Should We Keep Homeopathy for Homeopaths?

Editorial, Homeopathy for Everyone July 2015

homeopathic remedies 2The homeopathic community has always harbored a desire to “prove” homeopathy to allopaths. Perhaps we believed we could win them over and then homeopathy would become part of conventional medicine. But there are problems with this courtship. Pharma maintains a propaganda campaign with doctors from the time they enter medical school through their years of practice. This creates a kind of “information sickness” which closes the door on other perspectives. In homeopathy we know it’s impossible to cure a sickness as long as there is a maintaining cause.

In addition, homeopathy is constantly evolving. Remedies are now sometimes prescribed based on analysis of themes in the periodic table, or the sensation associated with their botanical order. Can you imagine trying to explain that to medical students who are still struggling with the potency issue?

Finally, what would happen to homeopathy if it were co-opted by the establishment? To maximize profits, it would be exploited, made one dimensional, labeled as disease specific and turned into something useless.

Homeopathy is a strange and wonderful mystery. It will always seem absurd to those who are not ready for it, who think mechanistically, who see life as simply an aggregate of chemicals. These people believe in a medical model that accepts death as a side effect. You can recall a drug, but not the people it killed. In the end, you cannot court such people, or win them over without doing harm to homeopathy.

In this issue:

Interview: We chat with Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, homeopath, teacher, author and co-founder of Marenostrum in Spain and Bhaktapur International Homeopathic Clinic in Nepal. Her work has helped spread homeopathy around the world.

Cases: Nimrod Rosberg (autism), Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor (anxiety disorder), Yuri Marakami (autism), Ingefleur Spreij (repeated miscarriage), Dr. Sujit Chatterjee (arthritis –Sensation), Stavroula Pervolaraki ( restless sleep), Dr. Pilar Gonzalez (herpes), Deborah Walters ( agoraphobia), Dr. Satyakaam Trigunait (alopecia)

Veterinary: Levonne Kelly (Spotty the dog), Kieran Linnane (Sphinxi the cat)

Articles: Dr. Henry C. Houghtons (chronic otitis media), Heiki Bishop (anti-homeopathy in Australia), Paul Theriault (meconium proving), Edmund Carleton (varicocele), Elaine Lewis (Tidbits), Alan V. Schmukler (Tips and Secrets), Dr. Saurav Arora (new research in IJHDR), Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar (colicky babies),   Zara Bourgeois ( seasonal allergies), Dr. Ajit Kulkarni (holism in healing).


Dr. Tony Pinkus – Groundbreaking research into homeopathic Secretin for children with autism and ASD. A must read!

Robert Medhurst –Part 31 in his important series on research in homeopathy.

Ask the Holistic Vet:  Dr. Deva Khalsa answers readers’ veterinary questions. Send your questions!

Book Reviews :

Dr. M.K. Sahani reviews Hahnemann’s Organon Of Medicine with Word Meanings by Dr. Mahendra Singh & Dr. Subhas Singh.

Dr. Jennifer White reviews The Toxic Relationship Cure by homeopath Jerry Kantor.

Ask the Plant Doctors:  Radko Tichavsky, Mark Moodie and Pawan Singhania answer reader’s questions about crops and houseplants.

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About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Homoeopaths, Homoeo pharmacies, everyone in this field need to give frequent adds through news papers , TV, cinema media etc as it is given by Allopathy system. there is an urgent need of seminars , awareness programmes so that public should know more and more about Homoeopathy, its effectiveness, affordability, easy to take, right from just born babies to very old age people , no side-effects. all -round efforts that too from all those in this field need to devote their time as much as possible for the cause of Homoeopathy to become more and more popular among the public. i have come across many homoeopaths do not spare time to explain to the patients how it works and how it should be taken, about diet and other precautions needs to be taken etc. in one visit if a patient do not get result, will loose faith and his entire family & friends also get influenced and are loosing faith on our system.
    personally i spend more time for propagating homoeopathy and its effectiveness. my main motive is to popularise homoeopathy because many miracles have happened in my family circle, i want same way people should develop faith on this system, which is – God given gift to the mankind – Homoeopathy.

    • Thank you for your comments. It is so important to keep promoting homeopathy to reach people who are open to it and to dispel the false critics. I appreciate your efforts in that regard.

  • I love this editorial..we need to stop attempting to fit homeopathy into the box of the scientific model, with its fear of uncertainty. In Jungian archetypes, science comes under Apollo, while homeopathy’s ‘mystery’ is pure Hermes who has the ability to hold different perspectives comfortably, unlike the literal, one focused Apollo. Celebrate the difference…Pauline

    • my comments misinterpreted and misunderstood. it is not an advocation to fit into scientific model. as you aware science is not end to all problems , more the scientific, more confusions , more contradictions, ultimately diseases are taking new turn and becoming incurable in many cases and what is claimed as diseases cured, suppresses one thing by allowing to raise ugly head in other form, there by doing more harm than good. in that perspective creating more and more awareness among the public how good homeopathy can help to suffering humanity, how acute diseases can be effectively harmlessly tackled and can be prevented becoming chronic diseases.

      efforts to create more awareness about homoeopathy and its effectiveness, is the need of the hour to save homoeopathy system before further attempt to onslaught this system. ultimately public opinion out of experience is more importance than scientific words war who is superior, who is not.

  • I may like to share two cases who were successfully cured by me. In this first case, a contractor working in my flat noticed large number of homeopathic medicines inquired if he could be cured of allergy caused with intake of milk or its product causing heavy swelling of skin with burning sensation which would subside either applying ice or taking Avil tablets twice a day. He was suffering from this problem for more than fifteen years. He was given combination of three doses of Cal Carb 200 and Carbo Veg 200 and one dose every week for a month. He reported improvement in 3 days and no re-occurrence of the problem for last seven months. The second is a funny case of wild pigeon who was lying in my balcony with its head bent on one side and looked to die any second. I tried to give some water which it refused to take but my wife suggested to give medicine which I reluctantly agreed as it appeared to be a hopeless case. I gave one drop of Arsenic 1M and Gelselium 200 each in spoon of water forcibly. After about five minutes I came back to my balcony and found that he had flown off and sitting in opposite flat balcony. Since then he still comes to our flat to take water and bajra which we keep for birds in our balconies. Such cures give lot of satisfaction and a message for those who consider Homeopathy as placebo. I am quite close to finding cure of Blepharospasm which wife is suffering from and taking botox injections every three months. Regards

    • I sent one comment yesterday, but there was some internet problem and this did not get posted. This is again with regard to the Urticaria problem of my wife and this has been shared earlier. I want to bring to your kind notice about the reoccurance of the urticaria twice for my wife. In the first instance, she was free from her urticaria for about two years after taking allopathy, ayurvedic and finally siddah medicines. When she got admitted last year in the hospital due to swelling over the body, difficulty in walking, pain in the neck, breathing difficulty etc, it was found that her uric acid level was 8 against normal of 4, HB 9 against 12, thyroid TSH of 6 against 2 etc. She was given heavy antibiatics IV, and all allopathy medicines, blood transfusion etc. After getting discharge from hospital, she got this urticaria back. The siddah medicines did not work and homeopathy medicines Cal.Carb,sulphur,puls, hypericum,lyco etc gave good results and she was free from this urticaria and in fact the medicines were stopped.

      when she had to go to a Dentist for fitting crown, she was given antibiotic along with pain killers, she got the rashes back last week.
      It is seen that this urticaria may be due to the effect of antibiotic and english medicines for her. But it could not be avoided due to the above circumstances.
      She was given calc carb 200 , sulphur 200, pulsatilla 200 on the advice of my friend who treated her. But there was violent eruption all over the body yesterday night and rashes could not be controlled even after taking Avil 25mg which could help in earlier times.
      I feel the cause for urticaria in her case is due to the antibiotics and english medicines.
      I would request you once again to go through this comment and if you feel that calc. carb in higher potencies would relive her problem, (allergy on antibiotics in this case). I will start giving the same. Can we give one dose of calc. carb 1 M and wait for two or three days and see the response. If necessary, I will go for Calc.carb 10 M later followed by Heper sulph.
      I hope you would appreciate this.
      God bless you and your family,

    • Dear Dr.Johar,
      I will be grateful if you could give your email and cell phone No. It is a great pleasure to be in touch with eminent personalities like you.
      My email address : [email protected]
      cell No.9489449758
      Did you try causticum, gelsemium for the Blephraospasm for your better half.
      Thanking you,
      yours friendly,

    • Dr.Johar,
      My wife was given cal carb 1 M and carbo veg 200 yesterday. She was free from this rashes on the day time. In the night she had severe itching in the fingers followed by rashes in the body. She applied turmeric powder mixed with curd and there was some relief. Again she had this itching in the fingers and on the thighs in the midnight and her sleep got disturbed. After applying this turmeric powder with curd she could get some relief and started sleeping.
      Earlier the cal carb 200 was controlling and she was getting relief from this urticaria.
      Any how she will continue the combination of cal carb 1 M and carbo veg on alternate days for this week and let us see how she responds to this treatment.
      God bless you and your family.
      Yours affly,

  • Thank you for sharing those cases. To us it is an affirmation of the mystery we have been fortunate to share knowledge of. To allopathy it is too strange to allow in.

  • Dr.johar,
    Thanks for the information and a nice article.
    On seeing your information few days in email received, I brought this to the notice of a homeopath who is treating my wife aged 63,for the chronic urticaria for the last 2 weeks. She was suffering from this urticaria for the last four years with a break of two years and again she has this problem from this April onwards.
    Several homeo paths treated her with out relief. Finally the present homeopath is treating my wife with great relief.
    He gave sulphur 1M – 1 dose,followed by cal carb 1M -1dose the next day and there was 98% improvement in her itching rashes. Then he gave lyco 30,puls 30 ,3 doses daily for the next 2 days. Then he gave nat mur 30, sepia 30, Apis Mel 30 daily for a week.
    Lot of improvements for his medicines. But the rashes appear slightly and refuse to go once for all. At this stage,on my discussion with him he gave cal carb 200 -3doses daily . Now it is 4 or days that my wife is very sincerely taking . I can say she has got 99 % relief! but that one percent is still remaining to go.
    In your case, it is due to the milk that causes the problem. But in my wife’s case, it is idiopathic and cause could not be found out.
    I am a retired railway engineer, having seen the miracle of this homeo medicines have a knowledge in homeopathy and it’s practice. The present homeopath is also my friend working as a computer professional in railways has a great knowledge in homeopathy for more than thirty years.
    May I give this carbo veg 200 along with cal carb 200 to my wife taking a guidance from you.
    If you suggest, I will try your combination medicine.
    As it is , I hope she is nearer to the recovery path.
    God bless you and your family,
    Yours friendly,

  • Dear Mr Sundaram, Thanks for your comment and the interest shown. The two medicines administered in my case were specific to milk allergy with which the patient made full recovery till date. Cal Carb along with Carbo Veg can be tried will do no harm and might prove to be curative. However, my suggestion would be to try Calc Carb in higher potencies of 1M and 10 M respectively in single doses and see the result as your wife is almost cured with this medicine which can also be repeated in case of relapse. One more medicine ie Hep Sul works well for allergies which can be tried later if above do not give the desired results. Regards and best wishes to your good-self and family.
    Sincerely yours Col Johar

    • Dear Dr.Johar,
      Further to my comments, about my wife’s urticaria problem, I will start giving cal carb 1 M. She was cured completely a week back and again she is getting this problem due to taking antibiotics for fitting a crown by the Dental surgeon. May be one of the many reasons for this urticaria.
      God bless you and your family,

      • Dear Mr Kalayanasundaram,
        Pl give two doses of Nux Vomica-200. Then start combination of Cal Carb 1M and Carbo Veg 200 thee doses alternate days and same dose once a week for three months. Best wishes Johar

        • Dear Dr.Johar,
          Thanks for your kind response.
          Before I could see your comments, I started giving cal carb 1 M. I will combine the carbo veg 200 .
          As suggested cal carb 1M + carbo veg 200 on alternate days in a week followed by weekly one dose of the above combination for three months. Can I give Nux vomica 200 in the next dose or shall I leave it.
          My wife is highly pleased to take homeopathy medicines only and she is confident in getting relief.
          In fact I showed your comments to her.
          God bless you and your family.
          Yours friendly

        • Dear Dr.Johar,
          My wife has started taking the combination of calc cab 1 M and carbo veg 200 on alternate days.
          She is free from this rashes in the day time , but the rashes appear in the night time.
          We will see how far she responds to this medicine.
          Now it has become a challenge in this homeopathy treatment.
          Expecting further fro you,
          Yours friendly,

    • Dear Dr.
      Further to my previous comments, I wish to bring to your kind notice that urticaria problem has returned to her on two occasions and we suspect that it may be due to taking antibiotics and allopathy medicines.
      A week back, she was free from this skin problem and all the medicines were stopped.
      But she is again suffering from urticaria . The cal.carb 200 is not able to control.
      Only the Avil tablets 25 mg gives some relief.
      But she is averse in taking this avil tablets.
      As per your suggestion, she will be given cal.carb 1 M.
      Hope she will be cured.
      Expecting your further suggestions.

  • Dear Col Johar,
    Thanks for your immediate response.
    I will try the medicines with the higher potencies for my wife.
    Yours friendly

  • Thanks for sharing your article to us.
    May God bless you and your team .
    With regards
    Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman.

  • It is my belief that people are only convinced about homeopathy by direct experience of its effects. I am conducting a poll on minutus now to see what the source of peoples convictions is. Articles, Arguments and scientific papers unfortunately seem to have little effect in actually convincing someone. For every argument/paper in favor there is one against. It takes personal experience. I have given up debating anyone on the subject in print. I had success convincing one serious “skeptic” by walking into his law office and challenging him to do a proving. He did and he was so amazed by the symptoms he experienced that he dropped his legal attacks on homeopathy. It takes direct personal contact and personal experience to make a difference in this arena.

    • Hi Roger,

      Hahaha, that was a novel and apparently effective way of handling a skeptic! I agree entirely that we learn with our bodies, an axiom that Piaget stated many years ago. I have yet to find anyone who accepted homeopathy as a result of a study. I’d like to see how your poll comes out. Please stay in touch.

      • I am going to see if we can find someone living in London who can approach Jimmy Wales, founder of wikipedia, and encourage him to have a personal experience of homeopathy – a proving or simple treatment. Wikipedia is the source of choice for anyone who is new to a concept, like homeopathy. They frequently go there first and get an extremely negative view. If Jimmy Wales could be contacted in the same manner as my lawyer friend we might get the same result. Jimmy has gone on record as explicitly wanting to attack homeopathy.

  • I have seen many such miracles in Homeopathy when properly diagnosed and given. Not only My family many of fiends / their families have been very much helped with Homeopathy. But I always tried with single remedies. Thanks to system, by which I got good graceful respect from the people/ society whom I treated Never tried combination drugs, which at present blossoming in market with nomenclature of diseases. Are combination drugs [ remedies] really helpful?
    Here I mention an incident which occur in the month of May 2015. A man with an age of 35 years, living in Bangalore city, suffering from gallbladder stones and chronic constipation. Pain in right liver lobe region after food. He is in software profession with lesser physical work and no food time table. After having failed with modern medicine treatment for an year or so, he consulted a Homeopath physician in city, where he was prescribed 4 varieties of combination drugs each daily 20 drops 3 times a day. after 1 month same repetition. after 3 months his problem worsens. On the advise of his friend who is my colony, he came to me with the bottles [empty] he used for 3 months. I have no answer. All 4 have apprx. same [remedies]. He asked will Homeopathy cure my problem? I have no answer. Just I told try these remedies for 30 days and call me. I prescribed Nux Vomica 200 at bed time [8 pills size 30] Chelidonium Q daily 20 drops in morning and Evening. 1 dose [ apprx. 8 pills] Lycopodium after 15 days of starting of medicine. dont repeat. No coffee / Tea or Spicy food. He didnt called me in June. I thought I also failed. But to my surprise he came all the way down with his friends and family members in the month of July. All for treatment – different problems. He told I am too happy; I am totally free from all my health disorders. My weight also reduced. That is the power of Homeopathy. Simple safe and gentle

  • we are all well aware, Homoeopathy treatment is individualistic, what suits one, may not exactly fit to another. I too have treated GALL STONE/ KIDNEY STONE problems. one chief executive in wipro, male, aged about 40 yrs approached me with same symptoms as above, i have him Berberis vulgaris I M & Benzoic Acid 1 m combination, his stone related problems within 5 days, he was very happy & he came back to thank me. of course his entire family is under my treatment for varies problems, they are all very happy and have immense faith on homoeopathy system of treatments. he is highly qualified, M Tech from I I T.

    another male patient aged 38 years age, scientist who has 100% faith on natural medicines only suddenly developed severe pain and other symptoms as above approached me, i asked him to undergo ABDOMEN ULTRA SOUND SCANNING, 4 to 6 mm multiple stones noticed. i gave him Berberis Q, benzoic 200 and cholesterinum 200 and asked him to watch while passing urine whether he can notice crushed stones coming out, he did notice, within 3 days he was cured and to confirm i asked him to undergo scanning. absolutely cleared, till now he do not have any such problems. his entire family is under my treatment.

    more than everything, myself 66 years aged had kidney stones about 7 mm, had severe pain, could not even move , homeo medicines completely cured. but once a while i am taking preventive medicines also.

    kudos to homoeopathy system.

    • Mr. Venkatesh c s, thank you very much for sharing the experience and treatment given. Yes Homeopathic system is individual based on symptoms and constitution. Some times we may try constitutional remedy for to get good results when failed with general symptoms. We are thankful to Homeopathic sytem

  • yes, miracles do happen with homeopathy. Proper selection of medicines is more important. thanks for your article which gives a great insight.

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