The Latest Campaign Against Homeopathy

The Latest Campaign Against Homeopathy

The Science and Technology Committee in the UK is holding hearings to determine if government policy on homeopathy is “based on scientific evidence”. The first question to the expert witnesses: “Do you have any evidence that homeopathy works beyond the placebo effect?” Four of the five witnesses answered, “NO”. That’s not surprising,
since four of the five witnesses had no expertise in homeopathy. One was a journalist who has ridiculed homeopathy; one a representative of the drug industry and the other a shill for the drug companies. It’s all been carefully orchestrated. Where I come from we call that “walking into a stacked deck.“

In a country with 7 homeopathic hospitals (one has been there for 100 years), where 42% of doctors refer their patients to a homeopath, where homeopathy was made a medical specialty by an act of parliament, and where the royal family has used homeopathy for three generations, a committee is just now asking if homeopathy works. Did they forget that the London Homoeopathic Hospital cured three times as many people during the cholera epidemic in 1854?

You have to wonder who put them up to it and who selected those “expert” witnesses, who never heard of results from double blind studies on homeopathy.



The committee wants “evidence based medicine”. They seem to miss the fact that evidence based allopathic medicine has
killed a lot of people.



The committee pretended concern that the government was spending too much money on homeopathy. Homeopathy is just £12 million from an NHS budget of £100 Billion.


Documents supporting homeopathy were presented by Dr. Peter Fisher, Director of Research at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, and the only witness who actually practices homeopathy. Studies were also presented by physicists Cyril Smith, Lionel Milgrom and others.

Dr. Fisher said he believed patients had a right to choose the kind of treatment they wanted. Ernst Edzard, who has campaigned against homeopathy, disagreed, saying “This is presumably from the ill-conceived notion that patient choice has to dominate in health care”.


In spite of massive documentation supporting homeopathy, the committee kept asking “Where’s the evidence?”.


They obviously weren’t up to the task of understanding it……or they didn’t want to.

One committee member called the science behind homeopathy “radical stuff” and asked, facetiously, why no one has won a Nobel prize for it. “It may happen yet”, Dr. Fisher responded. “New ideas often encounter strong resistance”. Will the Science and Technology committee ever do an evidence check on allopathy? Will they ask for evidence that suppressing symptoms with toxic drugs cures anything, or that it’s safe, or cost effective?

The people who contrived this sham hearing represent the forces of greed and corruption. In trying to shut down the homeopathic hospitals, they’ve made a deal with the devil, to exchange people’s lives for profits. From their questions, it‘s clear the committee members haven’t any smarts. It remains to be seen if they have any integrity. Tune in next month for the rest of the story.

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Alan V. Schmukler
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