The Synergy in Homeopathy


Dr. Manish Bhatia shares his experience at The Other Song Academy, Mumbai.

A few months ago, I happened to read Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s new book ‘The Synergy in Homeopathy’ and was excited to read a variety of cases solved with very traditional classical approaches in homeopathy. I felt the book was different, because for the first time it put the Sensation method in its right place – just as one more approach that may be useful in certain cases and not as a definite system which can be applied to every case. That these thoughts and guidelines are coming from Dr. Sankaran himself, make them all the more important. The focus on the symptoms and the totality of the case can be seen all over.

While interviewing Dr. Sankaran for this issue, I received an invite to attend the mental health seminar being organised at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai from 24th to 26th Nov. 2013. Since the December issue features the other song academy, I felt this would be a good opportunity to visit and experience the academy. The seminar was also interesting because it involved speakers from other schools too. The panel of speakers included Dr Rajan Sankaran, Annette Sneevliet, Dr Jayesh Shah, Laurie Dack, Dr Mahesh Gandhi, Willi Neuhold, Dr. Manoj Patel and Dr. Kumar Dhawale.

synergyThe three days had very interesting sessions and very diverse mental and developmental pathologies were dealt with using different classical approaches. In most cases presented by ‘the other song’ group, it was possible to identify the remedy with the symptoms as well as the sensation approach. A true synergy!

At the sidelines of the event, I had the opportunity to interview many members of The Other Song Academy. I interviewed Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, Dr. Vishpala Parthasarathy, Laurie Dack, Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad, Dr. Jitesh Sharma, Dr. Poonam Arora, Dr. AK Arun and Mr. Hitesh Mehta. This was an interesting mix because there were some people who had been practising and teaching the sensation method for many years; others were associated with the academy but did not follow the sensation method; others were switching from a different school of thought, and some were students. I posed different (sometimes even pointed) questions to these people and unearthed many interesting facts, such as: everyone in the sensation group considers the sensation approach as just another tool in their armour, and they approach a case according to its need and merit; in most cases they use well proved, common remedies; they are sharing their knowledge and cases with people from other schools for a better synergy etc. There was much more! Check out these interesting video interviews yourself.

The December issue is one of the most exhaustive issues we have ever produced. It features The Other Song Academy, and their presentation has some wonderful cases from Rajan Sankaran, Mahesh Gandhi, Jayesh Shah, Sujit Chatterjee, Meghna Shah, Shekha Algundgi, Sunirmal Sarkar, Ashok Borkar, Gajanan Dhanipkar, Paresh Vasani, Dinesh Chauhan and Devang Shah.

Apart from the other song presentation, we have some interesting cases and articles from Robert Medhurst, Iman Navab, Elaine Lewis, Vijaya Patil, Alan Schmukler, Biswajit Basu, Ruhul Amin, Biplab Chakraborty, Luc de Schepper, Anne Vervarcke, Beverly Browns, Mark Moodie, Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi and Isaac Golden. There are also some great book reviews and software reviews.

In this festive season, the homeopathic platter cannot get more diverse and rich. Feast on it for the weeks to come!

The Hpathy Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.  In this coming year, may we all continue to grow together and work for homeopathy with more vigour and more zeal.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Editor, Hpathy.com


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