Protect Yourself and Your Remedies

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

November 2017 Editorial

Computer modems, mobile phones, microwave ovens, smart meters and cell phone mast transmitters are all sources of microwave radiation.1  The coming 5G network will include transmitters on every street operating at a staggering 50-90 Ghz.  Recently, 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium on the 5G network due to health risks to the population. 2  It’s clear that these microwave sources pose a serious threat to health.

For people who use homeopathy, there is an additional consideration. Our remedies are energetic patterns that can be disrupted by microwave transmissions.  In a study by S. Weber et al. 3  Potentized thyroxine that had been exposed to microwave radiation from a mobile phone and in another test, a microwave oven, was no longer able to inhibit metamorphosis in frogs.  In other words, the potentized thyroxine had its frequency changed or neutralized. The mobile phone they used emitted 0.3 mw/m2 (0.3 microwatts per meter squared), and it was placed right next to the samples.

Homeopaths have long known that our remedies should not be stored near microwave ovens. To quantify this I used an RF field strength meter to see how much radiation leaked from a new microwave oven.  At 2 feet away from the closed door of the oven, my meter went into the red danger zone as far as it could go, showing that the oven was emitting 180 mw/m2 or more.  I had to move 10 feet away before the meter showed less dangerous readings.  To put this in perspective, safe levels of microwave radiation for people range from 0.06 to 0.18 for chronic exposure.  Therefore, the microwave oven at two feet, was emitting over one thousand times the safe level (and probably more).

I also tested an operating cell phone with my meter, and the field dropped off to negligible levels after a 1-2 feet.

Next I tested a computer modem, since these also emit microwave radiation. Many people have their modems a few feet from where they work on their computer. At 6 feet from the modem the meter again registered in the red danger zone, this time showing 58 mw/m.  To solve the modem problem, I had an electrician install a hard-wire connection to my computer.  I then asked my internet provider to shut off both wifi sources to my modem (there were two!).  The moment they shut those off, the radiation dropped to the safe level of 0.08 mw/m2 .

At 180 mw/m2 (microwave oven) and 58mw/m2 (modem) these emissions are much higher than what it took for the mobile phone in the above study to disrupt the potentized thyroxine (0.3 mw/m2).  It would seem we need to store our remedies farther from those sources, than perhaps we guessed.

In the study, some test vials were wrapped in aluminum foil, to see if this would block the effect of the microwave sources. The researchers reported only a small protective effect. I recently used double layers of special heavy weight Aluminum foil to successfully block radiation from a microwave oven.  Such foil could possibly be used to line cabinets holding remedies.

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