Simillimum – Only Homeopathy?

Simillimum – Only Homeopathy?

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Last month we initiated discussion on a very special question – “Can there be more than one simillimum in a given case?” and “How much similar the medicine should be to the diseased state?”. The results of this poll were a bit unexpected. Most of us are drilled in our college days that there is only one ‘most similar’ medicine for a given case. Yet more than 55% of our voters say that there can be more than one simillimum for a case. The opinions are worth reading. I hope you have followed the opinions closely.

This month we would like to move the discussion further to a related question.

We all know that homeopathy medicines do not have material quantity of drug substance in them. Most of us also believe that they work as ‘energy’, stimulating the body to heal itself. If homeopathic medicines provide a stimulus to the body to correct what has been deranged, can that stimulus be given to the body in ways other than homeopathy? If yes, what can those ways be? Do other forms of alternative medicine like Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, EFT, Pranayam, Ayuerveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine etc., heal by raising the vitality through the ‘simillimum’ or do they just raise the vitality by other means? If so, do we need ‘Simila’ as a law?

Think about these fundamental questions and participate in this month’s poll (with your views) which raises the same issue.

This month we present to you two interesting cases of Allergic Rhinitis and Traumatic Coma. Elaine Lewis presents another ‘online’ case which has its own dimensions. Christina Chambreau shares the last part of her very informative series on veterinary homeopathy and I have added my two cents by writing on Poisoning & Homeopathy. We have Dr. Gabrielle Traub in our hot-seat this month. There is a review of Jeremy Sherr’s Dynamic Provings vol.II and Dr. Dimpi Shah has given a brief therapeutic index of some common medicines. I hope you will like this issue.

Read and Enjoy! Do remember to check the result of our last month’s quiz and also send us your feedback about this journal and the new Hpathy.com at [email protected].

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