also be served there. The hours never meant anything. Working for 18 hours a day was fun and sleeping at 3 am was the norm! The dream came true very soon and Hpathy still continues to grow.

I was working at my clinic too. I made a humble start from a small 80 sq. ft office in a small by-lane in my colony. I dreamt of having the biggest and the best clinic around, not because of the love of material, but because I realized that a bigger setup brings many more patients and you get to learn much more. I had little means to make it come true, but I believed in my dream and believed it would happen.  A couple of years down the lane that dream came to fruition.

All this time I was living my dream for homeopathy. By age 30 I ran the world’s leading homeopathy portal, was chief-editor of the most widely circulated professional homeopathic journal, had one of the biggest private clinics in India, was improving as a clinician and was considered among the best philosophy teachers around. What more could I have asked for?

While reading that book by Bansal I realized that somewhere in the last few years I had become more involved with the mundane things in life. The love for homeopathy was still there, but the passion was not the same as when I had started. Maybe it was the result of success, or complacency or just life circumstances, but my mind was more involved in doing things that I needed to do (family, finances and the mundane) than doing things that I loved to do (homeopathy, teaching, music and poetry). I was still working for homeopathy, but I was living more for myself and less for my dream.

Success comes to those who dare to dream big AND then start living that dream as if it was true. Successful people stop growing when they stop living their dream. The dream that I had initially seen, still remains unfulfilled and while reading that book I realized the need to realign my priorities. I need to rekindle that passion once more because…

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Now you might be wondering why I am sharing all this with you. Why would anybody feel comfortable sharing his inner turmoil and the voice in his brain with more than 40000 people in public?

I realize that I am not alone in this journey. Like me, many of you must have had big dreams about homeopathy, especially when you started out. But how many of you are actually living those dreams? Most of us learn to compromise our dreams as we grow up, because there are other pressing things to do; your spouse, parents, children, your home, your clinic, taxes, car, service, maintenance, personal belongings and the daily chores preoccupy you and leave little time to pursue your dreams. Or, sometimes failures leave you too disheartened to believe in your own dreams. Maybe we simply forget about our dreams.

This editorial is not for those who have forgotten their dreams. It is for those who feel stifled by everyday tasks and have become separated from the passion that drove them.  If you are amongst one of those spirited souls, break your shackles, realign your priorities, find time for what you love to do, rekindle your dreams and believe they will come true. It’s never too late!

Homeopathy will become the leading system of medicine, not because I or someone else dreams of it. Such mammoth dreams come true when a whole generation believes in them and lives for them. I want to see my dreams for homeopathy come true in this lifetime and I’ll work for it too. Will you?

Yours in Homeopathy,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone


About the author

Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece), MD (Hom)
- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
- Founder Director of Hpathy.com
- Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2, 3. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
- Awardee - Raja Pajwan Dev Award for Excellence in the Field of Medicine; APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Homeopathy Education
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  • Dear sir,
    you have spoken like our conscience.true we are escapists running away from success ourselves citing personal works and other family commitments.your editorial has really kindled the spark and enthusiasm within me. thank you sir and iam much oliged for encouraging all young homeopaths with ur inspiring words

  • Dear Dr Bhatia,

    Thank you very much for remembrance about dreaming. At the age of 19 years in the year 1981 I took admission in homoeopathic college. Since then I am a full-timer in it. From very first day, Organon became my favourite subject and Materia medica seemed most disarranged subject. By reading Organon I used to feel why people are suffering from lots of severe diseases where best constitutional treatment are available in homoeopathy? Why child born with
    congenital diseases, when antimiasmatic treatment can make all corrections
    during pregnancy? Then I started dreaming to make a disease-free human society all over the world. I have compleated DMS, then DipNIH from Asia`s
    largest homoeopathic college NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HOMOEOPATHY,CALCUTTA with
    great enthuacism carrying this dream. But within a few years of practice I
    became broken hearted. I started feeling what is written in book is not
    possible in practice. It is not from my own practice only but from many
    stallwards. I used to see many senior homoeopaths are being heart-attacked,
    family members are being gall-stone operated and many child specialist become
    family physicians of homoeopathic professors. Last year I asked a senior
    professor and guide to MD(Hom) of Delhi about health of senior and famous
    practitioners and his answer was discouraging.

    But I did not stop dreaming. I married to a lady who is a BHMS from Calcutta University. We begate two sons. I thought both we together can fulfill my dream . But she had her own seperate dream to practice in a suburb
    not with me in Kolkata proper. But all library facilities are available in
    city only. To pursue my dream I am in city alone for doing my research complete. For last ten years I am practicing with a medicine which I vave invented with great success. The story I will tell you in another day.
    Thank you once again for your coming within my dream which will only

    With regards.

    Dr Md Emdadul Hossain

  • Really true,
    dream is nessecary to approach our goals,
    you know my country my BELOVED PAKISTAN was also a dream,a dream of ALLAMA IQBAL which came true after much more struggle and Pakintan came on the map of world.

    • Respected maryam!
      how the homeopahy is going on in pakistan? is it encouraging to new generation for admit into homeopathic courses?.just for interest sake only iam asking. let us contribute our knowledge and experiences to entire world.long live homeopathy.

      • very sorry to say that homeopathy is going very worse in Pakistan,there is no awareness what homeopathy actually is,even homeopathic practitioners dont know about organon’s sayings.They are practicing with compound remedies And if ask about this,they say “practice is totally different from what we study in four years”,some use mixtures,some prescribe even 5-6 remedies at a time,some take case(chronic) more or less 15 to 20 min and some use highest potencies 10M,5OM,CM twice or thrice aday without thinking about the adverse effects of this repetition.They all are playing with the lives of innocent people.
        This is nothing but a lack of awareness,what do you think?
        Only few homeopaths are practicing classical homeopathy and prescribe single remedy,others only make a wrong image about homeopathy.
        I dream that homeopathy comes in the right hands in Pakistan,who dont missuse homeopathy,and not only homeopathy but all the system come in right hands.

  • thank you so much for your article and all those who commented. we all have journeys and each one as we know homeopathically is different. problems for all are different. some forgotten are fear, laziness, complacency, confidence and time. i often allow these into my world and it fades my dream of living homeopathy. i dont dream of a big practice or changing the world, its people or health, i know that isnt up to me but i would like homeopathy to breathe through me so i play my part in this very important wave growing momentum every day.

  • it was excellent, i got more courage to live with my dream & fulfill it. i am one who wants homoeopathy to be the first choice of every person on this globe. i am slowly moving step toward it, surely we should be united to bring this dream into existence.
    Dr. sangeeta jagdale

  • Dear Manish ~ Thank you for telling us your dream come true and taking that detour down memory lane, to renew your faith and heart’s desire. Thank you for inspiring others to reawaken on this propitious Holy week of reawakening to rekindle dreams, step back into spirit and away from the daily grind.

    Each day, I am thinking how the world can be improved when we see the turmoil, the marketing of drugs, addictive behaviors, dependency on the quick fix or vaccinations as preventatives, when we have homeopathy in our healing toolbox?

    Because of leaders, like yourself, who take time at least once a year, if not daily, to re-evaluate, listen to the wisdom of others, and take these ideas for self improvement that I believe homeopathy will flourish.

    We are making our mark on the world, and Hahnemann would be happy. Many stand up and speak out, both against the status quo, and for a medical system based on the similimum.

    with gratitude
    Debby, HWC Founder

    • Debby, I am inspired by you too. You have done amazing work in growing HWC and are an inspiration for the younger lot as to what can be achieved, if one is really keen on it.

  • Dear Manish!

    I am really surprised that you read ORGANON at the age of 17 and had a dream to become a Homoeopath. I wondered about the website hpathy.com which is the best one in homoeopathy world. And I am seeing your hard work and dedication from the articles published in hpathy.com. I wish you to fulfill your dream and I am saluting you Sir.


  • dear doctor,

    many of us have the dream to make hoemopathy a household name, but can it be done through secure environs of our clinic, or by running an homeopathic website, i think no.

    How many of us in our country have the facility of electricity, leave aside internet.

    How many of us go to those small towns, villages and other places where people are really deprieved of medical amenities., how many of us have tried to percolate to such places and tried to manage some really really tough pathology.


    • Dear Palkesh,
      It’s not about running a website. It’s about doing what YOU can do to make that dream come true. No one cannot do everything. One has to find his/her calling – be it serving the needy, opening a clinic or hospital, teaching or running a website. In the end, it all adds up!

  • Thank you it is fulfilling .It tells me to go on . It tells me that I am not the only one to have ups and downs . To have more issues to handle and all we need is faith to carry on . A believe to open my heart and arms and embrace life with everything in it . Awareness is what we need and I have faith in homeopathy like everyone who is studying and searching for the truth. We are exploring and this curiosity will never end………….

  • It’s really difficult to go on with an ideal of a life, the dream that homeopathy would be respected and recognised for its great advantages when compared to current medicine – it is like a lonely man walking among blind ones – I live in Brasil and holistic therapies like Homeopathy are not so popular as in India and other countries- there is much prejudice and ignorance !!!! Thank you for this article – no matter how far we are from a dream , we can live it every day if we go on with struggle and belief…
    The essential is never give up!!! And never loose sensibility for others sufferings!

  • Dear sir you have published this article in a right way which resembles the dreams of every homoeopath. REALLY it gives more inspiration and hope for the young homoeopaths and as well as our system.

  • dear sir,
    we are all with you
    One day your dream would make the world
    as a blossomed heaven of this united kingdom
    take it with care.

  • Dear Dr Manish

    Thanks for your inspiring article. I developed my interest in homoeopathy when my son was 5 yrs old, who is not 32 yrs old, almost 27 years ago. He had asthmatic problem when he was small and allopath gave antibiotic which did not relieve. I took him to a charitable homoeopathic dispensary, who prescribed four medicines, it cost me just Re1 in those good old days but no relief and I got frustrated and lost any respect for homoeopaths who just prescribe sweet pills. I went to return to him the medicines but he gave me one phial more, which showed wonderful result and in just 3-4 hrs,it was Baptisi, and my son was alright. Since then I developed interest in homoeopathy and started studying books on homoeopathy. It is now only after studying homoeopathy for several years that I have been able to treat my piles twice and could also treat the piles of my daughter who is just 32. I am working now on cold/sinus medicines. Let us see when I get success. Like you I also dreamt 27 years ago and have got some success now. Your article is really inspiring and given a blow to the fire of learning homoeopathy burning in me. Thanks once again. Suresh Jhaamb,


    • Dear Dr. Shekhar,
      Hpathy and the journal are a collective effort. The whole team pitches in to produce the journal every month and maintain the portal. In fact many team members do much more than I do. I cannot even imagine doing all this alone!
      Also when you love what you do, work and play merge into one and time doesn’t remain an issue.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Manish Bhatia

      Ps: Can you please use normal sentence style instead of ALL CAPS for your comments?

  • Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,
    I thoroughly enjoyed as I ‘traveled through’ your editorial. It is simply wonderful. You have beautifully penned your thoughts as you journeyed back in time to explore the status of your dreams. In fact your having drawn inspiration from the lives of those highly successful men reminds me of Longfellow’s famous lines:
    Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime,
    And, departing, leave behind us
    Footprints on the sands of time ;
    In the likewise manner your editorial also provides tremendous inspiration to fulfill one’s dreams. You wrote above that you had shared with your readers your homeopathic journey in a ‘past editorial’ could you please write back as to when did that editorial appear. I became a member of this forum and started reading your magazine somewhere in June this year and would surely like to read your past editorial to enjoy earlier part of your homeopathic journey. You write magnificently well. Your words and of course the actual contents are awe inspiring. See for yourself “The tea would also be served there. The hours never meant anything. Working for 18 hours a day was fun and sleeping at 3 am was the norm! The dream came true very soon and Hpathy still continues to grow.” Dr. Shekhar above asks you as to how do you get time for your practice and
    several other activities. I remember my father used to say, it is the busiest person who finds time for everything. It is therefore no wonder you have already achieved a tremendous progress in your young life yet determined to go miles before you sleep. All homeopaths should take lesson from you and get set to live up to their dreams. May God bless you with long life and all success to live through your dreams.

  • Dear Doctor,
    Your article made me travel back to my school days where i dreamt of being a successful child specialist. I joined medicine and became a doctor too and that too a know doctor. But What do we say i well know doctor or a successful doctor. Both words have different meanings for every individual.
    I am livimg my dream and am very happy and satisfied about my work.Tell me is this satisfaction called success or is it called acheivment.

    well your article explained the difference to me.
    Thank you.
    Dr Swati Kiran

  • Doctor Bhatia,
    We are proud of your tireless service to homoeopathy and it makes us to rededicate ourselves to homoeopathy with new vigour. Thank you for your editorial message.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on living our dream. I have run a homeopathic practice for 15 years and been a tutor for 13 years so I have my personal experience of following my dream and those of many students/graduates. In fact last year myself and a colleague followed a dream we both shared by starting the Southern College of Homeopathy in the UK. A lot of people thought we were mad as financially times are hard but we have a vision to raise awareness of homeopathy through education and our college clinic as well as supporting the homeopathic community by holding high quality seminars.
    When you write about the mundane getting in the way of living the dream you are so right as we often find ourselves caught up in administration work and red tape which then means we take our focus of what inspires us. So thank you for the timely reminder to stay inspired and keep the dream alive.

  • thank u sir.. for sharing your thoughts, your dream with us.. and giving us the courage to follow our dreams.. and to do the best in life…

    your this article will be a guidance in my life
    thank you..GOD BLESS U

    Dr. Deepti

  • Dear Dr.Manish

    Thank you so much for your excellent and hard work eversince you studied the

    of Medicine when you were 17. Congratulations to you for all the successes

    you have reached till today. I am sure that the God has helped you so much

    because of your humanly work in the Devine Field of Homeopaty. You surely

    deserve the best site, the best homeopathy clinic and the best of everything

    you dream of.

    My Best Wishes, Dr.Sadeghi

  • Dear manish,
    I,am your regular reader, admirer of your wonderful sight on homoeopathy,I have minutely observed you ascending to success slowly and steadly.you started your journey all alone and now there are lakhs standing by your side. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said that the “future depends on what we do in the present”.
    Manish I know that you are not working for success but working with a value which you have been gifted by the almighty.
    My warmest wishes for your dreams to come true as desired.

    Dr. Harprakash

  • Dear Dr Manish:
    I salute you for your single minded effort to fulfill your dream of making Homeopathy accessible to every one. I learned very valuable lesson to persevere with a resounding line of Robert Frost ‘Miles to go before I sleep, And Miles to go before I sleep. I thank you for writing so vigorously.
    With kind regards,
    Robert Lal

  • Dear Manish!

    Thank you for your dream. Sometimes dreams appears like dreams, something to be forgotten. You proved they are not.

    Warm greetings – Edson

  • Sir,
    Please accept my congratulations on publishing this wonderful article.It makes me &(many more like me)not to stop dreaming.Thank you for making me find ways to realise my dreams

  • Dear Dr. Manish
    I went throw your editorial. First I thought it was about “Dream” symptoms and as I read, I realize it is about the common dream of Homeopathic lovers. Because of worldly affairs we some times forget our dreams but people like you never sleep without dream and not let others sleep. Its been quite an inspiring article. It pulled me out of my sleep and pushed me to dream in daylight. I am preparing myself as a warrior of Homeopathy. For the last 12 years I am studying Homeopathy and still find myself aside the shore of Homeopathic ocean. Dreaming someday I will grasp the insight of Homeopathy and would let the world know about it. Homeopathy will be the main stream of medicine, till then we will not stop dreaming and work for it. Thanks again

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