Simillimum – One or More?

Simillimum – One or More?

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This month, we would like to initiate a discussion on a very basic question related to homeopathy – Can there be more than one simillimum in a given case? This question has been raised many times in many journals but we would like to put the question in a different perspective. Homeopathy, as a principle, believes that for a given case there can be only one simillimum (the most similar remedy). The fundamental homeopathy principle also says ‘like cures like’. But how do we decide how much ‘like’ the medicine should be to cure the ‘like’?

If a medicine is 100% ‘like’ the patient’s picture, it becomes ‘alike’ or ‘same’. Does a medicine need be 100% ‘like’ the case or will the medicine which is 70%, 80% or 90% ‘like’ the disease process will be able to cure the case? If it is not necessary that in every case the effect of the medicine should be 100% ‘like’ the effect of the disease, can there be more than one simillimum for a given case?

We often come across cases and literature in which one remedy is given after another ‘to complete the cure’. Does that mean both the medicines given were not 100% like the case and yet they are able to cure in succession? Can we use more than one remedy in succession to create the effect of the ‘simillimum’?

Think about these fundamental questions and participate in this month’s poll (with your views) which raises the same issue.

This month our focus is again on miasms with Dr. Leela D’Souza continuing her exploration of the world of miasms with her fourth article focusing on the future understanding of miasms. We also present to you three cases by Dr. Praful M Barvalia and Dr. Nimish Mehta which cover the same miasmatic approach that Dr. Leela has discussed in her new article. This month we have got a very special Hahnemannian homeopath on the hot-seat. Read Dr. Sanjay Modi’s interview to reflect upon the direction in which homeopathy is going. Also in this issue, James White presents some fresh thoughts about the primary cause of disease, Christina Chambreau continues with her veterinary information, Dr. Kulwant Singh gives in-depth information on Aconite and Elaine Lewis is again busy with this month’s quiz. She also presents a very interesting article “Wouldn’t It Be Better to See a Homeopath?”.

Read and Enjoy! Do remember to check the result of our last month’s quiz and also send us your feedback about this journal and the new Hpathy.com at [email protected].

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