Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

Dear colleagues all over the world!

Dr. Manish graciously gave me the opportunity to address you in this issue. After many years of experience I now know that it is extremely difficult to discuss true classical homeopathy at public meetings or seminars. There are so many misconceptions of the matter, so many prejudices against the latest Hahnemann views, that it is almost impossible to reach mutual understanding in a public discussion. Yet, a question that I heard with increasing desperation among homeopathic students and practitioners alike is, “Why is it that there are so many different opinions regarding the practice of homeopathy?” It indeed must look as a dark, obstructing evil to the student when he is confronted with so many contradictory opinions where Hahnemann has supplied us with so many clear and logical instructions. I have always found a quiet conversation on the subject much more useful and fruitful than heated arguments in public. Unfortunately, it often happens that so-called homeopaths think themselves entitled to judge homeopathy when they have not even read the Organon and Chronic Diseases.

It is my firm conviction that no one is competent to form an opinion on the matter of homeopathy until he has studied the basic writings of the homeopathic school. Only then, will we see that these endless fights among homeopaths, which are the sole cause of non-progression of homeopathy, are absolutely unnecessary. Hahnemann’s teachings are clear; he invites us just to “follow him well.” So far, I have found nothing in the modern literature that contradicts any of the aphorisms in the 6th edition of the Organon, nor have I found anything worthwhile to be put in a possible “7th edition.” Please inform me if I am wrong and where I am wrong.

The advanced methods of the Organon are artistic ones that must be individualized to the patient. No preconceived schedules or protocols can guide the practitioner. You need to remain flexible and alert as the daily dose might be correct for one case, while one dose a week or even once a month is sufficient for other cases. In very acute cases, one single dose may suffice, or it may be necessary to repeat the dose at very short intervals. In chronic cases, one dose might act for days, weeks, even months, or it may become necessary to repeat the dose daily for days, even months (although this latest scenario is rather rare and needs to be more offset with placebo as Hahnemann did in his Parisian years). In all this the practitioner must be guided by his judgment of the individual patient based on the advanced methods of the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon.

The great problem of our time is the fact that we don’t understand what is happening in this world. We are more and more confronted with the darkness of our psyche, our unconscious, and seem to have lost our “meaning of life.” This spiritual disease shifts our values and everything loses its certainty. How can we become more objective with our own psyche? How can we be more honest with ourselves and confront our core delusion so that we understand why we are doing the things we do in spite of the things we say. Why is it that homeopaths are willing to dish out homeopathic remedies to anyone, while I have found that only a small fraction of those enthusiastic homeopathic practitioners is on their own remedy? I can hardly think that the homeopathic practitioner’s association is more perfect and balanced than the rest of the population. We must look at our soul not just with a telescope but rather a microscope. Otherwise what is abnormal and needs correction will look as beautiful constellations pleasing the ego. So are you, the reader, on a homeopathic remedy? If not, it is time to start your journey to psychic and physical health. The path to individuation is a lonely, cumbersome and often unpleasant one. Few honest individuals can bear such search but knowing and feeling the progress one is making during such travel, makes up for the loneliness felt in a world of fake and superficial glitter. Not only your patients but above all you will be the winner!

With warmest regards,

Dr Luc

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Luc De Schepper

Luc De Schepper, M.D., Ph.D., Lic.Ac., C.Hom., is a licensed physician and acupuncturist in Europe (since 1971) and the US. (since 1982). He studied and practiced homeopathy extensively for many years, wrote 15 textbooks of homeopathy, alternative medicine and acupuncture and has the largest school of homeopathy in the US. He spends part of his time helping the poor in South Africa, Kenya and Sri Lanka and teaches all around the world, lately bringing homeopathy to China. For more information visit www.drluc.com

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