Probing Homeopathic Education

Probing Homeopathic Education

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Last month we had David Little in the Hot-Seat with us and after his interesting interview, we all felt thirsty for more. So this month again we have David Little with us discussing about many issues relevant with the practice of homeopathy today. He has raised many thought provoking points in his discussion with Dr. Leela D’Souza and I hope you will appreciate the depth of his words.

One of the issues he has raised is about the quality of education that is being provided to the students today. How many of us are given a thorough understanding of Hahnemann’s writings? How many of us can say that we have read all the works of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Clarke, Kent, Boger, Lippe, Hering and other old masters, when we step out of our college? How many of us get proper clinical training while studying homeopathy? How many of us use all the advanced methods developed by Hahnemann? The young student often rushes towards newer concepts and ideas without having a very sound understanding of the work that was done by the first generation of homeopaths. The quality of homeopathic education needs to be raised and standardized to a level where every student coming out of homeopathic institutes is well versed in homeopathic classics, is aware of the newer concepts and is well-trained clinically.

Since qualitative assessment about homeopathic education is very subjective, we have setup this month’s poll to gather information about the quantitative aspect of homeopathic education. Do participate in this month’s poll and share your views.

This month, we also present to you three interesting cases of renal failure, frozen shoulder and an acute earache. Trevor Cook writes an exhaustive article about using the tongue as a guide to the simillimum and Kulwant Singh gives detailed information about Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and its homeopathic treatment. Elaine Lewis shares the portrait of a pulsatilla child and discusses the homeopathic approach in another article, plus there is this month’s case quiz too.

Read and Enjoy! Do remember to check the result of our last month’s quiz and also send us your feedback about this journal and Hpathy.com at [email protected].

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