The First Steps Taken …

Written by Siegfried Letzel

The First Steps Taken …

The first step’s taken …And you, dear Reader, are continuing on with us, taking another step forward with us and the “Homeopathy for Everyone” Ezine. In this issue, we will bring you more exciting articles about the world of Homeopathy, as well as your own comments and suggestions following the release of our first issue. Our intention is to make this magazine truly OPEN to all of its readers, an intention we communicated successfully, I think, in our first issue. You’ve made this project a tremendous success from the very beginning. With your future contributions, there is no telling what potential we will reach in the future.

This ezine is a multinational product, a collaboration of efforts from people all over the world. Some of our contributors are writing in English as their second language, trying out their abilities to express themselves and what they know about Homeopathy in a new way. These contributions are valuable, as are the many contributions made to the ezine from readers who write to us and send us their own points of view and articles. The content and perspective of the ezine will always be changing: we will be doing our best to keep the standards as high as possible, and the content as current and as clear as possible.

If you took part in and followed the outcome of last months’ polls, you may have noticed that we’ve attracted the attention of quite a few “skeptics”. As our intention is to make Homeopathy accessible to everyone, this development is quite a positive one. If we can awaken an interest in continued critical readings of Homeopathic works, and create an opportunity for learning, then our little ezine will have accomplished even more than what we’ve set out to do. We are presenting this whole episode to you in this issue from the viewpoint of a homeopath. Do read the article A Dialogue with Hpathy in the clinical section to feel the power of Similia! I hope it will help you learn from this incidence, just as we have learned from it. This opportunity is extended further, to those whose skepticism extended beyond curiosity to hostility: I invite even these people back into the magazine with the wish that a renewed interest in our articles and contributions will encourage the growth of an open mind.

Wishing holistic health,


Siegfried Letzel

About the author

Siegfried Letzel

Siegfried Letzel is a biologist and he also qualified as a natural health professional specializing in TCM and homeopathy. For the last couple years, he has been studying historical papers and the works of early homeopaths in search of the original and true homeopathy. Letzel is the curator of the Hahnemann Exhibition of the International Hahnemann Center Torgau and a board member of the umbrella Association of Hahnemann Sites in Meissen, the city where the founder of homeopathy was born. He has also contributed to various books on homeopathy.

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